Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pawn stars Reveiw: March 6, 2014 Episode 2

Yeah, I know I am very late about this but I have quite busy with work..and also a little bored with the show.
Having said that, I am going to try and be caught up by the weekend of missed shows.
Ida Saxton McKinley, 1847-1907.png
The first episode on March 6, the first guy brought in a diamond tiara supposedly worn by Ida McKinley, who was married to William McKinley:
The guy wanted $75,000.  Rick said it had about $7000 in diamonds and gold.  Time for an expert, Greg.  He said that the diamonds and the tiara was in excellent condition.  He said the piece would go for $75,000 retail.  Rick offered $35,000.  The guy refused to come down from $75,000.  Rick offered $43,000 but there was no sale.
Felix The Cat Tin Toy Spinner Sparkler Vintage
The next guy had a Felix the Cat sparkler toy.
The storyline was Rick getting a box that no one knew was in it and it pissed them of.  Rick offered $100 to the person who could get guess what was in the box.  In the end, in the box was Ida McKinley's tiara which Rick bought for $43,000.
The  next guy brought in a 1889 Giffard Gas Pistol:
The toy is only about 6 inches tall.  The guy wanted $150 and Chumlee offered $50 and then $75 and that was the deal.,-air-and-spring-guns/paul-giffard-single-shot-co2-rifle.aspx
The guy wanted $7500. Time for an expert, Craig.  He was surprised that he saw one of the these guns.  He said the gun was in almost perfect shape and that it was worth $3000.  Rick offered $2000 and then $2200 and finally $2500 and that was the sale price.
Here is the seller's reaction to being on Pawn Stars: Well, I got my 15 minutes of fame and it was a very fun experience. The taping took about 3 1/2 hours this morning. I did the show with Rick Harrison and his son Cory. After the taping, Mimi and I met personally with Rick for a photo opp and also received 2 free T-shirts and a Key Chain. The others went out to lunch Other than the show, they're not too personable. They tend to shy away from the public. However, the filming staff were outstanding people.
They brought in a "so-called" expert to evaluate the pistol, and he said that the gun is very rare, but only worth about $3k. Rick's son, Cory, then stepped in and gave me an ultimatum, $2,500 or nothing. After a quick thought, I gave in and took there offer. Hope I didn't give it away.
The show should air within the next 4 months. They will give me a heads-up a week before airing. Pawn Stars is a very big hit, #1 World Wide, except for the U.S. It also spun off two other shows - American Restoration and Counting Cars. — at Pawn Stars Las Vegas.  They filmed this part in October.
hanks for stopping by, being that it is late and everything.

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