Monday, July 30, 2012

Got A Few bucks Sitting Around...

Here is an apartment for you.  From the New York Daily News:
The most-expensive apartment in the country — a triplex, wrap-around penthouse on W. 56th Street — can now be yours for just $100 million.
Raphael De Niro, the son of actor Robert De Niro, has the exclusive listing on the 73rd through 76th floor aerie atop CitySpire — the deluxe apartment in the sky owned by Long Island real estate developer Steven Klar.
The 8,000-square-foot octagon-shaped unit is a "one-of-a-kind gem [that] ranks amongst the most elite homes in America," according to the Prudential Douglas Elliman listing.
The apartment isn’t for everyone — and not because of the nine-figure pricetag.
Architect Juan Pablo Moyneux took the original raw space and created an aristocratic interior with inlaid marble floors, stately columns, gold draperies and candeliers.
Other features include:
-- a private, three-story elevator.
-- A wrap-around terrace on all three floors that offers 360-degree views of the city. It’s believed to be the highest outdoor space in any city residence.
A dining room that can seat 20. -- A silver closet.
-- A wine room that can hold more than 1,000 bottles
Klar bought the property in 1993 for $4.5 million and then spent about as much to renovate it to his tastes. He made his riches building thousands of homes on Long Island.
$100,000,000 for this?  It's still an apartment..
I wonder what the commission would be for a $100,000,000 sale? 
Personally, I just cannot picture myself living in an apartment building like this.  I watch these TV shows that have apartments for sale in Manhattan and they are going for $1,000,000 for a tiny apartment, the size of a broom closet,   Then they have to pay monthly fees on top of that?  Not for me, thank you.

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  1. Talk about inflating real estate value!

    Unless Deniro's clients include a Saudi sheik or Chinese dictator, there's no one that would pay that kind of money for that place.

    Firstly, NYS & NYC has shown nothing but arrogance and disdain for the middle and upper class residents. They tax them into oblivion and more and more of them are leaving the state looking for relief.

    Second, how does Klar come to the outrageous figure. Sure he has to compensate for the original price and the upgrades and adjust for current realty values, but it still wouldn't come out to 100 million dollars. 30 million at most. Even Rush Limbaugh's NYC abode, as grand as it was didn't sell for such a sum!