Thursday, April 24, 2014

What Happens When CCSd Employees Abuse/Neglect Children?

From The Las Vegas Sun:
The Clark County School Board unanimously adopted new regulations Thursday that require teachers and staff to report suspected child abuse cases “as soon as possible” to authorities.
Currently, school employees who know or suspect child abuse and neglect are mandated by state law to report the case to child welfare agencies and law enforcement agencies within 24 hours.
Now, employees must report suspected cases of child abuse and neglect immediately and no later than 24 hours.
Employees must call the child abuse and neglect hotline and notify their school principal, counselor and nurse. They must also report the case to CCSD Police in cases of physical or sexual abuse, sex trafficking or if the child’s life is in immediate danger.
As a teacher in CCSD, this year has been horrible.
This year, I have witnessed or been part of or heard about students who were harmed or the possibility of being seriously hurt or even killed because of neglect or abuse by CCSD employees.
And all these incidents were covered up by CCSD employees/administrators.
It is decision time for me.
Do I want to return to CCSD.
I really don't know.
This year, I seen so much corruption in CCSD, when it comes to abuse/neglect of students and financial irregularities, that I wonder if I should I return to the district.  And these actions have been covered up by the administrators of CCSD.
I also found out that an honest person has no place in CCSD.  If you tell the truth in CCSD, that is a huge no-no.
So, do I stand with a corrupt school district?
Or at age 52, do I give up my teaching career, helping kids and start a new career
I also have to consider my health.  My back is so bad that I barely can get out of a chair, I have trouble walking and I am in a great deal of pain most of the time.
So, I have spent a few sleepless nights decidng wht to do.  If I do quit, I certainly have stories to tell about corruption within CCSD and bring down an administrator or 3.
Decision, decisions.

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  1. Now, that you have decided to quit, please name names. I don't see the "press" investigating CCSD cronyism, nepotism, bullying, and corruption.