Sunday, April 20, 2014

Another Reason People Hate Government

In New York City, the city elected a socialist mentally challenged liberal to run the city and he wants to eliminate the horse drawn carriages in Central Park and other areas of the city.
From the NY Daily News: It didn't take long for Aidan Boyle to figure out how he wanted to spend his 11th birthday.
Even though it was a crisp day in February, he and a friend decided to go for a horse carriage ride in Central Park.
What made it so special? His father, Robert Boyle, a horse carriage driver for nearly 30 years, and his horse, Black Betty, steered the kids through the city.
“I remember (Aidan) said to me, ‘When you retire, can I inherit this job?’” Boyle recalled. “You can’t tell a 10-year-old he’s going to get abuse from activist politicians who don’t know what they’re talking about. I said, ‘Yes, you can inherit this job.’”
The horse carriage industry, which is under threat from Mayor de Blasio and animal rights activists, has been the main source of income and pride for Boyle’s family since he immigrated to New York from Ireland nearly 30 years ago.
He is one of 300 drivers who depend on the job to support themselves and their families, which in Boyle’s case includes putting his kids through school and paying off the mortgage on his house in Rockland County.
“It’s very expensive,” said Boyle, 48. “I’m hoping that I can put all my kids through college. I’m going to need my job to do that.”
De Blasio wants to ban the carriage horse industry on the grounds that it’s inhumane for the horses to trot on congested city streets. He has said the carriage horse drivers can drive vintage cars around Central Park instead.
The Daily News last week launched a campaign to save the horses, prompting more than 10,000 people to sign petitions online. Several hundred other readers signed petitions and mailed them in.
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Only a true cognitively disabled babbling liberal would suggest that the carriage drivers switch to expensive old cars.  A horse drawn carriage is not the same as driving down the road in an Edsel.
I do have to say that elections have consequences and NYC has to deal with a babbling idiot who is in need of institutionalization they elected.

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