Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Clueless Cops In Vegas?

I certainly hope this is a misprint:
A “delirious” 41-year-old man allegedly broke into a Las Vegas home Saturday morning and struck the homeowner over the head with a guitar and a toilet bowl lid before trying to strangle him, according to Metro Police.
Officers were called to the 10800 block of Villa Torre Street in the Southern Highlands neighborhood after receiving a call from a neighbor about a man throwing items from inside the residence onto the street, according to an arrest report.
A responding officer found Ronald Hetzel sitting on a curb outside the home, the report said. Hetzel was allegedly not wearing a shirt, was screaming incoherently and was “very hostile” toward the officer, the report said.
Backup was called after the officer ascertained that Hetzel was displaying “symptoms of Excited Delirium,” the report said.
The officers began to set up a perimeter around the home to contain Hetzel when he jumped over a back wall into an adjacent backyard, undetected by police, the report said.
Hetzel allegedly ripped the screen off the patio window of the house — located on the 10800 block of Osceola Mills Street — opened the window and entered the home, the report said. The homeowner confronted Hetzel, who began to fight with him, the report said.
What the hell, you got a guy acting nuts sitting on the curb with at least or more cops by him and he runs away undetected?  He then goes and breaks into a house and proceeds to beat the hell of the homeowner.
If this is really what happened, there are going to be some cops taking an unpaid vacation and Metro is going to be writing a big check to the homeowner.
But then again, this is a Las Vegas Sun article, so it may not be totally accurate.

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