Thursday, April 19, 2018

Sad Day In Florida

From the NY Post: Two sheriff’s deputies have been killed in Florida Thursday— gunned down in broad daylight — during a suspected ambush, according to authorities.
The cops were eating at a Chinese restaurant in the city of Trenton, about 35 miles west of Gainesville, when the shooter walked up and started blasting through a window, officials said in a statement.
The gunman shot both deputies dead and then took his own life. Officials said no one else was injured. The incident happened around 3 p.m.
The cops involved were deputies with the Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office.
“As fellow deputies responded to the scene, they found the shooter deceased outside the business, and both Deputy Sheriffs where they died of their wounds,” officials said.
The same thing happened in Las Vegas a couple years ago a couple came into a restaurant and killed 2 cops and the reason was that they wanted to start a revolution: so it will be interesting to see what the motive was.
RIP to the officers, and prayers for the families, friends and colleagues. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

RIP Harry Anderson

Harry Anderson starred in one of my favorite TV show and passed away today.
From Fox News: Harry Anderson, famed 80s sitcom star best known for his work as judge Harry T. Stone on “Night Court,” has died at age 65.
The star was found dead in his Asheville, N.C., home on Monday morning at 6:41 a.m. an Asheville Police spokeswoman told Fox News. At this time, there is no official cause of death, and no foul play is suspected.
According to TMZ, Anderson’s son, Dashiell, says his father died of natural causes. The actor is survived by his wife and two children.
Fans may remember Anderson for his role in “Night Court,” but it was hardly his only acting job. After making a splash with numerous appearances on “Saturday Night Live,” he had a lengthy recurring role on “Cheers” as Harry “The Hat” Gittes. He later appeared as the original Richie character in the made-for-TV adaptation of Stephen King’s “It,” which was recently remade into a movie.
Anderson is one of my favorite actors and I've watched every episode of Night Court at least twice.
RIP Harry and please don't try to make Heaven disappear.

Stormy Davis: Please Go Away

Stormy Davis, the slur and whore, who supposedly had an affair is after her 15 minutes of fame.
To the slur and whore: Your 15+ minutes of fame have expired a long time ago.
Only the hateful left care about you.
Everyone else thinks badly of you or have no opinion of you.
Now, please go away, you little husky, south and whore.

Another Unhinged Liberal Heard From

Liberals comprise about 30% of the United States but their combined IQ is less than 100.
From TMZ: 415
Maria Bamford fears nuclear annihilation and wants a judge to reign in Donald Trump before it's too late.
The comedian has filed legal docs asking a judge for a restraining order, claiming his incendiary comments about North Korea, Russia and the nuclear arms race poses such a danger it has caused her anxiety and depression.
She specifically cites Trump's famous comment, "I too have a nuclear button and my button works."  She also references Trump's perceived threat to Hillary Clinton when he talked about gun activists knowing how to deal with her. 
She's not asking the judge to muzzle Trump ... she just wants him to stay 1,000 yards clear of her.
Obviously the distance between Bamford and Trump will not deter a confrontation with Putin or Kim Jong-un. Maria's apparently taking advantage of the political climate to promote her upcoming comedy tour, which fires up Tuesday.!article/2018/04/16/trump-sued-by-comedian-nuclear-war-fears-maria-bamford/

Personally, I feel safer if Bamford is institutionalized and kept 1000 feet from all humans.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Global Warming Crazy Creates More Global Warming By Burning Himself Up

You can't make this up:
From the NY Post: A “green” activist who was a pioneering lawyer for gay and transgender rights — including in the notorious “Boys Don’t Cry” rape murder case — committed suicide by setting himself on fire Saturday morning in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park in a grisly act of protest against the ecological destruction of the Earth.
David Buckel, 60, left behind a charred corpse and a typed suicide note that said he was burning himself to death using “fossil fuel” to reflect how mankind was likewise killing itself, police sources said.
He left the note in a manila envelope marked “To The Police,” recovered from inside a black metal pushcart he discarded at the scene.
So, you have a lunatic who makes a crispy critter of himself to protest fossil fuels, climate change and pollution. By burning himself,  he contributed to global warming,  pollution and smell pollution. 
On the plus size, we got rid of a lawyer, liberal and green lunatic all in 1 shot

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Illegal Thugs Sentenced Ford Murder

Another illegal alien thug is going to prison.
From Fire Rescue 1: The bus driver convicted of negligent homicide in January for a 2016 crash on Interstate 10 in LaPlace that killed an on-duty firefighter and two other men received the maximum 15-year prison sentence on Monday.
Denis Amaya Rodriguez, a Honduran immigrant who was in the country illegally, also was fined $5,000....
Amaya, whose attorney blamed the disaster on the company that hired him to drive the bus, told Snowdy that he never meant to kill anyone and didn’t feel guilty of committing any crime, but he said he would accept the judge’s decision.
“In my heart, I feel very bad for this moment,” Amaya, 38, said in Spanish. “It’s painful for me as well, even if (others) don’t believe it.”...
Several legal problems still loom for Amaya, who had previously been cited half a dozen times for driving without a license.
This thug doesn't believe he violated the law?  How about being in the country illegally?  If he hadn't been here illegally all 3 people would still be alive.
But this thug is typical of illegal alien law breakers, especially Dreamers.  They don't believe they are breaking the law by being here illegally.

Friday, April 13, 2018

That Was Quick

At the Pentagon, 1 hour after President Trump's address to the nation, the U.S. military has finished it's attack on Syria.
They hit 3 targets, all related to chemical weapons in Syria.
I honestly thought it would be more targets than this. I thought they may hurt Syria economical targets, like the country's airports, government buildings, sea ports and other targets.

U.S, France And Britain Attack Syri

President Trump is addressing the nation and world and said the United States, France and the United Kingdom is starting to bomb Syria.
The reason is the use by Syria, chemical weapons on different cities over time.
Trump also called out Iran and Russia for helping Syria and their dictator.
Reports are coming that bombs are falling in Damascus.
A dollar to doughnuts there will be protests tomorrow, if not tonight, by the liberal, Trump haters against this military attack against the butchers of Damascus.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Sadly Truth About Many Teachers

In the past couple of months, the have been strikes by teachers in West Virginia and Oklahoma, with those in Oklahoma still on strike after getting a $6000 raise.  Teachers in several other states are now threatening to go on strike.
I am a retired teacher who worked with the most severely disabled students. I worked in 3 states (Wisconsin,  Nevada and Arizona) and in large school districts (Milwaukee and Las Vegas) medium size  (Kingman and Lake Havasu, Az) and rural-Westfield,Wi.. I also did student teaching and volunteered at several schools including schools on Indian reservations and urban. Over my 20+ years I have met thousands and thousands of teachers, administrators and other school personnel.
So, here are some unless truths about many teachers:
1. No teacher is forced to work at any school district.
2. Teachers, especially now, can transfer from state to state with very few restrictions.  Most licenses can transfer between states and they would only take a class or two to get a full teaching license and you usually get 3 years to finish the classes.
3. Almost all teachers sign contracts telling them how much money they will make.
4. Many teachers won't make it in the private sector.  The exception would be specialist teachers like shop, military/first responders and teachers who actually worked full time in private sector for most of their adult life. I spent 16 years working in special education before becoming a teacher.
5. Many teachers are liberals.
6. Many teachers feel entitled.  See #5... enough said.
7. Many, if not most teachers a greedy.  If there is something free, there is a swarm with body slamming to get it, even if it is just pencils.
8. Free food, watch out.  Schools, especially elementary schools, get free from parents. When it is put out in the teachers lounge or office, watch out as it looks like pigs eating at the trough.
9. Many teachers are pigs. They depend on custodians cleaning their classrooms and teacher lounges and they leave the rooms and lounges in bad shape and then have others clean up after themselves.
10. Many teachers are really nasty. The sexual jokes, use of vulgar and racist language mocking students when in the office, lounge and in meetings is rampant. The mocking includes what a student looks like, behaves, smells, intelligence and other categories.

I have witnessed physical and verbal abuse of students by teachers no one was ever punished because administrators don't want investigations because it will make them look bad.

So, there are some ugly truths about teachers. Most are not the saints they pretend to be.

It's Still Winter

According to the National  Weather  Service  ( there are 16 states in the U.S. that have winter warnings, advisoris and watches, with more to come.
If April showers bring what do April blizzards and heavy snow bring?

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

This Will Cause Many Nightmares

From the NY Post:  A fake porn video claiming to show Hillary Clinton engaged in a sex act has been traced back to a Reddit account linked to Russia.
The content sharing platform has confirmed that the “Rubinjer” account that was responsible for posting the content belongs to Russia’s Internet Research Agency.
According to NBC, “Rubinjer” is the Russia-linked agency’s most popular account. It received almost 100,000 upvotes before being shut down by Reddit....
The post in question – titled “This is How Hillary gets black votes” – linked to an animated GIF of the fake porn video on Reddit.
The same sex tape was posted at least five times to PornHub under the name “Leaked Hillary Clinton’s Hotel Sex Tape with Black Guy.”
The video was viewed more than 250,000 on PornHub.
Speaking on Russian TV last October, former IRA employee Alan Baskaev claimed the fake video had been created by the Russian agency’s “troll farm.”
If the Russian government helped make this video, this is a good reason to go to war. Not for embarrassing Hillary, she can't be embarrassed.
But for all the nightmares this cause of people imagining Hillary having sex.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Special Counsel's Investigation: Just About The Money

So, Robert Mueller and his gang of liberal thugs have now gone after President Trump's personal attorney by raiding the lawyer's office and home.
This is an outrage because you just don't raid a lawyer office's. Don't think President Trump.
Think of the average person accused of a crime, especially those wrongly accused.
The cops just cannot go their lawyer and take their notes, computers and any other evidence in their case.  Plus, there could be information about other cases.
Attorney- client privilege is the backbone of criminal justice system.
So, why is Mueller not trying to find collusion between Russia and Trump.
Simply put, it's about the money.  Mueller has hired lawyers, investigators, office staff, janitors, security, maintenance  people, rent office space and copy machines, purchasing office supplies etc..
There are a lot of mouths to feed and people making money left and right.
And the longer this "investigation" the more money people make.

John McCain Needs To Go...Now

I guess the brain cancer Sen. John McCain is really starting to really effect him.
From the U.K Daily Mail: The White House said Monday that it was 'outrageous' for Sen. John McCain to suggest that President Trump shoulders any of the responsibility for Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad's latest chemical attack.
McCain, the chairman of the Armed Services committee and a Republican like the president, said in a harsh Sunday statement that Trump had 'emboldened' Assad with his talk of a drawdown of American forces.
At the White House's daily press briefing, a reporter suggested that Trump essentially green lit the attack, pointing to McCain's response.
'Look we're still there. And I think that it is outrageous to say that the President of the United States green lit something as atrocious as the actions that have taken place,' press secretary Sarah Sanders rebuffed.
Sadly, McCain is my senator and as a conservative, McCain is an embarrassment to Arizona and the senate and quite frankly, to most of the United States.
Just resign, now, McCain.

A Big Horrible Oops

I cannot even imagine the pain and other emotions these 2 families are going through. 
From the Saskatoon River Phoenix: 
Two Humboldt Broncos players — one who survived Friday’s bus crash and one who died — were incorrectly identified as the other, part of a tragedy described as “unprecedented in Saskatchewan’s history.”
Xavier Labelle, an 18-year-old from Saskatoon, was initially identified as one of those killed in the crash. Labelle is alive, according to the ministry of justice on Monday. Parker Tobin, an 18-year-old from Stony Plain, Alberta, has now been identified as one of the 15 who died in the crash....
Saskatchewan RCMP issued a statement Monday on behalf of the provincial justice ministry on Monday morning, saying the “Office of the Chief Coroner apologizes for the misidentification and any confusion created by it.”
New information pertaining to dental records prompted the coroner’s office to review its list of those killed, eventually confirming that two players had been misidentified for each other, according to Ministry of Justice spokesman Drew Wilby during a Monday morning news conference.
Wilby acknowledged the difficulties faced by all of those with connections to the crash — and, in light of the incorrect identification, the families of Labelle and Tobin.
To not be at their son’s side right from the start would be incredibly traumatic,” Wilby said of Labelle’s family.
For Tobin’s family, Wilby said, “this is not easy news for them to digest.”
The families of Labelle and Tobin learned Sunday night that RCMP and the Justice Ministry would be announcing the incorrect identifications on Monday morning.
To have “this level of tragedy out of one incident,” Wilby later said, is unprecedented in the province.
I watched the vigil which was carried throught Canada and it was very sad. This very careless mistake was not known at the time but unless people read about the mistake they won't know about this horrible mistake. 

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Now, Sexual Assault Is A Health Code Violation

From the NY Daily News: A rookie cop whose dad is an NYPD chief avoided getting fired after an off-duty arrest for groping a woman at an Atlantic City casino, police sources told the Daily News.
The department’s handling of Officer Joseph Essig’s case raises questions among police sources who suspect high-ranking officers and those close to them are treated with kid gloves in discipline cases....
Just 15 months into his brand-new NYPD career — on Oct. 8, 2015 — Essig was arrested at Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City on a felony charge of criminal sexual misconduct.
New Jersey authorities downgraded the charge to a health code violation. Essig pleaded guilty, was ordered to stay away from the victim, and paid a $1,000 fine.
The "Me To" movement must not caught on with the liberals in NYC and New Jersey.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Huge Fire At Trump Tower

There is a fire burning at The Trump Tower in New York City.
It was a 4 alarm fire confined to an apartment on the 50th floor but heavy smoke conditions above the fire persist.
4 people were hurt.  The Trump's were not home.
At this time, the FDNY is still conducting searches looking for possible injuries.

Tragedy In Canada

1 second. Most car accidents could have been avoided if a driver was slower or faster by 1 second.
In Saskatchewan, Canada, 15 coaches, players, volunteers and media were killed when a semi-trailer T-bone a bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team.
From the Saskatoon River Phoenix:
A 15th person has died after a bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team collided with a semi-trailer unit north of Tisdale.
RCMP initially said 14 people had died Friday in the crash, but on Saturday afternoon, police said in a news release that another person had died.
Fourteen others on the bus were injured, three critically. The RCMP initially reported there were 28 people on the bus, but corrected that number Saturday morning to 29. The driver of the semi was not injured.
This hit several different ways.
I used to play high school sports and also coached at different schools and have traveled hundreds of times on busses and we have had several close calls. 
I also lived in northern Montana and visited Saskatchewan several times.  It's generally flat and mostly farm land.  
I also have lived in small towns and a tragedy of this magnitude will have devasting effects on the town and in Saskatchewan. 
Finally, I have worked with young athletes and many of those injured have devasting injuries including paralysis. And then you will have emotional effects as well, such as survivor guilt for the rest of their lives.  The athletes were in great physical and mental shape and now their lives will be forever changed.  The same can also be said of the first responders and passerbyers who are mostly volunteers and saw death and destruction and that will haunt them forever.
1 damn second.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Let's Ban Knives

London is having a massive crime wave so far this year.  In fact, London has had more murders than New York City and the vast majority have been stabbings, though some were shot or were beat down.
Today was no exception as there were numerous stabbings.
From the UK Daily Mail: A 16-year-old boy was treated for minor injuries and arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit GBH. Another man remains in custody on suspicion of attempted murder.
The Mile End attack was one of four stabbings across the capital on Thursday night, which left six people in hospital and five in police custody.
The first involved a teenage boy knifed in East India Dock Road, Westferry at 5.30pm, followed by the Grove Road attack and another teenager stabbed outside a HSBC bank in Ealing Broadway at 7.05pm.
Most of the victims are people of cover and also many of the deaths are related to gang activity and drugs.
Since these murders and other stabbings are knife related, we must ban and restrict the sale of knives.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Why Does The New York Daily News Hire Stupid Black Racists?

First there was there was the low intelligent black racist Shaun King at the New York Daily News and is no longer with the "paper".
Apparently, the Daily News must need to have a low intelligent black racist and a fellow name Leonard Greene fits this job.
From Green and the News:
It wasn’t a birthday we were commemorating. Let’s start out there.
And anyone calling the events remembering the 50th anniversary of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s death “celebrations” probably meant well, but they were using the wrong word....
Anyone with doubts need look no further than Brooklyn, where we can now add a pipe with a knob to the list of items that shoot-first cops have mistaken for a gun.
The picture of the thug is above. Sure likes a gun to me.
From the low intelligent Greene:
This was not an emotionally disturbed call,” Monahan said. “This was a call of a man pointing what 911 callers and people felt was a gun at people on the street. When we encounter him, he turns with what appears to be a gun. We have to stay straight on the facts of this incident.”
What Monahan did not tell reporters, at least not yet, was the racial makeup of the officers who fired the fatal shots.
Playing the race card or Uncle Tom politics.
More from the moron:  Still, it boggles the mind that mass murderers like Dylann Roof, who shot and killed nine people at a church in Charleston, S.C., in 2015, or Nikolas Cruz who murdered 17 people in a Florida school rampage in February can be arrested without a scratch, yet a man who pointed a pipe on a streetcorner is as dead as Sean Bell.
Ummm, moron, neither Cruz nor Roof pointed any weapons at cops when they were arrested.  Is low intelligent and racist Greene suggest that the cops execute Roof and Greene without provocation and in cold blood?
Apparently, to be the local black racist at the NY Daily News, your IQ must be that of a mountain troll that apparently resides in New York City.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Nellis AFB Jet Crashes Update: Thunderbird Pilot Killed

Sadly, another jet from Nellis has crashed.
From the LVRJ: 
A Nellis Air Force Base fighter jet crashed Wednesday morning during a routine training mission outside Las Vegas, military officials said.
The F-16 crashed at the Nevada Test and Training Range about 10:30 a.m., a Nellis spokesman said. He said emergency responders were on the scene and the crash was under investigation. The pilot’s condition was not immediately clear.
The test range covers 3 million acres and provides 12,000 square miles of restricted airspace to the north and northwest of Las Vegas for pilots to rehearse and test warplanes.
Sadly, based on Nellis history, Nellis won't talk if the pilot did not survive.  If the pilot survived they would say so fairly quickly.
Prayers for the pilot, his family and friends.
Update: An Air Force Thunderbirds pilot died Wednesday morning when his fighter jet crashed during a routine training mission outside Las Vegas, military officials said.
His F-16 Fighting Falcon crashed over the Nevada Test and Training Range about 10:30 a.m., a Nellis Air Force Base release said. Details of the crash were not immediately available.
From the Thunderbirds web site: A U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds pilot was killed when his F-16 Fighting Falcon crashed over the Nevada Test and Training Range today at approximately 10:30 a.m. during a routine aerial demonstration training flight. The identity of the pilot is being withheld for 24-hours pending next of kin notification. An investigation is being conducted into the cause of the mishap.
The team’s participation at the March Air Reserve Base “The March Field Air & Space Expo” has been cancelled. It is unknown how this accident will impact the remainder of the 2018 Thunderbirds Season.
More information will be provided as it becomes available.p]e.
Per Fox News, the pilot was in training with the Thunderbirds. Having used to live across the street from Nellis, the Thunderbirds usually train over Nellis and Las Vegas so the Thunderbirds going out to the test site is unusual.

New Family Member

About a week ago, I was ďriving home and on our street, about 200 yards from the house, this little dog ran in front of the car. I slammed on the brakes.  The puppy came to the door. I opened the door and she tried to get in the car but couldn' due to an injured hip.
I took her in the car and she just laid on my lap.
So, we asked the neighbors if anyone knew the dog and no one did so we took her home. My son also posted to Kingman Facebook page and no one responded.
She was famished and thirsty, so she was abandoned for sometime.  She also had some minor sores on her elbows. Her hip seems to be displaced but she appears to not to be in any pain.
Since she has been here she sleeps a lot, usually snuggling with me.
So, we have our 6th dog, all rescues.
We don't have a name for her, any suggestions?

Monday, April 2, 2018

IRS Fail

Today I tried to e-file through the IRS.
I got as far as entering my e-mail.
They said my e-mail was invalid.
So, I went to TurboTax and entered my e-mail address a lot and behold, my e-mail was found to be valid and working.
The IRS: More incompeence from the Feds.

Not Shocking: Trump More Popular Than Obama

If you listen/watch the news and other media, you would  think that President Trump is a big dufuss who is not popular, but it's not true. President Trump's approval rating is higher than ex-president Obama's approval over the same time period in their presidency.
From Rasmussen: The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 50% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-nine percent (49%) disapprove.
The latest figures include 33% who Strongly Approve of the way the president is performing and 39% who Strongly Disapprove. 
According to Rasmussen's chart, Trump's approval rating is at 50% while Obama's is around 48%.
Except in Obama's beginning of his presidency, he never was really popular, especially after ObamaCare. 
Trump, however is gaining in popularity, most likely more people are figuring out that Trump is not an ogre that wants to eat you, your kids and neighbors. He just wants to eat those nutty hate filled liberals in the media. And he has them for lunch everyday because he is just smarter and savy than they are.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Payback Is A B******

Today and pretty much the last week, Facebook has been under a ton of scrutiny for privacy issues and President Trump has also jumped in and has gone after Facebook.
Perhaps an article I wrote on August 4, 2016 may shed  some light as to why Trump is involved:
Exclusive: Facebook Censoring Donald Trump Videos

First you have Google in bed with Hillary Clinton making little lie babies. Now, Facebook is apparently is also in Hillary's bed, making it a ménage à trois. Facebook is censoring Donald Trump videos that rip Hillary Clinton and her e-mail scandals. In the video of Hillary defending herself in the e-mail scandal (shown in the post below this one)and her claims being destroyed by Rep. Trey Gowdy and the FBI director, you can't see that video and the message says: "Something Went Wrong Sorry we're having problems playing this video" and of course, you can't watch the video.

Same with another video and the same concept and you get the censorship message....

I sampled probably 25 videos and found that 11 videos could not be played, and the rest did play.  So, clearly, it's not a computer problem.

So, once again, a liberal web site, run by an extreme liberal is trying to rig the election.

And the liberals complain that Trump is inviting Russia to meddle in our election.  Well, what about U.S. tech companies trying to rig the election?  Where are the democrats condemning Google and Facebook?

Update: I went to the Hillary Clinton Facebook page and lo and behold, not one of about 20 videos on her Facebook video page were censured.

There is no doubt that Facebook is censuring Trump by knocking off the videos from his Facebook page but allowing all of Hillary's videos.

I wonder if this counts as in-kind services?

Payback can be a bitch sometimes. 

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sad Week For Firefighters

This past week was a sad week for the nation's firefighters as 5 firefighters in Pennsylvania,
New York and West Virginia were killed in the line of duty.
In New York City, a firefighter was killed when he got lost during a 5 alarm fire in a building that a movie was being shot at.
From Statter 911: A New York City firefighter was killed after flames erupted late Thursday night at a Harlem building being used as a set for a movie starring Edward Norton.
The fire broke out in the basement of the building on St. Nicholas Avenue just before 11 p.m.
While backing out of the building, the firefighter was separated from his unit and he was found unconscious.
He was rushed to Harlem Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
FDNY Commissioner Dan Nigro identified him as 37-year-old Firefighter Michael Davidson, a 15-year veteran.
In York, Pennsylvania, 2 firefighters were killed in a building collapse
From Statter911: Two York firefighters died in Thursday’s collapse of a section of the burned-out hulk of the Weaver Organ and Piano building, York Mayor Michael Helfrich said at a news conference at York City Hall Thursday night.
Zachary Anthony, 29, of York, and Ivan Flanscha, 50, of Red Lion, were the first York firefighters to die in the line of duty since 1971.  
“This is the worst day in my career, this is the worst day for the York City Fire Department,” Fire Chief David Michaels said. “We are totally overwhelmed.”
Finally, 2 volunteer firefighters from the Pratt Volunteer Fire Department were killed in a crash while responding to a triple fatality traffic accident.
From Statter911: A Pratt Volunteer Fire Department truck was responding to a triple fatality on the West Virginia Turnpike when the truck flipped against a rock wall, killing at least two firefighters, Kanawha County officials said.
The events of the tragic evening began around 7 p.m. when a vehicle was traveling north in the southbound lanes and wrecked with another vehicle.
“Apparently, a vehicle was traveling the wrong way on the interstate and it wrecked. As a result of that it appears there are three fatalities,” said Capt. Reginald Patterson, spokesman for the West Virginia State Police.
As a former firefighter, it pains to hear about any firefighter death, but when 5 firefighters are killed in 3 incidents, this will pain thousands upon  thousands of people throughout the whole country.
RIP to the firefighters and prayers to their families, friends and their colleagues. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Hillary Shows Once Again Why She And Democrats Are Unfit To Serve

Hillary Clinton  shows the world why she and fellow Democrats are not fit to serve in any public office except perhaps, maybe on the local garbage dump board.
From the NY Post:  Democratic operatives have an urgent message for Hillary Clinton: Please shut up and go away.
Their fury and frustration were fueled by boasts she made in India over the weekend while hawking her new book, “What Happened,” that “advanced” states with better economies and smarter people voted for her.
Backward red states with lousy economies, on the other hand, went for Donald Trump, according to her latest analysis, The Hill reported.
“I won the places that represent two-thirds of America’s gross domestic product. I won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward,” she said.
“If you look at the map of the United States, there is all that red in the middle, places where Trump won,” the former first lady said at the India Today Conclave in Mumbai.
“I win the coast. I win, you know, Illinois and Minnesota, places like that.”
Trump’s campaign “was looking backwards,” she added, before dissing Trump supporters as a bunch of racist Cro-Magnons.
“You didn’t like black people getting rights, you don’t like women, you know, getting jobs. You don’t want, you know, see that Indian-American succeeding more than you are. Whatever your problem is, I’m going to solve it,” said Clinton, describing her version of Trump’s “MAGA” message.
She also said that women who voted for Trump were too dumb to make up their own minds, and had been brainwashed by “ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should.”
Weary Democrats said they had had enough, and that her clueless comments were reminiscent of her description in the campaign of many Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorables,” a slur that cemented her image as an out-of-touch Beltway elitist.
“She’s annoying me. She’s annoying everyone, as far as I can tell. Who lets her say these things?” a 2016 Clinton surrogate told the website.
Make no mistake, what Hillary believes is no different than what the vast majority of Democrats believe.  The vast majority of democrats/liberals think they are smarter and better than everybody who disagrees with the liberal/democrats.
The only thing about Clinton and the rest of the libetals/Democrats is that she was stupid enough to say what everyone else was thinking. 

Monday, March 12, 2018

Scam Alert

I get a lot of junk phone calls trying to solicit/scam and usually I play with phone operator but no too bad because the person on the other end is just trying to earn a living...a dishonest living but still a living.
But there is a scam out optut using police officers as bait.
The scammers name is The American Police Officers Alliance.
The Arizona phone number they use is 480-462-5014.
Do not give them money and report them to your local police department.

Meanwhile, In Kingman, AZ....

While part of the East coast is bracing for another snowstorm, here in Kingman, I had to turn on my air conditioner and swamp cooler because the house was so warm. Spring/summer is here. At least here in Mohave County.

He Really Pissed Someone Off

From the Huddersfield, UK,: Kidnappers forced a man to strip naked and dance for their entertainment, a court heard.
The victim had boiling water poured over his scrotum and back and his head was shaved, Kirklees magistrates were told.
Apparently, the victim messed with the wrong dealers.

Those Silly Kiwis

From The Stuff, Christchurch, New Zealand: 
Authorities have spent a year and almost $30,000 investigating the curious case of a tasered goat.
Oamaru police were called to deal with the feral goat after a small dog cornered it in someone's garage on December 1, 2016.
"Unfortunately it was pretty stressed out and quite unco-operative, so I tased it," Oamaru Senior Constable Carl Pedersen told Stuff at the time.
Pedersen said the goat, with its large horns, had damaged the garage and there were concerns it would escape back onto State Highway 1 and endanger motorists, as it had earlier in the day, evading animal control officers.
The goat was later euthanised.
That incident has sparked a 14-month Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) investigation, at a cost of $28,303.56.
Here, in the U.S., the cops would try and get the goat out of the garage, and if they failed, there would be goat burgers for someone.  And there would not be a 14 month investigation at a cost of $28,000+.
Silly New Zealander's.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

George Washington He's Not

George Washington cut down a cherry tree and went onto to becpme president of the U.S..
A man from Wisconsin tried to chop down the family home and went to jail.
From the Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune: A 27-year-old Wausau man suspected of trying to collapse his parents' home Monday is in jail, according to a police captain. 
The man, whose name was not being released Tuesday morning, used items including a jigsaw, carving knife and a hammer to chop away at a main support beam in the basement of his parents' home, Wausau Police Capt. Ben Graham said. 
The man's parents at 9:23 a.m. Monday reported the 27-year-old was damaging the house, according to police reports. When police arrived, they found a chunk of a main support beam in the home's basement had been chopped out.

Another Illegal Alien Commits Murder: Did City/County Hide Hide From ICE?

Another illegal alien has killed an innocent person, this time in Flagstaff, AZ. And it looks like the City of Flagstaff or Coconino County hide from ICE to prevent him from being deported?
From the AZ Daily Sun: Kinsey Beebe was waiting for her mother to come pick up her up when she was shot and killed last week, according to Flagstaff Police reports.
Beebe, 19,  was shot and killed on Feb. 28, allegedly after an argument with her live-in boyfriend, Adonis Encinas Velarde, 20, and his friend, Abraham Puentes Ortiz, 22, over a gun.
The first officer on the scene of the shooting said he found Beebe unresponsive on a bed with her cellphone in her lap. The phone was ringing with a call from Beebe’s mother.
Officers later stopped Beebe’s mother on the sidewalk outside of the home and told her that her daughter had been transported to Flagstaff Medical Center. An officer was able to drive her to FMC, where she found out that her daughter had died.
Beebe’s mother told officers that her daughter had called her earlier that evening and asked her to come pick her up because her boyfriend was mad at her and had accused her of stealing his gun. Then she heard Beebe drop the phone. Beebe’s mother had tried calling her back, but got no answer....
Velarde was booked into the Coconino County Jail on suspicion of first-degree murder, kidnapping, disorderly conduct with a weapon, discharging a firearm in the city limits, drive-by shooting of an occupied structure and assisting a criminal street gang. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has also placed a "detainer request" for Velarde on suspicion he is in the country illegally....
Both men have had prior minor run-ins with local law enforcement, according to local court records. Velarde has three traffic tickets from Flagstaff Municipal court for two counts of driving without a license and a DUI. He also has a criminal complaint for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. 
The thug was convicted of DUI and that is a deportable offense. 
Why wasn't he reported to Immigration then?  
He is of age to be a Dreamer, those sweet and totally innocent kids who are in the U.S. illegally.

Monday, March 5, 2018

This Is Cool

From the Daily Mail, UK: The son of a Sainsbury's worker diagnosed with Alzheimer's five years ago has revealed in an 'uplifting' post on social media how the supermarket giant fought to keep her job open and handled her condition with 'compassion, class and dignity'....
Doron says the supermarket has helped to 'normalise' his mother's life over the last few years as her illness has deteriorated, giving her self-worth when 'she was quite literally losing everything she once was'...
The tweets posted over the weekend tell the story of how the 61-year-old, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in her early fifties, has now served her last day working in the store after five years of employment, where she started shortly before her diagnosis.
After being forced to give up her career as a bookkeeper as the illness took hold, Doron's mother applied for and got a job picking in-store for online deliveries in 2012.
When the store was made aware of an official diagnosis less than a year later, Doron reveals his family expected his mother to be told she couldn't be employed.
However, he explains that Sainsbury's instead did everything they could to ensure she stayed working at the store.
He writes that the company 'offered regular re-training; changed her hours; had regular welfare meetings with her and my dad; ensured her colleagues were aware of her condition so they were able to help her.' 
I suspect there are other businesses who do this but don't get the recognition.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

A Teacher Thrown Under The Bus

Congratulations to some know it all punk from the Florida high school shooting who blamed a teacher for being a coward, even though the teacher was doing exactly he had been trained to do.
From the NY Post: More than two weeks after the high-school shooting massacre in Parkland, Fla., anger and second-guessing continue to simmer there, with one student tweeting his teacher was a “coward” — triggering an online war of words.
Math teacher Jim Gard left “75% of his students out in the hallway to be slaughtered,” juniorJosh Gallagher claimed on Twitter on Feb. 28.
None of Gard’s students would die in the Valentine’s Day shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS, which left 14 students and three faculty slain.
Still, the teacher didn’t unlock the math-class door when his terrified students banged on it from the hallway, even as shots rang out, Gallagher tweeted.
The left-out kids cowered in the hallway “for four total minutes ducking and in fear for our lives,” before a different teacher let them inside another classroom, Gallagher tweeted.
“Omg. I’m so sorry to hear another shameful act of cowardice,” wrote We R Kate Steinle at @No1islistening0.
“Jim Gard must live with what he did,” responded Janeka Smith at @JanekaSmith1.
This story that the press ran and the little punks writing on Twitter really passes me off.
The teacher didn’t exactly what he was supposed to do.
As a former school teacher, I have through my fair share trainings and active shooting drills.
The teacher also moved his students away from the door and kept them quiet in a terrible situation, which is what he is supposed to do.
That school district and the local, state and national teachers better defend this teacher for doing his job correctly in an impossible situation.