Friday, July 27, 2012

San Fracisco Chronicle Shows It's Bigotry

The San Francisco Chronicle today, ran it's most memorable moments in Olympic history.  Included were Mary Lou Retton, Michael Phelps, the 1972 USA men's basketball debacle, Jesse Owens and the bombing at the Atlanta Olympics.
However, probably the most tragic and most non-athletic memory of the Olympics was missing.  That is the killing of 11 Israeli athletes in Munich, Germany in 1972.  How could that not make the list, unless there some bigotry at the Chronicle, which by the way, may be imitating the International Olympic Committee who is refusing to have a 60 second moment of silence during the opening ceremonies in London.
The IOC supposedly said they will hold the moment of silence during the summer games on the 50 year anniversary of the massacre.

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