Saturday, April 26, 2014

Another Reason Why People Hate Government/Politicians

From the Denver Post: Colorado's governor, Denver's mayor and other dignitaries receive a more robust Denver police response than the public under new rules recently adopted by the city's 911 system.
The policy change, which went into effect at the end of December, requires Denver police dispatchers to notify a patrol supervisor when "Federal, State or Local Dignitaries (such as the Mayor or Governor) or personnel within their office requests or requires a police response on the dignitary's behalf."
By comparison, Aurora dispatch doesn't have such a policy.
Denver Mayor Michael Hancock's office in October complained about having to wait for more than 35 minutes for a dispatcher to send a patrol unit to respond to a burglary report from the office.
That incident culminated in the firing of the dispatcher, who contends the mayor's office should have had to wait like everyone else for police resources to become available.
Rowena Alegria, Hancock's director of communications, said the mayor's office did not seek the firing. The mayor also did not request the new policy, she said....
In the case involving the mayor's office, Carl Simpson, director of Denver's 911 system, fired dispatcher Traci Rhodes on April 9 in part for her handling of the burglary report.
Simpson stated in his termination letter to Rhodes that the mayor's office was unhappy with how she handled her dispatching duties on Oct. 31.
After calling to report the burglary, the mayor's staff waited for police to respond for more than 35 minutes, Simpson stated in the letter. Rhodes had been responsible for dispatching service to the mayor's office, but did not do so immediately. An official in the mayor's office called to complain to Mary Beth Klee, the police department's deputy chief of administration.
Read more: "Dignitaries" get enhanced 911 response in wake of new Denver rules - The Denver Post
So, a police dispatcher got fired because they didn't wait on the mayor hand and foot.
Politicians getting preferential treatment sucks to most people.
Like Harry Reid's use of 3 SUVs to go grocery shopping.
Like mayors who need government workers to drive them around.
And other people who get special treatment, like college football coaches who need a police officer to watch him when the coaches shake hands after a football game.
Just another reason why people hate politicians and other supposedly special government people: special treatment and getting people fired if they piss someone off.

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