Monday, April 21, 2014

Strange Case: Ice Road Trucker Busted By Snow White

This is very strange.
From the LVRJ:
An “Ice Road Truckers” reality-television star was charged with kidnapping and extorting a Las Vegas prostitute, court documents released Monday showed.
Timothy Zickuhr, 40, was arrested in December, but charges weren’t publicized until Monday.
According to a Las Vegas police report, Zickuhr kidnapped Lisa Cadeau, also known by her prostitute moniker “Snow White,” and took her to his apartment on Lynnwood Street after she allegedly took more money than Zickuhr agreed to pay her for sex a few days earlier, the report said.
But Zickuhr’s plot was foiled after Cadeau gave him the phone number of Metro officer Adam Seely, who had previously used Cadeau as a source, the report said.
Zickuhr called Seely, not knowing he was a police officer, and demanded $1,000. He then gave the phone to Cadeau, who told Seely, “He’s going to kill me!” the report said.
After arranging a meeting behind the Eureka casino, Seely and another officer drove to the area and arrested Zickuhr.
Zickuhr told officers he planned to sell Cadeau’s services on Craigslist until he recouped the money she owed him, the report said.
He also said he poured cold water onto Cadeau from a mop bucket and locked her in a closet, using backpack straps to bound her wrists, the report said.
I gotta say, the prostitute probably got what she got.  She tried to rip the guy off and she got caught and then she cried tot the police when he turned the tables on her.
But you know he is gone to get razzed that he got busted by Snow White.  I wonder if there 7 little midgets involved and a wicked witch?

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