Wednesday, April 30, 2014

ObamaVille: 10 More Shot On Hump Day

From the Chicago Tribune: At least ten people, including a 14-year-old boy, were wounded in shootings on the West and South sides this afternoon, authorities said.
Three of the four attacks, which happened between about 3 and 10 p.m., accounted for nine of the ten people shot.
In the most recent shooting, two adults were shot in the 800 block of West Cuyler Avenue in the Buena Park neighborhood. They were wounded about 9:45 p.m. Both are in stable condition with leg wounds, police said, but additional information wasn’t available.
About 45 minutes earlier, four men were shot in the 7200 block of South Phillips Avenue. The driveby shooting happened about 9:05 p.m., police said. Two men, 22 and 27, were taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Both were listed in stable condition with leg wounds. Another man, 21, was taken to South Shore Hospital with a wound to his arm and the fourth man was taken to Jackson Park Hospital with a leg wound, police said.,0,5580504.story
Meanwhile the Black Racists of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, the Black person's worst enemy, are silent.  Sadly, this is Jackson's hometown.
And Obama was seen giving his opinion to Chicago:

Another Fake Bundy Media Story Started By Fake Congressman

From the LVRJ: Rancher Cliven Bundy, whose refusal to pay fees for grazing cattle on public lands for 21 years led to a controversial roundup by the Bureau of Land Management, debunked claims Tuesday that militia followers who rallied to his cause continue to stir up this rural community with checkpoints and an armed presence.
In a wide-ranging, hourlong interview in the shade of his front yard six miles south of the community with 1,300 residents along the Virgin River, Bundy said he’d like to know how many complaints Rep. Steven Horsford, D-Nev., has received. “Whether it’s been one, or five or 10 or how many.”
This story was put out by Stephen Horsford, who apparently wants to feel relevant in his District.
But this is easy to prove or disprove.  There are plenty media people, liberal bloggers (at least 1 in Las Vegas) and other people who can travel to Bunkerville and find these checkpoints.  And there has to be pictures of armed militia running around town with their rifles in tow.
So, let's see the evidence- it shouldn't be that hard to get.
Otherwise, shut the hell up, Stephen Horsford.

Say What?

This is a strange passage from an article from The Chicago Tribune and Reuters:
At least 34 people were killed in tornadoes unleashed by a ferocious storm system that razed neighborhoods in the southern United States over the last three days and threatened more destruction in heavily populated parts of the South on Tuesday....
In Park Hill, a traditionally black and densely populated neighborhood of Tupelo, the sound of chainsaws reverberated in the air as children joined adults to help remove debris and residents handed out grilled hotdogs on the streets to anyone in need of food.,0,5096997.story
Why did the story that a particular area hit by the tornado was tradiotionally Black? 
Did the tornado single the area out because it was a Black area?
That it was more of a tragedy because the area hit was a Black area?
Or is it shocking to the writer to see Blacks helping out their neighbors and that the kids were working?
Just curious.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Somebody Reads This Blog: Part 2

Last night I called BS on supposed threats to Senile/Liar/Coard Harry reid.
Well, today, Reid tried to pretend he had evidence of the supposed threats.
From the LVRJ: Sen. Harry Reid said Tuesday that he has received “ugly, vile, vulgar” letters mailed to his home, nearly all of them mixing threats with passages from the Bible.
Reid did not say who sent the letters, which have triggered an investigation by the U.S. Capitol Police and reports that the security detail has been increased for the Nevada Democrat who serves as Senate majority leader.
Speaking with reporters, Reid paused and didn’t answer directly when asked whether the threats were tied to Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who has been in conflict with the Bureau of Land Management. Reid has called Bundy a “domestic terrorist” after he marshaled armed supporters this month to derail a government roundup of his cattle deemed to be trespassing on public land in rural Clark County.
“I don’t know who’s mad at me, but it’s a long list, I guess,” Reid said.
“Each day that goes by it’s hard for me to comprehend how ugly, vile, vulgar and threatening people are, sending letters to my home and making other threats,” Reid said.
“What also bothers me is virtually every one of these horrible things they send, they cite Scripture, something out of the Bible. Now you try that one on,” he said.
Reid was asked about Bundy, whose confrontation with the BLM occurred while Congress was in recess. He repeated his view that Bundy is openly violating the law and court orders and his cattle must be taken off the land.
Reid said he has spoken with Attorney General Eric Holder, FBI Director James Comey, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell “and others” about Bundy.
“They are going to move forward,” he said without providing detail. “We cannot have someone who openly violates the law.”
Reid didn't provide any evidence that he recieved any threats.
And he recieved the letters at home?  Which home is that, Mr. Reid?  The Ritz Carlton in Washington D.C. or his supposed home in Nevada?
And he makes it sound like he actually gets his mail at his house and reads it when it probably is sent to his offices in Nevada or Washington D.C..
And I love this quote from Reid: “We cannot have someone who openly violates the law.” 
Oh, you mean like Obama, Holder, Pelosi and of course Reid himself.

Somebody Reads This Blog: Part 1

Last night I wrote about the Las Vegas Fire Dept ambulances and how they call out AMR, a private ambulance company at night so the firefighters/paramedics can get back to bed at their station.
Today, the LVRJ put out a story about AMR and the fire department and the dispatching problems.
From the LVRJ:
A recent change in the way Las Vegas handles emergency medical calls is causing delays of as long as 30 minutes for American Medical Response ambulances, the company’s general manager says.
AMR General Manager Scott White said the delays put patients at risk, though city fire department officials dispute that.
The private ambulance company stopped receiving automatic notifications of emergency medical calls on March 3. Now, Las Vegas Fire Chief Willie McDonald said, city paramedics are dispatched immediately to every call while AMR is called only as needed, so there may be a delay before the ambulance company is contacted.
White said Monday that in the month before the changeover, there were 29 calls to AMR where the delay was 5 minutes or longer. Since March 3, he said, there have been 199 delayed calls, and 13 were between 20 and 30 minutes.
“The patient doesn’t know there’s a delay and even the firefighters don’t know there’s a delay,” White said. “I don’t know if the delay is intentional or not.”...
White noted that when a man was fatally stabbed about 8:30 a.m. April 17 at a McDonald’s restaurant at Sahara Avenue and Rancho Drive, an AMR ambulance was close by “at one of our primary positioning locations.” The crew with that ambulance was not in a position to see what was occurring at the McDonald’s and would have had to be notified, said White.
“We were not sent on that call,” White said. “Everyone should have responded.” The man was transported to University Medical Center where he was declared dead. He had stab wounds to the throat.
The fire chief said the Fire Department was called at 8:27 a.m., dispatched at 8:30 a.m. and the crew left the restaurant at 8:36 a.m. and was at the hospital at 8:40 a.m....
On March 25, AMR’s attorney Mark Ferrario asked the city for information about each emergency medical service call by the city, including the priority, the time of initial dispatch and time of arrival, and the time the firefighters returned to service for the time period March 3 to the date of the letter.
Ferrario also asked for records that reflect instructions or directions to the City Fire Alarm Office dispatchers from March 3 into the future.
White said they’ve been told it could take up to six months to provide the records.
6 months to get computerized records?  The fire chief should be fired for that kind of response because these records can be downloaded in a day or to.
But the fact remains that firefighters ask for AMR while they are enroute to the call, thereby delaying the response by AMR.  It looks like the City of Las Vegas is trying to sabotage AMR and their response times, putting their contract in jeopardy.

Karma, Baby, Karma

Unless you are totally against the death penalty under any circumstances, this should not bother anybody.
From the Oklahoman: State Corrections Department officials stopped the execution of an inmate Tuesday after a botched lethal injection. Corrections Department Director Robert Patton later addressed members of the media, and announced after a blown vein, Clayton Derrell Lockett suffered a heart attack at 7:06 p.m., and was declared dead.
The execution officially began at 6:23 p.m. Patton said all three drugs had been administered, but they did not have the desired effect. Patton said Lockett died in the execution room.
Officials closed the curtains in the execution room 16 minutes into the procedure, after Lockett convulsed several times, his chest and head rising off the gurney at multiple points.
After about 20 minutes after the blinds were closed, Patton informed witnessing press the execution was being halted.
“It’s come to my attention, I’m stopping the execution,” Patton told press gathered in the execution chamber. “We’ve had a vein failure, in which the chemicals did not make it into the offender.”
Lockett grimaced and tensed his body several times over a three-minute period before the execution was shielded from the press. After being declared unconscious 10 minutes into the process, Lockett spoke at three separate moments. The first two were inaudible, however the third time he spoke, Lockett said the word “man.”
This is what this thug did, from Oklahoma Legal Group:
The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the death sentence given to convicted murderer Clayton Darrell Lockett, of Ponca City, Oklahoma. Lockett was convicted in August 2000 of the first degree murder of 19-year-old Stephanie Nieman. Lockett was also sentenced to more than 2,285 years in prison for associated non-capital crimes occurring that night, including assault with a dangerous weapon, burglary, first degree rape, and kidnapping.
A jury found that on June 3, 1999, Clayton Lockett and two co-conspirators, Shawn Mathis and Alfonso Lockett, broke into the Perry, Oklahoma, home of Bobby Bornt. They assaulted Bornt before burglarizing his home for drugs. While they were at Bornt's home, two 19-year-old women arrived. The men repeatedly raped and assaulted one woman, whose name is withheld as a victim of sexual assault, before loading Bornt, Bornt's 9-month-old son, Stephanie Nieman, and the other woman into Bornt's and Nieman's trucks and driving them to a rural location in Kay County.
Bornt testified that he heard Clayton Locket say, "Someone has got to go," before he put Nieman in a ditch dug by Shawn Mathis and shot her twice. He also testified to hearing the men laugh about "how tough [Nieman] was" when she did not die after the first shot.
Bornt and the other victim believe they were spared because they have children; however, both testified to hearing Lockett plan to kill them and take Bornt's infant son to either a shelter or Bornt's parents' house.
Clayton Lockett was found to be the instigator of all crimes that evening. According to court documents, State's evidence included a videotaped confession by Locket in which he "confessed to going to Mr. Bornt’s home to rob him; to personally hitting and beating Mr. Bornt, [name withheld], and Ms. Neiman with his fists or with the shotgun; to binding the victims with duct tape; to planning to kill all three adult victims; to forcing them (along with the baby) to leave Mr. Bornt’s house and go to the country, where the adults were to be killed; to taking Ms. Neiman’s and Mr. Bornt’s trucks; to being the ultimate decision maker as to which victims would be killed; to instructing Mr. Mathis on how to dig the grave; to personally shooting Ms. Neiman while she cried; to threatening to kill them if they told anyone of his crimes; and to insisting that his accomplices bury Ms. Neiman when he knew she was still alive." He was convicted of 19 felony counts:
My guess is that this thug had a heart attack from stress because he was about to die.
It brings no tears to me that this guy died or how he died. 
Good bye and good riddance.

Interesting...Las Vegas Fire Needs AMR At Night

There has been controversy about the Las Vegas Fire Department about not letting local private ambulance company AMR/Medic West responding with them so Las Vegas fire can get more revenue from patient transports.
Well, apparently, that policy is only during the day.
While listening to police scanner traffic, it appears that the Las Vegas fire ambulances are requesting AMR to respond, at night.
Maybe that is to allow the paramedics to go back to the fire station and go back to bed?

So, When Will Liberals Stop Their Racism?

So, the left and most others are outraged about what the racist owner of Los Angles Clippers.
So, when will the left be outraged with the racist comments made against conservative minorities.
Like Clarence Thomas.
Like Michelle Malkin
From the Weekly Standard: Last week, a disturbing video surfaced, showing anti-Koch protesters in California. As we previously noted, "At a rally aimed at the conservative Koch brothers this past weekend in Palm Springs, progressives called for Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas to be sent 'back to the fields,' and they offered that they  'string him up,' 'hang him,' and 'torture' him."
The video was so disturbing that even Common Cause,  the group who organized the rally, apologized. "We condemn bigotry and hate speech in every form, even when it comes from those who fancy themselves as our friends," Common Cause said in a press release.
But how did the NAACP respond? With silence.
Yep, the NAACP will condemn racism said by a liberal white guy against liberal blacks, but when the victim is a Black conservative, the NAACP shuts up like the bigoted organization that they are.

Gee, I Wonder Why

From the San Fran Chronicle: Here’s a partial transcript of Warriors coach Mark Jackson’s remarks Monday morning, from the team’s headquarters in Oakland:
“I believe if it was me, I wouldn’t come to the (Tuesday) game. I believe the fans, the loudest statement that they could make as far as fans, would be to not show up to the game.”
“This is a great league and they’ve done an incredible job, and I’m sure commissioner Silver will make a swift, correct decision. We are the league that’s an example of the most minority African-Americans in management position, front-office, in professional sports.”
“The loudest statement to be made is not showing up.”
(What would that say?)
“To me, it would make the noise of (Donald Sterling’s words) not being tolerated. That this is a different time. It’s unfortunate, and we cannot allow someone with these feelings to profit.”
This fool coach is the coach of the Golden State Warriors and his team is playing the L.A. Clippers, whose is opwned by the racist owner.
This fool coach is trying to take advantage of the situation by hoping the fans don't come out and support their team and players.
Meanwhile, these fans already paid fore their tickets, so, the financial impact to the owner is minimal.
So, it's nice to see some fools try and take advantage of the situation.

ObamaVille: More Killings On Monday

Remember when Juarez, Mexico was the murder capitol of the world.  Well, guess what, Juarez is quiet and Obamaville/Chicago appears to have taken it's place.
From the Chicago Tribune:
A 14-year-old girl was killed and six other people wounded in shootings on the South, West and Northwest sides late Monday and early this morning, authorities said.
The girl, identified by family as Endia Martin, and another girl, age 16, were wounded in a shooting about 4:30 p.m. in the 900 block of West Garfield Boulevard, authorities said. Detectives were interviewing a person of interest in the shooting Monday night, police said.
In what was believed to be an unrelated incident, a third girl walked into St. Bernard Hospital and Healthcare Center this afternoon and said she was shot on the 6900 block of South Green Street, police said. The girl was walking in the area when someone started shooting and she was wounded.,0,895065.story
Meanwhile, Obama found time to comment on some old rich bozo who is racist but says this about the killings in his hometown where he still owns a house protected by the Secret Service.

Look Who Still Has The Best Record In Baseball

It's unbelievable but the Milwaukee Brewers are still the best team in baseball with a record of 19-7 and a winning percentage of .771.
And if you are a Chicago Cubs fan, sucks that they are already out of playoff contention.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Why People Hate Government

From the Las Vegas Sun: A widow was given ample notice before her $280,000 house was sold at a tax auction three years ago over $6.30 in unpaid interest, a Pennsylvania judge has ruled.
The decision last week turned down Eileen Battisti's request to reverse the September 2011 sale of her home outside Aliquippa in western Pennsylvania.
"I paid everything, and didn't know about the $6.30," Battisti said. "For the house to be sold just because of $6.30 is crazy."
Battisti, who still lives in the house, said Monday that she plans to appeal to Commonwealth Court. That court earlier ordered an evidentiary hearing, which led to last week's ruling.
Beaver County Common Pleas Judge Gus Kwidis wrote that the county tax claim bureau complied with notification requirements in state law before the auction. She had previously owed other taxes, but at the time of the sale she owed just $235, including other interest and fees.
"There is no doubt that (she) had actual receipt of the notification of the tax upset sale on July 7, 2011, and Aug. 16, 2011," the judge wrote. "Moreover, on Aug. 12, 2011, a notice of sale was sent by first class mail and was not returned."
In the real world, most people ould have saw that she owed just $6 and someone would have paid it off or went to her house to collect the money.
But this is government, so they did the minimum and now the lady may be out of her home.
Just another reason why people hate government.

I Don't Believe It

From the LVRJ: Federal authorities are investigating threats against Sen. Harry Reid, U.S. Capitol Police confirmed Monday, in the wake of the standoff over Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s “trespass cattle.”
The Capitol Police “is currently looking into threatening statements made against Sen. Reid, as part of an ongoing investigation,” spokesman Shennell Antrobus said. He declined to discuss the nature of the threats or to confirm details of Reid’s security. It was unclear whether the threats were related to the Bundy standoff.
Politico first reported the investigation and said Reid has increased his security detail in recent days. A Reid spokeswoman declined to comment. As Senate majority leader, the Nevada Democrat is provided a 24-hour guard team by the agency that provides security in the Capitol complex.
Reid initially kept a low profile as the Bureau of Land Management attempted to round up Bundy cattle deemed to be grazing illegally on public land in the Gold Butte region of Clark County.
Bundy, who says he does not recognize U.S. government jurisdiction on the land, has not paid grazing fees since the early 1990s and is said to owe $1.1 million.
But Reid unloaded when the BLM was forced to back down on April 12 after hundreds of armed Bundy supporters showed up, adding to the tense atmosphere.
I don't believe that any serious threats have been leveled against Reid.
Reid has been hammered (or he is hammered) because he acted like a complete fool in the Bundy case.  Now, I believe, Reid is seeking sympathy from his supporters by claiming false threats.
And Reid, not satisfied with his three SUV caravans now wants more security?  Please.  He wants more security to look more important because he is such a vain person.
So, until Reid and his ilk supply some solid evidence about threats, I call BS.

Obamaville: 35 Shot 4 Killed

While a bunch of blacks and other monorities were bitching about an NBA owner who may be racist, in th real world, the shootings and killings continue to be ignored in Obamaville/Chicago.
From teh Chicago Sun Times:
Four people were killed and at least 35 have been wounded in shootings across the city since Friday night, Chicago Police said.
The most recent fatal shooting happened early Sunday in the Logan Square neighborhood, where a 21-year-old woman was gunned down while riding in a car on Fullerton Avenue near Kedzie Boulevard.
Cindy Bahena, 21, was a back-seat passenger in a car headed eastbound in the 3500 block of West Fullerton Avenue about 12:25 a.m. Sunday when a group of men standing on a sidewalk shouted gang slogans and fired shots, authorities said. Bahena, of the 200 block of North Laramie Avenue, was taken to Norwegian-American Hospital, where she was pronounced dead, according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office.
Police said the male driver of the vehicle is a known gang member, and Bahena was not the intended target of the shooting. No one was in custody Sunday night.
Mean while all those complaining about the racist NBA owner are silent about the killings in Obamaville, including Obama who had time to condemn the racist owner.
Pathetic, just pathetic.
And who are the real racists?
Those who condemn the racist owner and stay silent on all the Black on Black crime.  They are the true racists.

How Do You Punish A Rich Racist?

The latest news fad are the comments made by Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.
So, what do you to punish a rich racist?
The usual black racists, like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, President Obama and the NAACP are blathering like they always do, so that's not much of a punishment.
Players making condeming statements?  Any player that listens to rap music will automatically be a hypocrite and not taken seriously.
Keep him from participating in day to day activities?  His lackeys will make sure his bidding gets done.
Fine him?  He's a multi, multi gazzilionnaire and a fine won't matter.
Force him to sell the team?  Maybe, but I have problems forcing a person to sell private property when a conversation that was supposed to be private and maybe illegally taped.  Was his views offensive?  Of course.  Are they bad enough to force him to give up his private property?  I don't think so.
Sensitivity classes?  Oh come on, stop joking.
The only way to punish the guy is for the players to stop playing for him and the fans not going to the Clipper games.
The players are still going to play for him  Several million dollars a year will do that. 
If Adolph Hitler owned a NBA team, he could get some Jews to play for him at $3,000,000 a year.
Fans not going to the home games?  Maybe, but if the ticket prices are cheap enough, the Clippers will fill the stands.
So, how do you punish a rich NBA racist owner?
Hell if I know.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ouch: Braun Hits Teamate With Bat

That's gotta hurt.

What A Great Dog

From the PVT:
Easter Sunday will remain etched in their memories for quite some time.
James Mead and wife Debbie Pillman with their children in tow were returning from an Easter Sunrise Service in Las Vegas when they noticed something amiss.
Heading westbound along the Highway 372, both spotted an elderly woman passed out along a sidewalk just after 10 a.m.
Pillman said it was then they witnessed the true bond of a dog with its owner.
“My husband looked and said ‘there’s someone on the side of the road there.’ We pulled into the middle lane and made a U-turn and at that time, the dog was watching us. He came out to the middle of the street and there was a lot of traffic. A couple of the drivers halfway stopped and others were just blowing their horns,” she said.
As her husband exited the vehicle the dog, identified as “Shadow,” a black lab, left his owner’s side, walked onto the highway and promptly sat down in the middle of the road as oncoming traffic continued to whiz by the scene.
“The cars just continued to go around him without realizing there was an elderly lady lying on the sidewalk.” Pillman said. “When my husband picked up his leash, the dog immediately ran directly back to the lady lying on the ground pulling my husband with him,” she said....
She also noted Shadow’s reaction while EMT’s were preparing the woman for transport to Desert View Hospital a few miles away.
The dog was literally shadowing his master.
“Mr. Boruchowitz suggested that it would be best if he was put in police protective custody to keep him safe. I didn’t want him to run off trying to look for her. He seemed grateful for the water. When they were putting her into the ambulance, this dog literally cried, barked and pawed at the ground. We tried to comfort him and I have never seen a dog understand better than this dog,” she said.
Shadow was eventually taken to the Nye County Animal Shelter courtesy of Animal Control Officer Susan Rhyhol....
Rhyhol confirmed Pillman’s statement about Shadow not wanting to be separated from his owner when paramedics were getting ready to transport the woman.
“As the medics were loading her into the ambulance, all that dog did was focus on her. He didn’t pay attention to anyone there except for her. Nobody else there was of interest to him,” she said.

Obama To Catholics: Screw You

From WND: As the Vatican prepares the canonization ceremonies for Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II this Sunday, the unspoken issue dividing the Roman Catholic Church and the White House is President Obama’s determination to force faith-based groups to pay for abortions and contraception as part of Obamacare.
The White House announced April 11 its delegation to the canonizations Sunday consists of the following:

  • John Podesta, the former White House chief of staff under Bill Clinton and the current counselor to the president who founded the leftist Washington-based think tank Center for American Progress;
  • Rep. Xavier Becerra, D-Calif., chairman of the House Democratic Caucus; and
  • Katie Beirne Fallon, assistant to the president and director of legislative affairs in the White House.
  •
Of course, Obama didn't want to go and neither did Biden.
Meanwhile, there are heads of state, prime ministers and high ranking government officals attending the ceremony.
Apparently, Obama could not care less about Catholics as whe sends a bunch of abortion supporting people.
Obama shows once again why he is such an asshole.

Cool: 2 New Saints

Right now, as I write, 2 new saints will be canonized by the Catholic Church.
From Fox News: Hundreds of thousands of people filled St. Peter's Square Sunday for a historic day of four popes, with Francis and Benedict XVI honoring their predecessors John XXIII and John Paul II and declaring them saints in the first ever canonization of two pontiffs.
Polish pilgrims carrying the red and white flags of John Paul's beloved homeland were among the first to push into the square well before sunrise, as the human chains of neon-vested civil protection workers trying to maintain order finally gave up and let them in.
Italy's interior ministry predicted 1 million  would watch the Mass from the square, the streets surrounding it and nearby piazzas where giant TV screens were set up to accommodate the crowds eager to follow along.
"Four popes in one ceremony is a fantastic thing to see and to be at, because it is history being written in our sight," marveled one of the visiting Poles, David Halfar. "It is wonderful to be a part in this and to live all of this."
Most of those who arrived first at St. Peter's had camped out overnight nearby on air mattresses and sleeping pads. Others hadn't slept at all and took part in the all-night prayer vigils hosted at a dozen churches in downtown Rome.
By mid-morning, the scene in the square was quiet and subdued -- perhaps due to the chilly gray skies and cumulative lack of sleep -- unlike the rollicking party atmosphere of John Paul's May 2011 beatification when bands of young people sang and danced in the hours before the Mass.
To my memory, I don't recall a Saint who was alive, died and canonized in my lifetime.  In this case, both Popes were alive when I was but I don't remember Pope John XXIII.
I imagine that today in Poland is or will be a national holiday in honor of Pope John Paul 2.
I'm going to watch some of the mass, if only to see the pageantry.
If you want to see the ceremony, go to EWTN, the Catholic cable channel.

NBA Owner Says Something Racist, The Stupid Go Into High Gear

From ESPN: An audio recording purportedly of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling making racist remarks to his girlfriend is being investigated by the NBA.
In the recording, the man believed to be Sterling questions his girlfriend, V. Stiviano, about her association with minorities. TMZ reports that Stiviano, who is black and Mexican, posted a picture of her with Magic Johnson on Instagram, a photo that has since been removed.
"It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you're associating with black people. Do you have to?" the man believed to be Sterling says. He continues, "You can sleep with [black people]. You can bring them in, you can do whatever you want. The little I ask you is not to promote it on that ... and not to bring them to my games."
NBA spokesman Mike Bass issued the following statement: "We are in the process of conducting a full investigation into the audio recording obtained by TMZ. The remarks heard on the recording are disturbing and offensive, but at this time we have no further information."
The Clippers have opened their own investigation, team president Andy Roeser said in a statement.
"We have heard the tape on TMZ. We do not know if it is legitimate or it has been altered," he said. "We do know that the woman on the tape -- who we believe released it to TMZ -- is the defendant in a lawsuit brought by the Sterling family alleging that she embezzled more than $1.8 million, who told Mr. Sterling that she would 'get even.'
"Mr. Sterling is emphatic that what is reflected on that recording is not consistent with, nor does it reflect his views, beliefs or feelings. It is the antithesis of who he is, what he believes and how he has lived his life. He feels terrible that such sentiments are being attributed to him and apologizes to anyone who might have been hurt by them.
And the idiots came out in droves.
From TMZ: Donald Sterling would fit in perfectly if he had lived on a cotton plantation before the Civil War ... so says ESPN analyst Chris Broussard -- who compared the team owner to an "antebellum slave master."
Broussard unloaded on Sterling Saturday on Twitter comparing him to a slave owner ... and said he would love to see BOTH teams boycott tomorrow's game.
Broussard adds, "Donald Sterling has the mentality of an antebellum slave master: he makes $ off Blacks but doesn't see them as equals deserving of respect."

Read more:
Yeah, those basketball players who make millions of $ a year, who choose to be there and play a kids game are slaves.  Riiiight.
Supposedly, it was a not a secret the owner also is a racist and this is not the first time he said or acted in a racist manner.
But the basketball players and coaches still signed contracts and accepted millions of dollars from the racist owner and now they compain?
And from the NAACP: "If these allegations are proven true, we are extremely disappointed in Mr. Sterling," Alice Huffman, president of the NAACP California State Conference, said in the release. "Recent remarks like these, and those of Cliven Bundy, remind us that racism is not a footnote of our past, but a reality of our present that we must confront head on. 
Umm, what Cliven Bundy said was not racist- he made a stupid statement but it was not racist.
And then the media goes to even worse racists, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, or maybe the 2 racisits went to the media to be in front of the camera's and they babbled on and on.  Why anybody would even listen to Sharpton and Jackson.  They are racists on par with the modern day KKK.
What Sterling said is racist and he will have to deal with it. 
And if the NBA is serious, it will be the players who will deal with the problem.  If they continue to accept their paychecks from the man, then they couldn't care less what Sterling said.  If they boycott the team, that will send a strong message.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mayor/Hederson Fire Put Residents In Danger During Parade

Today, starting at 10:00, was the start of the City of Henderson, NV. Heritage Parade.  I went down to the parade with my lovely wife to watch our daughter perform with the Foothill Band.
At 9:30, there was a significant fire in Henderson, not to far from the parade route.
From the LVRJ:
The Henderson Fire Department put out a fire in the middle of a strip mall near Sunset and Gibson roads Saturday morning.
An occupant smelled smoke and found a fire in the rear of the building. The first firefighters arrived to find heavy smoke coming from the roof about 9:30 a.m.
Firefighters entered through the rear of the building and mounted an offensive to extinguish the blaze.
Units from the Clark County Fire Department were sent out, but the second alarm was cancelled before they arrived.
The fire caused damage throughout the business and was determined to be accidental.
The total damage was estimated at $10,000. There were no injuries reported.
The remainder of the building was not damaged by the fire.
So, what do the two have in common?
At 10:00, Truck 98 of the HFD was in the City's parade, carrying Mayor Hafen and another counceil member.
Because the truck had to stage before the parade, that means the Truck had to have been out of service when the fire alarm sounded.
It is also possible that if the timing was right, if the Truk was heading to the parade route, they passed only a couple of miles of the fire via the I-215 and could have been on the scene within 3-4 minutes and been the 3rd or 4th appratus on the scene, behind the crews from Engine 82.
Even if the truck was not needed at the fire (though considering they had to call for a 2nd alarm, it should have been needed) they were the only truck available in the City of Henderson.  And considering it was a roof fire, the Truck would have been neccessary.
The only other truck (not to confuse it with a regular fire engine)Truck 98 is located near St. Rose Parkway, on St. Rose Parkway.  The only other truck Henderson has is Truck 82, which is located near Warm Springs and Gibson.
The mayor and the HFD put the lives of Henderson residents in danger so the mayor can look important and pretty on the HFD ladder truck and to feed their ego's.

Global Warming Is Here... Not This Weekend


108 AM PDT SAT APR 26 2014

Currently, there are winter weather warnings/advisories in 9 states in the West, on April 25, 2014.

Another Reason Why People Hate Government/Politicians

From the Denver Post: Colorado's governor, Denver's mayor and other dignitaries receive a more robust Denver police response than the public under new rules recently adopted by the city's 911 system.
The policy change, which went into effect at the end of December, requires Denver police dispatchers to notify a patrol supervisor when "Federal, State or Local Dignitaries (such as the Mayor or Governor) or personnel within their office requests or requires a police response on the dignitary's behalf."
By comparison, Aurora dispatch doesn't have such a policy.
Denver Mayor Michael Hancock's office in October complained about having to wait for more than 35 minutes for a dispatcher to send a patrol unit to respond to a burglary report from the office.
That incident culminated in the firing of the dispatcher, who contends the mayor's office should have had to wait like everyone else for police resources to become available.
Rowena Alegria, Hancock's director of communications, said the mayor's office did not seek the firing. The mayor also did not request the new policy, she said....
In the case involving the mayor's office, Carl Simpson, director of Denver's 911 system, fired dispatcher Traci Rhodes on April 9 in part for her handling of the burglary report.
Simpson stated in his termination letter to Rhodes that the mayor's office was unhappy with how she handled her dispatching duties on Oct. 31.
After calling to report the burglary, the mayor's staff waited for police to respond for more than 35 minutes, Simpson stated in the letter. Rhodes had been responsible for dispatching service to the mayor's office, but did not do so immediately. An official in the mayor's office called to complain to Mary Beth Klee, the police department's deputy chief of administration.
Read more: "Dignitaries" get enhanced 911 response in wake of new Denver rules - The Denver Post
So, a police dispatcher got fired because they didn't wait on the mayor hand and foot.
Politicians getting preferential treatment sucks to most people.
Like Harry Reid's use of 3 SUVs to go grocery shopping.
Like mayors who need government workers to drive them around.
And other people who get special treatment, like college football coaches who need a police officer to watch him when the coaches shake hands after a football game.
Just another reason why people hate politicians and other supposedly special government people: special treatment and getting people fired if they piss someone off.

Maybe They Can Get Cliven Bundy And The Militia To Help Them

From the Albuquerque Journal: Chicken lovers in the Eldorado subdivision east of Santa Fe are continuing to cry foul and their birds will be not flying the coop without further court review.
Eldorado resident Susan Billings on Friday confirmed that she and other chicken owners who were sued by the subdivision’s homeowners association are in the process of appealing a recent state District Court decision. A judge ruled that chickens are not “recognized household pets” and therefore violate the covenants of the Eldorado Community Improvement Association.
“No animals, birds or poultry shall be kept or maintained on any lot, except recognized household pets,” state the covenants. The defendants maintain the language is ambiguous and doesn’t say who does the recognizing.
In a 2012 Eldorado property owners election, 55 percent favored a change in the covenants to specifically outlaw chickens, but not enough people voted to change the rules.
Retired District Judge Mark Macaron, serving as special judge in the case, said in his recent decision that it would be unreasonable to leave it up to individual Eldorado homeowners to decide which animals can be termed “recognized household pets.”
“This interpretation would open the door to an unlimited multitude of different kinds of creatures being kept” in Eldorado, the judge wrote. The chicken owners note that horses are already allowed.
The homeowners association issued a news release on the appeal that’s also posted on its website. “Further litigation will only result in additional legal fees,” the association said. “Unfortunately, at this point, the defendants don’t seem interested in simplicity or frugality, or in reuniting the community after the court’s decision went against them.”
Billings strongly disagreed that the appeal was divisive. “I find that a very inflammatory comment,” said Billings, adding that the chicken owners have a right to take the case to the state Court of Appeals. “I didn’t pick this fight … but they went full force in suing us,” Billings said.
Kind of sounds like this will be the next stop for the Cliven Bundy and his band of militia followers.
When I lived in Wisconsin Rapids, WI., we had a male chicken that we raised from the time it was an egg to adulthood.  For awhile, it was fun watching it grow up but then, when it became adult size, it began to get agressive.  If the rooster got off it's collar when outside, it would extremely difficult to catch it, most of the time, we had to use a fishing net to catch the sucker.
The funniest time was when the rooster escaped from it's collar and leash and started chasing my ex-wife around the yard for about 5 minutes.  It was just about the funniest thing I ever saw, especially since it involved my ex-wife.
In the end, we didn't want to make a dinner of it, so we took the chicken to the Marshfield zoo and threw into the turkey pen.  What happened after that, I don't know.

Who Says CNN Is Not Liberal Media

From the Chicago Sun Times: CNN scrambled Friday to explain why producers of its documentary series, “Chicagoland” worked hand-in-glove with City Hall to help portray Mayor Rahm Emanuel as what an executive producer called, “the star that he really is.” 
“The mayor’s office was never granted editorial control over the content or the press communications for Chicagoland,” a CNN spokesperson said.
More than 700 e-mails exchanged between “Chicagoland” producers and the mayor’s staff — and reviewed by the Chicago Tribune — appear to contradict that statement.
They show producers working closely with the mayor’s staff to identify “DocuSeries characters,” storylines and situations that portray Emanuel as what an executive producer called, “the star that he really is.”
And during the bitter battle over Emanuel’s decision to close 50 Chicago Public Schools, the e-mails show producers pleading for access by offering to “highlight the mayor’s leadership—his ability to balance the need for reform and fiscal reality with compassion for affected communities and concern for the safety” of displaced students.
The CNN spokesperson acknowledged that the e-mails “paint a picture that could be perceived as unflattering,” but added, “How can you make a judgment without having the full context?”...
Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis, who squared off with Emanuel over the school closings,  said she was interviewed twice by “Chicagoland” producers, but refused to do what they asked.
“They wanted to film some of our strategy sessions and meetings, which I said 'No' to. And they wanted me to stage a scene with one of our field reps they followed around, telling him what to do to make their series look better,” Lewis said.
“I have a masters of fine arts specifically in documentaries.You spend a lot of time with your subjects and you make your story from whatever footage you get. Staging scenes is unethical."
It's laughable that CNN denies they were trying to make Emmanuel look like a star.
Hell, common sense says that if they portray the mayor in a normal light, which mayors, no matter what side of an issue they are on, will look bad to someone.  And that being the case, I'm sure Emmanuel would not have done the program, and I probably would not have blamed him.
When doing reality shows, the producers and writers want their main subjects to look good (or bad if the character is supposed to be bad),otherwise they would have little or no cooperation.
So, I don't blame Emmanuel in trying to look good, but I do blame CNN for lying and trying to make a liberal look good.
And when was the last time CNN tried on purpose to make a conservative look good?