Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly In Milwaukee Sports

The Good:
The Milwaukee Brewers, at least early in the baseball season, have the best record in baseball with an 11-4 record.  Meanwhile, the Chicago Cubs are pretty much out of the running , again, for a chance at the World Series as they are 6 1/2 games behind he Brewers and in last place in their division with a 4-10 record.
The Bad:  The Milwaukee Bucks were sold by Herb Kohl to a couple of New York business managers and they promise not to move the team from Milwaukee.  Well maybe not in the next year or so, but the Bucks probably will be out of Milwaukee fairly soon, especially if a new arena is not built for the Bucks and other area teams.
Te Ugly: The Milwaukee Bucks finished the basketball season with the worst record int he NBA and that takes some doing considering the Philly 76's had a losing streak of about 100 (or 26 inreality).  The Bucks had a record of 15-67 and a winning percentage of 18.3%.  That's just pathetic.
Note to Herb Kohl: You sell when your team is doing good, not when they are in the gutter and losing to teams like the Little Sisters of the Poor JV team.
But Kohl had everything handed to him in life, so he probably never knew that.

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