Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Some People Don't Get It

People who support immigration rights/amnesty just don't get it.
Fromt he Chicago Tribune:
The estate of a woman who committed suicide in McHenry County Jail in 2005 has settled its lawsuit for at least $1 million with Centegra Health System and one of its employees on claims they provided inadequate medical care, lawyers in the case said.
Centegra and the employee, which provided health care at the jail, did not admit fault in the matter, saying they wanted to avoid further litigation. The woman's family said they hope the case prevents future deaths of people kept behind bars for immigration offenses....
Belbachir's cousin, Rachid Belbachir, is president of the Maghreb Association of North America in Chicago, which helps northwest African immigrants.
He said the settlement "finally" brings justice to Belbachir's death and hoped it would help prevent similar tragedies.
"The main thing is to treat someone who is incarcerated for immigration different than someone incarcerated for a crime," he said. "Most came because they … think they'll have a better life. Deal with them in a humane manner."  http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/suburbs/mchenry_woodstock_huntley/ct-mchenry-jail-suicide-settlement-met-20140415,0,7714518.story
Yo, idiot.. this woman did commit a crime- she was in the United States illegally and even tried to get into England illegally.
Before 1 penny is given to her family, money ought to be taken out for jailing, any medical care, any government services she recieved and a fine for being in the United States illegally.
But those who favor illegal immigrations have to realize that they support criminals, plain and simple.

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