Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dina Titus Lies Again

What is it with Dina Titus? Is she afraid that she is not qualified to run against Joe Heck? Maybe she feels inferior to Dr. Joe's credentials? Maybe she is afraid that after she loses the election in November, she may actually have to find a real job to do, for the first time in her sheltered life.
In her latest TV advertisement, she says that Heck wants to eliminate the Department of Education. Ok, that is fair to bring up. But then she says if the DOE is eliminated, student loans will also be eliminated. Huh??? WTF????
The Fed's just took over the college loan program this year. You think they will just stop giving out student loans? Umm, nope. You don't think another agency could handle giving out student loans? Say, maybe the Commerce Department? Or another Fed agency?
Titus's scare tactics are shameful and shows once again she is not qualified to to be a member of House of Representatives. It clearly shows she is not aware of what her advertisements are saying and it really shows her ignorance and/or stupidity.
Dina Titus is not qualified for a real job in this world, except higher education, which, in her field, is not a real job. She is clearly showing that she thinks the voters in her district, in which I am one, are stupid and believe her lies.
So, to Titus, why don't you run on your record, without lying about it. I realize that you don't have much to run on, but at least try to run on your record. But then, since you are Nancy Pelosi's lap dog along with being Harry Reid's hottest federal legislator, maybe you have to lie.

Perverted El Paso Teacher Who Is Still Getting Paid While In Jail

From The El Paso Times: Almost 70 children in El Paso might have been videotaped having sex with an Irvin High School dance teacher, federal agents said in federal court Wednesday.
The startling revelation was made at a detention hearing for Marco Alferez, 34, who has been charged with sexual exploitation of minors and having child pornography.
Two federal agents testified they found more than 200 videos of Alferez having sex with children, some elementary school age.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent Gilbert Campa testified he found 12 VHS tapes, each about four to six hours long, and 107 8-mm tapes of Alferez having sex with children.
Campa said ICE agents have been able to identify 65 to 70 victims in the homemade videos.
Campa said it appeared that Alferez had attempted to hide the video camera to film the sex acts.
In one video, Campa said, Alferez is seen turning on the video camera, covering it with a shirt and then leaving the room. After a period, Alferez returns to the room with a young girl and then has sex with her.

And, so is the teacher fired? Umm, no: Alferez, who began teaching at Irvin High School in August 2008, has been placed on paid administrative leave, said Berenice Zubia, spokeswoman for the El Paso Independent School District.
This POS is sitting in jail, with a no bail hold on the guy but yet he is still receiving his salary. Way, to go, El Paso School District and teacher's union.

Another Reason To Vote For Joe Heck

From The Other McCain:
Rep. James P. Moran Jr. (D-Va.), who chairs the House Appropriations Committee’s interior and environment subcommittee, said that if Democrats retain control of the House in the midterm elections, he will press for a moratorium on drilling in the mid-Atlantic and off Alaska.
“The gulf is going to go back to drilling. That’s just the nature of the gulf,” Moran said. But he added, “I think we have at least a 50-50 chance of protecting the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.”

Yup, vote for for Titus and you can be sure that oil will dry up in Alaska and mid-Atlantic. Not only will it limit oil into the market, it will kill thousands of jobs and potential jobs.
Another reason not to vote for Dina Titus and vote for Joe Heck.

What Is A MSNBC, Mommy?

A survey was done about where people get their cable news coverage. Of course, Fox kicked butt on the competition, followed by CNN. However, MSNBC got only 12%. worse yet, not many people know who the MSNBC personalities are.
From The Radio Equalizer: "MSNBC’s personalities were largely ranked as unknown by respondents: 70 percent said they had never heard of Ed Schultz, 55 percent said they had never heard of Rachel Maddow and 42 percent said they had never heard of Keith Olbermann."
It's surprising that Olberman got that high of number since he was at ESPN for years and also tried to do football, I think, last year.
But, when you are a straight liberal news channel, these are the ratings you get. I am surprised Heidi Harris goes on MSNBC because no one is watching her.

Harry reid's Priorities: Budgets: Nope Military: Nope Turn The Sound On TV Commercials: Yes!!

Harry Reid sure has his priorities set. Budgets, nah, forget about them. The military budget- who cares about the military and the service men and women.
But the Senate did find it to be a priority to turn down the volume on television commercials.
From Yahoo News: "Legislation to turn down the volume on those loud TV commercials that send couch potatoes diving for their remote controls looks like it'll soon become law.
The Senate unanimously passed a bill late Wednesday to require television stations and cable companies to keep commercials at the same volume as the programs they interrupt.
The House has passed similar legislation. Before it can become law, minor differences between the two versions have to be worked out when Congress returns to Washington after the Nov. 2 election".;_ylt=AhWpa9b8_5IYztnAZKRKKyWs0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTQwZmkyaWg4BGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTAwOTMwL3VzX2NvbmdyZXNzX2xvdWRfY29tbWVyY2lhbHMEY2NvZGUDbW9zdHBvcHVsYXIEY3BvcwM1BHBvcwMyBHB0A2hvbWVfY29rZQRzZWMDeW5faGVhZGxpbmVfbGlzdARzbGsDc2VuYXRldm90ZXN0
Thanks, Harry for showing us where your priorities are. More regulation for businesses and screw the rest of the country and the taxpayers.

Here's Something That Scares The Hell Out Liberals: Strong Conservative Women

The only response from liberals: Destroy the person. Can't fight them with issues, so lib's will try and destroy them personally. This is why the Pampers stock continue to rise. Lib's are crapping in their pants when they hear of a strong conservative woman.

h/t Charlie Sykes

Well, I Guess I Was Wrong About Jim Rogers

When Jim Rogers was asking to become superintendent of CCSD, I yelled, "Hell No!!"
Well, now that the board wants to hire Dwight Jones, I think the board would have better off in hiring Rogers as a lesser of two evils.
While Jones is a good man, he lacks the education, leadership and experience to run a huge urban/rural school district. At least, with Rogers, you know he has experience running large companies and has run an education system larger than 6500 students.
So, to Jim Rogers, you were not the worst candidate out there. My apologies, sir.

Tragedy At Rutgers

Last week, some college student thugs decided to have fun with a freshmen and videotaped and also shown live, a sexual encounter of another freshman having sex with a man in the kid's dorm room. The freshman who had sex then committed suicide after the taping was revealed.
From Yahoo News: "The shocking suicide of a college student whose sex life was broadcast over the Web illustrates yet again the Internet's alarming potential as a means of tormenting others and raises questions whether young people in the age of Twitter and Facebook can even distinguish public from private.
Cruel gossip and vengeful acts once confined to the schoolyard or the dorm can now make their way around the world instantly via the Internet, along with photos and live video....

Last week, Tyler Clementi, a shy, 18-year-old Rutgers University freshman and gifted violist, jumped to his death from the George Washington Bridge after his roommate and another classmate allegedly used a webcam to secretly broadcast his dorm-room sexual encounters with another man. The two classmates have been charged with invasion of privacy, with the most serious charges carrying up to five years in prison."
What the two college thugs did was bullying at it's worst. Maybe they thought it was funny to do the videotaping, but if they thought that, they were sadly mistaken. It also shows a lack of proper upbringing by the parents of these two thugs. Where and when did the parents instill a sense of decency to these two thugs?
I don't look at this as a gay issue, rather I look at it as a bully issue. The college thugs had no right to invade this boy's privacy, regardless if they thought it was funny. They were bullies. Instead beating a kid up as a bully when I was a kid, this is the new age bullying.
But on the other hand, it was nothing to commit suicide over, especially in this day and age. Tyler was a talented violinist and had his whole life ahead of him. Was Tyler embarrassed beyond belief, of course, but is it worth killing yourself over? No.
It's a shame that two thugs decided to videotape some innocent kid and they need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for invading Tyler's privacy, but not for murder. Anybody defending the thug students as saying this was a harmless prank gone wrong, are just as stupid and ignorant as the thug students.
This is one of the pitfalls of the Internet. Information can be transmitted instantly and you can do it without thinking about the consequences.
Hopefully people will learn from this tragedy. I hope these two thugs do time and hope their life is ruined. And I hope Tyler's family will be able seek comfort in the near future.

R.I.P. Tony Curtis

Actor and artist, Tony Curtis passed away this morning at his home in Henderson, at the age of 85.
From the Las Vegas Sun: Tony Curtis, who defiantly worked to mold himself from a 1950s movie heartthrob to a respected actor with such films as "Sweet Smell of Success," "The Defiant Ones" and "Some Like It Hot," has died. He was 85.
The Oscar-nominated actor died about 9:25 p.m. PDT Wednesday at his Henderson, Nev., home of a cardiac arrest, Clark County Coroner Mike Murphy said Thursday.
Reflecting a determined streak that marked other areas of his life, Curtis began with frivolous movies that exploited his handsome physique and appealing personality but then steadily moved to more substantial roles, starting in 1957 in the harrowing show business tale "Sweet Smell of Success."
In 1958, "The Defiant Ones" brought him an Academy Award nomination as best actor for his portrayal of a white racist escaped convict handcuffed to a black escapee, Sidney Poitier. The following year, he donned women's clothing and sparred with Marilyn Monroe in one of the most acclaimed film comedies ever, Billy Wilder's "Some Like It Hot."
His first wife was actress Janet Leigh of "Psycho" fame; actress Jamie Lee Curtis is their daughter.
Curtis struggled against drug and alcohol abuse as starring roles became fewer, but then bounced back in film and television as a character actor.
Curtis was proud of living and calling Las Vegas his home. R.I.P. Tony.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gov. Chris Christie 1 Heckler/Loser 0

Chris Christie is an in your face conservative. While he may not be perfect, he is probably the best GOP candidate out there for president in 2012, if he wants it.
Christie/Palin 2012? Nice ring to it.

h/t Wigderson Library and Pub

Newest Member Of Our Family: Snowflake

Snowflake joins the other hounds of the family: Brody and Sammy. In addition, we have three guinea pigs, a rabbit and a field mouse that inhabits our garage. In addition we have two kids.
Lot's of love to go around, but we are done with getting animals for a long, long time. We're working on the additional kids part, though.
We are one big happy family.

Tru TV= Fake TV

Tru TV (Cox Channel 54 in Las Vegas) is advertising that it shows are reality and Tru. But after watching the latest batch of prime TV shows- Ma's Roadhouse, Hard Core Pawn, Rehab, Party at the Hard Rock, Operation Repo and the other garbage they put on, it's clear they just put on make believe shows. The scenes are not real, they use actors and extras in most of the shots and it really takes away from the "reality" of the reality show they want us to believe they are.
They need to rename the station from Tru TV to Fake (and aren't you stupid to believe it is true)TV.

How Can A Man So Smart be So Stupid?

A priest in Watertown, WI. is being investigated for theft because he was sucked into Nigerian money scam.
Every week, I get about 10 e-mails from Nigeria or Nigeria related type money scams. Most of the time, I just ignore them, though every now and then, I will play games with the e-mail sender, for kicks and grins and see how far I can go.
Well, anyways this priest, Thomas Marr, from Watertown, WI. got involved and ended up stealing around $600,000 from the church and parishioners. From the Watertown Daily Times: Attorneys for the Wisconsin Department of Justice, acting as special prosecutors for Jefferson County, on Tuesday filed a summons and criminal complaint in Jefferson County Circuit Court against Thomas Marr, 64, a former Watertown priest, alleging one count of theft in a business setting and a second count of theft by fraud.Marr, now a Madison resident, served as a priest for Watertown's St. Bernard's Catholic Church....“Marr would represent to these individuals that he needed these funds to help out a member of the congregation in need or to assist him in purchasing a residence for both him and another priest for whom he was caring,” the complaint stated.The church's bills went unpaid for a period of time and an investigation began. Marr allegedly engaged in loans of money to Eith, who had financial dealings in Africa. Marr and Eith's methods of funding became tangled up with numerous members of the church according to the complaint. Over the course of the criminal complaint it is alleged that Marr borrowed amounts as small as $800 and as much as $47,000 from particular individuals.The problems with finances began to be noticed around November of 2008 when St. Bernard's Administrative Assistant Sue Nampel noticed that bills were unpaid. President of St. Bernard's Church Thomas Levi indicated to investigators that he had learned the church had approximately $100,000 to $125,000 in unpaid bills. St. Bernard's Bookkeeper and Business Manager Alan Reinhard could not provide a good explanation for the unpaid bills and an IOU from Marr was subsequently discovered.
This priest, a person who went to college, got himself into big time trouble and just kept on stealing and stealing. He put his parish in serious financial trouble and he threw away the trust people have in priests and the church. This man did a whole lot of damage to himself, parishioners, fellow priests, the diocese of Madison and the public at large. But yet, he is still a priest, living in Madison, WI. There has been no apology as of yet, from the priest or the diocese, from what I have seen.
I guess greed isn't limited to Las Vegas residents and visitors. I guess, it can also find parish priests in small town Wisconsin.

The Day CCSD Died

Today, CCSD died as a school system as the School Board offered the job of superintendent to Dwight Jones, the commissioner of Colorado Education. Jones was the least qualified of the three superintendent finalists. He does not have a doctorate degree. He supervises only 300 employees. He has been a superintendent of a school district of only 6500 students. He has a questionable history of personal spending, so much so, that he had to put his personal spending of taxpayer money on the web. He also has given questionable raises to his administrative staff.
And this is the best CCSD came up with?
From the Las Vegas Sun: The Clark County School Board voted 6-1 tonight to offer the job of schools superintendent to Dwight Jones, the commissioner of education in Colorado.
The dissenting vote was Linda Young, who said her constituents were divided and that she thinks the selection process was too speedy.
But, she said, “If he comes here, he will have my full support.”
The next step will be negotiating a contract with Jones, who would replace Walt Rulffes, who in March announced his retirement.
In picking Jones, 48, the school board chose an educator with experience working with other state education commissioners and the federal government. But he has not run a school district since 2007, and Clark County is more 40 times larger than that district, Fountain-Fort-Carson, in Colorado.
The School Board choose political correctness over quality. They decided early on they they were going to hire a minority applicant, no matter if the person was qualified or not. The fact is that there are far more applicants, including minorities, more qualified than Jones within CCSD. Shoot, there are a handful of employees at my school that are more qualified at my school than Jones.
When the history of CCSD is written 20 years from now, September 28, 2010 will be the day people will look at when CCSD died as a school district.

A Political Ad That Works

Sean Duffy, a person running to fill a career politician's seat (who had retired, but a Democratic career politician wants to retain for the Dem's) has a great ad out. Joe Heck could use a variation of this ad.

Good Excuse As Any

Allegiant Airlines announced they will begin flights from Las Vegas to Bakersfield.
From The Las Vegas Sun: Las Vegas-based Allegiant Air will begin offering nonstop flights between Las Vegas and Bakersfield, Calif., beginning in November.
Flights will be offered three times a week, Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays, on Allegiant’s 150-passenger MD-80 twin-engine jets.
Beginning Nov. 17, flights will leave McCarran International Airport at 5 p.m., arriving just over an hour later at Bakersfield’s Meadows Fields Airport. The return flights will leave Bakersfield at 6:45 p.m., arriving in Las Vegas at 7:50.
Fares are about $39 to $49 one way, but Allegiant is introducing the route with $30 one-way tickets, which have to be purchased by Oct. 20 for travel through March 8. Those prices are without baggage and other add-on fees.
I've always liked this song, soooo, here's a chance to use it:

Dwight Yoakam & Buck Owens - Streets Of Bakersfield
Uploaded by Okdude81. - Watch more music videos, in HD!

Pee Wee Football Brawl

Coaches and fans got into a brawl at a Pee Wee football game. Can you guess where? That's right, Texas.
Besides the lunacy on both sides, check out the field. Most high schools and even some colleges don't play on a football field that nice. They take football seriously in Texas. Too seriously.

Enough Of The Heat Already!!!

It has been very hot in Las Vegas the last few days. While it should be int he low 90's, it is been around 105. While 105 in the summer isn't bad, for some reason, the sun seems more intense than in the summer and it feels a lot hotter. At night, it is still nice, with lows in the md 60's.
By the end of next week, we'll be closer to normal temperatures, so my complaining won't go on for much longer.
And no, I am not blaming global warming.

Sad Day For CCSD

Today will be a sad day for CCSD as they name their new superintendent today. My guess is that it will be Dwight Jones. Whether it is him or Michael Hinojosa,, it will be a sad day as neither one of them are qualified to run CCSD. Both picks are due to their race and not their qualifications. Political correctness run amok within the CCSD school board.
Sad day, indeed.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Actual Civil Defense Message


Do you think the message would have understood better if they mentioned ATT vs A Tee and Tee?

Obama, Reid and EPA Ready To Kill 800,000 More Jobs

From Fox News: The top Republican on a Senate environmental panel released a scathing report Tuesday that he contends shows that the Environmental Protection Agency's new proposed rule on cleaning up boilers nationwide could devastate America's manufacturing base and imperil hundreds of thousands of jobs without providing any real public health or environmental benefits.
In June, the EPA issued a proposal that would force industrial, commercial and institutional boilers and heaters to use "maximum achievable control technology" to reduce harmful emissions that erode air quality and pose a public health risk....

But the report found that the proposed rule, known as "Boiler MACT," could put nearly 800,000 jobs at risk over requirements on commercial and industrial boilers, cement plans and ozone standards.
"Reducing emissions of mercury, hydrogen chloride and other hazardous air pollutants from commercial and industrial boilers is good policy," the report reads. "But the manner in which EPA set standards to reduce those emissions is impracticable and costly."
That's because the proposed standards are so stringent that not even the best performing sources can meet them, according to the Industrial Energy Consumers of America, (IECA), an industry group that represents companies with 750,000 employees and $800 billion in sales and is cited in the report.
But hey, it's for the kids. What's 800,000 jobs to Reid and Obama. They don't care about jobs if they can claim it helps the environment. Reid and Obama put jobs and humanity secondary compared to the false religion of Green. Green energy, green jobs, global warming etc take precedence over people, even if the green energy, global warming and jobs are a hoax.
So, 800,000 jobs? To Harry and Obama- who the hell cares about people.

Harry Reid In GOP Advertisement

Congratulations, Harry, for making to it to the big time.
h/t The Other McCain

Eric Scott Inquest Result

The jury just came back and the verdict is justified. There was no verbal response from the Scott family as the verdict was read.
Not a shocking verdict, considering the testimony and history of the inquest hearing in Clark County.
Now, let the lawsuits begin.

More Information Regarding Righthaven Copyright Lawsuits

Righthaven, which is an offspring of the LVRJ, is being countered sued in a copyright infringement case. The Electronic Frontier is a group of attorneys that are counter suing LVRJ and Righthaven on behalf of the Democratic Underground. Meanwhile, Righthaven has filed up a total of 141 cases as of today.
The Democratic Underground is also being sued for using 4 paragraphs of a 34 paragraph story.
From the Las Vegas Sun: "The owner of the Las Vegas Review-Journal has for the first time been hit with a counterclaim over its online copyright infringement lawsuit campaign, with attorneys for the Electronic Frontier Foundation accusing the newspaper of entering a "sham" relationship with the Review-Journal's copyright enforcement partner Righthaven LLC -- and accusing Righthaven of copyright fraud.
Attorneys for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an influential Internet freedom of speech and privacy group based in San Francisco, filed the counterclaim Monday in federal court in Las Vegas against Review-Journal owner Stephens Media LLC as well as Righthaven."...

Besides recruiting attorneys to represent Righthaven defendants for free as a public service, attorneys for the EFF are representing the Democratic Underground LLC in a Righthaven lawsuit over the posting by a message board user of four paragraphs of a 34-paragraph Review-Journal political article.
The EFF attorneys filed their counterclaim in that case Monday, raising defenses previously raised by some other defendants including fair use; unclean hands and barratry (the alleged excessive incitement of litigation); and champerty (an allegedly improper relationship between one funding and one pursuing a lawsuit).
The EFF also raised new allegations against Righthaven, accusing it of causing "fraud upon the Copyright Office."

Besides recruiting attorneys to represent Righthaven defendants for free as a public service, attorneys for the EFF are representing the Democratic Underground LLC in a Righthaven lawsuit over the posting by a message board user of four paragraphs of a 34-paragraph Review-Journal political article.
I am not sure of the merits of the counter suit, but it will cost Righthaven and the LVRJ money to defend the counter suit.
EFF does raise some interesting points and it will be interesting to see how a judge rules. These lawsuits are far from over and if you run a web site, be careful of what you post, especially from he LVRJ.

Damn, I'm Good

A little bit ago, I posted that the Eric Scott jury will deliberate 2 hours. Well, the jury deliberated about 2 hours and they will come back with the verdict at 5:20.
Now, if I can only predict football games like this.

My, How Things Have Changed

When I was in middle and high school, i would occasionally get into a fist fight with another student. The last time I was in a fight, I got 5 days of detention.
Today, I helped beak up my gazllionth fight ( within CCSD and 2 school districts in Wisconsin) and the kid was put in handcuffs, arrested, given a ticket and possibly be taken to juvenile hall. Then the school will suspend him for many days or expel him to another school or a send him to a behavior school. There were no injuries, except to my ego after I slipped and fell on some food.
So, did we treat kids too easily before and do we treat kids too harshly now? Or do we treat the kids just right now?
But things have certainly have changed from the 1970's to today.

How Sad

A Henderson boy was found dead this morning, after apparently falling in a ravine, by Hoover Dam.
From the LVRJ: The body of a 16-year-old Henderson hiker who went missing in the Lake Mead Recreational Area Saturday was found at the bottom of a deep ravine Tuesday morning.
National Park Service spokesman Andrew Munoz said Shane McNeil was found by Las Vegas police trackers about 11:30 a.m. in the area between Gold Strike Canyon and White Rock Canyon, east of Boulder City and south of Hoover Dam. Munoz said the body was discovered about a mile away from a trail in a very "tight area" known for its rough terrain.
A couple things come to mind. First, the haters in comment sections were laughing because the kid brought 2 Bibles with him. Some are saying things to the effect, "where is your God, now?"
Second, when I was 16, while I didn't live near mountains and ravines, I lived in rural areas and ran cross-country and track. I would take long runs in to the country and I could have easily been hit by a car and no one would know for a few hours. Some commentators are criticizing the parents for letting the boy go on a long hike alone. He's 16 years old and and in good shape. He was knowledgeable about the area the parents had confidence in him. While the parents are going to second guess themselves, we, the public should not and we should support the parents as best as possible. You can get hurt crossing the street, especially here in Las Vegas and we can't coddle our kids forever.
So, to the McNeil, God's blessing to you and your family. To his friends at school and in the community, be proud of your friendships and have comfort that he is in a better place. R.I.P Shane.

Eric Scott Jury Deliberating

The Eric Scott case has gone to the jury and I am willing to bet that a verdict will be reached within 2 hours, even if they break for dinner. And they will return a verdict as the cops were justified in their actions and that probably be the correct verdict.
But that still doesn't excuse the poor performance by the cops that day- they had a plan that didn't work, they touched Scott when he was coming out when they shouldn't have, the cops were overly aggressive when they didn't have to be and they shot Scott after he had dropped the holstered gun.
The Scott family will sue and and hit the lottery with an out of court settlement and the taxpayers will have to pay millions for this lawsuit and Trevon Cole's lawsuit. Meanwhile, the most of the folks at Metro will continue to do what they need to do. Lock up bad guys and put down threats to the public. God bless them for the hard work they do, but please, ladies and gentlemen (and mostly gentlemen- when was the last time a female officer shot and killed a thug?) use some commonsense.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Boy, Did The Packers Suck Tonight

When a football team is penalized 17 times, more often than not, a football team, no matter who they are, will not beat a bad team. Even a team as bad the football team from the Carmelite Convent for Nuns.
The Green Bay Packers were pathetic tonight and now I will have to listen to the FIBs until January about the Packer-Bear football game.
No excuses, the Packers sucked.

Kudo's To President Obama For Calling For Lengthing School Year

From Newsweek: "American schoolkids attend school for fewer days than children in other educationally advanced countries, a situation President Obama said Monday needs to change. “I think we should have a longer school year,” Obama said in response to a question from the Today show’s Matt Lauer during a White House interview that kicked off the network’s weeklong “Education Nation” focus on American schools. Noting that many of our economic competitors keep their kids in school for an additional month a year, Obama said he believes “that month makes a difference.” He added that research shows many students “are losing a lot of what they learn during the school year” over summer break, and that the loss “is especially severe for poor kids. A longer school year makes sense.”
The current school year in the United States dates back to close to when the country was founded. The school calender, with summers off, is due to farmers who wanted their kids available during the summer to work on the family farm.
But now, we don't have many family farms and most of those farms have employees, so the reasoning for the summer vacations is no longer valid. Now, the main reason we have summers off is because of the tourist industry. We don't see it so much in Las Vegas, but in cities like Wisconsin Dells, where they rely on kids to help out during the summer.
Clearly, a longer school will benefit the children and the family. Shoot, after a month of summer vacation, most kids are bored. Yes, there are things to do in most communities during the summer, but most kids still get bored.
In the Clark County School District, because of overcrowding, some schools are on a 12 month school year. In general, a student will go to school for about 8 weeks and then take 4-6 weeks off. That's not a bad system for students and teachers. It would be a pain for other employees such as administrators, custodians, transportation and assorted other employees. It will also be a pain for teachers, administrators and other employees who want to go back to college during the summer. Finally, if a student fails a class, it makes it more difficult for a student to make up the class during summer school or at another time.
So, what to do? I like the way the Amish schedule school. They go to school, with no holidays, except Christmas Eve, Eve and Easter off. They don't have any Winter or Spring breaks and staff development days are laughed at. They do have weekends off. They go to school from September to April. Of course, I would just extend the school, to just one month off and it would not have to be during the summer. I would have a couple of small breaks thrown in around Christmas and Easter. In Las Vegas, the best time off for a break would be during the summer. In Wisconsin, it may be during the winter, to save money on fuel costs.
The other alternative would be the 12 month school. Eight weeks of school with 4 weeks off is a possibility. But if you are going to do this, then you have to also coordinate with the different colleges, so I just don't see that happening.
Of course, who will pay for the extra costs? It will cost billions of dollars to do this. Will the Fed's mandate it and then pass the costs to the local school districts? The Fed's won't even pay their share of special education, like they promised, so why would we think that they would pay for the added costs of an extended school year? Further, how will the curriculum change? Will they teach the same things but over a longer period of time or will they add more things to the curriculum and completely redo curriculum throughout K-12 education?
So, I give credit where credit is due. President Obama brought up the idea and I hope he pursues it, instead of playing politics with the issue. So, let's have a longer school year and have the kids learn more. Have the students learn more and increase graduation standards and make us more competitive with the rest of the world.

Stupid Autoworkers

Apparently, 15 autoworkers feel that having a job is something they have taken for granted when working for Chrysler. The took it for granted so much, that they decided to become boozehounds and druggies during their lunch breaks. Maybe they thought their union would save them from their stupidity. Well, the union didn't save them, at least not yet.
From Fox News: Thirteen plant workers at the Chrysler Jefferson North Assembly plant in Detroit have lost their jobs after a video showing some of them drinking during their lunch break was aired on the Detroit Fox affiliate.
"It has been determined that 13 employees engaged in behavior that violated the company's Standards of Conduct and these 13 employees were discharged today," the company said in a written statement, reported. "Two remaining employees will receive a one month disciplinary layoff without pay."
An exclusive investigation by showed workers at the plant drinking beer and smoking joints while on a half-hour lunch break just two months after President Obama praised the plant in a speech.,2933,601545,00.html
Well, the good thing about this is that 13 workers will be recalled from unemployment or be hired. Hopefully, they will be smarter than the 13 that got fired. The fired employees probably will not get unemployment.
We had this happen in Vegas about a year ago, when a bunch of construction workers at City Center were caught drinking in a bar before work and they were fired.
Why can't people wait 8 hours before they begin drinking? Stupid is as stupid does.

Gov. Gibbons Still Hospitalized

Gov. Gibbon was thrown from a horse last Tuesday by Pyramid Lake. He underwent surgery and is still hospitalized in a Reno Hospital.
Clearly, this is a very serious injury and he will have to spend a long time in rehabilitation. I am also sure he is in a lot of pain.
I am not a great fan of Gibbons in terms of his personal life, but he has guided the state through troubled times, especially compared to what a Democrat would have done. If a Democrat would be in power now, this State would be in horrible shape instead of just being in terrible shape. But since Gibbons and the Democrats had to work together, things have worked out as best as they could have, considering our economic disaster.
So, Gov. Gibbons, I know you have a long road ahead in rehab and it will not be easy. Good luck with that. After you are healed, be careful of them darn ponies.

Erik Scott Inquest

The past 2-3 days of testimony has not revealed much new information. Most of the witnesses have been employees of Costco or shoppers. Most have said a variation of the same thing. They saw Scott raise his arm, most said with a gun. and pointed it at the first officer. Some said the cop was right to shoot while others have said maybe the cop should have not have fired.
However, we are talking about the first two shots. No one has addressed the follow up shots, and the shots that were fire after he dropped the gun, which was always holstered. The officers that fired those shots have not been called to testify.
I still remain convinced that the cops are not criminally negligent but they are guilty of poor judgement and reactions. I think they went in there with an attitude of shoot first and then ask questions later. The cops were overly aggressive and did not have a plan ready. For instance, the cops ordered the store evacuated but did not plan on Scott coming out like he did. Clearly, not a wise plan.
So, we will have another day or two of questions, the case will go to a jury. They will deliberate for 2 hours and say the cops were justified.
Then the Scott family will file a lawsuit and then settle for a large out of court settlement. and we will never hear the truth of what happened that day up in Summerlin.

Pawn Stars Review: September 27, 2010: Dumb Dopey Dog Edition

Pawn Stars is doing reruns again tonight. It's a good thing as it is very hot here. Normal highs are around 90 and today, it is about 101.
Pawns Stars are having a contest for someone to design a T-shirt for Chumlee. I was tempted to put a picture of my big, dumb, dopey dog, Brody on a T-shirt, because he reminds me of Chumlee. Or a village idiot. For more information:
And you have to admit, the dog's eye's bear a strong resemblance to Chumlee's eyes.
For tonight's episodes, the first one aired on January 18, 2010.

R.I.P George Blanda

I used to watch him play, especially with the Raiders, before the Raiders went downhill. I was always impressed with him, the ageless wonder.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

MNF 40 Years Old

On September 21, Monay Night Football celebrated it's 40th anniversary. This week, the game will feature the mighty Packers and the FIB's called the Bears.

Packers by 14.

Scary Landing At JFK

From The New York Daily News:

Christian Science Monitor: 10 Biggest Harry Reid's Gaffe's

From the CSM: Kirsten Gillibrand is the “hottest” senator. Delaware Senate candidate Chris Coons is Sen. Harry Reid’s “pet.” And President Obama is popular because he’s “light-skinned.”...
Reid has been a lawmaker in Washington for 28 years. Here are 10 of Reid’s biggest and most recent gaffes...
Stinky tourists. At a dedication to the new Capitol Visitor Center in December 2008, Reid joked that in the summer, due to high humidity, “you could literally smell the tourists coming into the Capitol.”
• "Negro" dialect. Reid was quoted in “Game Change,” a book about the 2008 election, as saying Barack Obama would be helped by being a
“light-skinned" African-American “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.” Reid apologized.
• Evil voters. In August last year, Reid said town-hall protesters angry about health-care reform were “evil-mongers” who use “lies, innuendo, and rumors” to drown out productive debate.
• Cheering lost jobs. Commenting on the better-than-expected jobs report in March, Reid said on the Senate floor: “Only 36,000 people lost their jobs today, which is really good.”
And there are more.
Harry Reid cannot be excused for slip ups, but many in the MSM are making excuses for him. If this was a member of the GOP, say like John Ensign and Jim Gibbons, they would be toast. But because it is Harry, they forgive him. The pathetic liberals on display again by making excuses for him.

Katz Has The Behind Scenes Look At A Concert

One of the better writers for the Las Vegas Sun is Jon Kastsilometes and he has a behind the scenes look at how the day of the show concerts operate.
For those who go to concerts, you just see the performers entertain, but it takes a lot to get a concert going.
You have the ticket people, security, people working the sound and light boards, stage hands, musicians, people like Christine who have organize everything and make sure everything operates smoothly. The entertainers have it easy, it takes the employees of the casinos and the other venues who make everything work properly.
The article is an excellent read.

Speaking Of Fires...

I just found out that my sisters house in the Boulder, CO. area, was one of the houses that burned down when Boulder had their wild fires about a week ago. Her house is located on a mountain, near the top of a mountain and it was a beautiful home with great views with a lot of wildlife roaming through their area.
And now, probably because of someones carelessness, my sister and neighbors lost their homes, the trees around their house, along with the wildlife, is now gone.
BTW, from what I have heard, her evil insurance company is taking good care of her.

Huge Fire By Tropicanna And Arrville

There is a huge fire in the general Strip area, by Tropicanna and Arville (actual address is Reno and Schirll St.). Not sure what is on fire. The initial alarm called for 1 engine.
We can see the huge plumes of smoke from Henderson.

Update: It turns out this was a big brush fire. A couple hours later, just north of this location, there was a large house on fire near Oakey and Rancho, which went to 2 alarms. It totally destroyed the home. This is the second second fire in a year at this home as it was damaged in a fire on Thanksgiving Day, 2009. It was in the process of being remodeled.

h/t Fox 5 News at 10.

Las Vegas Sun Uses False Poll

The Las Vegas Sun, dishonestly, (is there another word to describe them?) is using a false poll. Last night, unethical Annjeanette Damon used a poll about the Reid-Ange race and today, Ralston uses the came company in saying that Rory No Last Name has a legitimate chance to beat Rory Reid.

Both reporters use Glen Bolger, a pollster. (yeah, I've never heard of him either). Bolger uses voter registration numbers for the basis of his polls, not likely voters. So, in the survey, he uses Democrats vs GOP by about a 42-37%. This also doesn't accurately reflect independent voters. Bolger makes the assumption that all Democrats and all GOP will come out and vote, which we know is not accurate.

Most polls show that the GOP is pretty fired up with the election while the Democrats are not. Can it change, sure. Will it? Doubtful, especially if Harry keeps up with his sexist and racist quotes. Granted, many GOP will hold their noses when they vote for Sharron Angle, but they will vote. I also don't believe the "GOP for Reid". Yes, they will come out publicly for Reid, but in the privacy of a voter booth, I think most will vote for Angle. Besides, the RINO's that support Reid will never run for office again, and to the owners of businesses that support Reid, many GOP and conservatives won't support your business.

So, the left wing is in panic mode and is ever increasing crapping in their pants. Ralston and Damon along with Titus, and the two Reids are probably having their diapers changed three times a day. But conservatives know how you feel, as the same thing has happened to us over the past couple of elections, so we feel your pain, liberals.

Pawn Stars Contest: Design A Chumlee T-Shirt

From the Pawn Stars comes a contest to design for Chumlee to wear and if you win, you get $250.
For more information:

And a message to the Pawn Shop guys, watch out for the copyright laws, especially the LVRJ articles, when you post articles.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Almost A Darwin Award Winner

A man from Alliance, Ohio, tried to shoplift about $1000 worth of merchandise from Wal-Mart and then decided to hide from the police by hiding in a trash dumpster. But bad timing came to this fool as the dumpster was emptied into a garbage truck and he was compacted several times with all the other garbage.
From The U.K. Mail Online: He was 'hiding in a dumpster behind a Wal-Mart in Alliance and he was hiding from police and it was just picked up and dumped in a trash truck and they were mobile and he needed help.'
Emergency operators also took a 911 call from a frantic Brienzo, begging them to find the truck. 'I'm in the back of a trash truck that keeps compacting me!' Brienzo said as dispatchers urged him to calm down.
Police say Brienzo was literally being compacted along with between six and eight tons of rubbish mostly discarded cardboard.
Read more:
Obviously, the garbage truck could not tell one piece of garbage from another, so was the thief kept getting squished.
Of course, liberals and unions came to Wal-Mart and protested the thug thief should have been allowed the thief to walk away from the store with the merchandise because he was just a victim of Wal-Mart's non-union policy.

I Think They Covered The Spread

Today, the Wisconsin Badgers football team beat Austin Peay, 70-3, setting a modern day scoring record.
I'm pretty sure they covered spread, if the casinos were taking action on this game.
Now, onto the Big Ten (12) schedule when the Badgers play the Michigan State Spartans. Hope they did not use up all their scoring this week.

More Dishonest Reporting By The Las Vegas Sun

Lately, The Las Vegas Sun has been doing a pretty good job reporting politics. They have been pretty fair and honest, for both GOP and the Democrats.
Well, apparently Anjeannette Damon could not handle the withdrawal symptoms of good journalism and fell off the wagon and went back to her usual ways, dishonest journalism.
Today, she reports on an obscure poll that shows Harry Reid with a lead in the Senate race between Reid and Sharron Angle.
From Damon's dishonest article: "For weeks, public polling in the U.S. Senate race has told the story of a neck-and-neck fight between Majority Leader Harry Reid and his Republican rival Sharron Angle.
But on Friday, a survey by a noted Republican pollster showed Reid pulling ahead for the first time since the early days of the general election campaign.
According to the results, the Democrat leads Angle 45 percent to 40 percent. The 5-point advantage is just barely above the margin of error, meaning the statistical tie might have been broken."
Of corse, Damon in her dishonest ways, fails to mention other polls that show the race to be tied or Angle in the lead.
For instance, in the poll that the LVRJ did, it showed that Angle and Reid were tied.
Rassmussen/Fox and CNN/Times show Angle leading Reid by one point each.
Damon is a dishonest journalist. What she wrote was a "news" article and not her blog. If this was he blog, I would have no problem with what she wrote, but this was a "news" article. As a journalist, you are supposed to be non-partisan and write the story honestly, but Damon doesn't have the ethics to do this. Damon is a prostitute to Harry Reid and his campaign, so she will lie, leave out important information or do anything she can, to help her john.
It's a shame because I honestly thought the Sun was coming around and becoming honest in their reporting. I guess I was wrong.

Nevada NewsMakers Rip Rory Reid

Nevada NewsMakers, a supposed non-partisan political talk show with guest and heard locally at 12:00 noon, on Saturdays.

They ripped Rory Reid on it's Wednesday show for using an interview between Nevada Newsmakers and GOP candidate for Governor and Rory Reid. Nevada NewsMakers said the Reid took the interview out of context, misused the quotes and did not use the interview without Nevada Newsmaker's permission.

I have never heard a non-partisan talk show host be pissed off as this guy, Sam Shad, was (I have never listened to them before, so I am not sure what kind of interviewer he is). But nonetheless he ripped the Reid campaign a new butt hole in front of the 100 or so listeners that listen to the show. (maybe they have more listeners, but with KXNT's radio suicide in high gear, who knows how many people actually listen to them anymore)

From the Las Vegas Sun: Shad said in an interview with the Las Vegas Sun that the ad was "outrageous." He has asked the Reid campaign to take down the ad.
He said first, the interview was taken out of context. "If you watch the entire clip, it reveals something different than they inferred."
He also protested that using him in the clip "makes me appear, in my opinion, that I'm endorsing Rory Reid's campaign."

What is it with Nevada Democrats and false advertising. Harry Reid, Dina Titus and now Rory Reid all have come out with blatantly false commercials. Commercials that are so blatantly false, that even the Las Vegas Sun has to condemn them as horrible (maybe not Harry, probably they are afraid of him)

I know most liberals and most liberal politicians are not like these three little piggies. Most liberals, while maybe misguided, are not this evil as Titus and Harry and Rory No Last Name. I guess they cannot win on their merits, so they have to lie and destroy their opponents.

The Three Little Pigs starring Harry Reid, Rory Reid and featuring as the Big Bad Wolf, President Obama. (lots of wind, likes to destroy things- like the economy and demonize individuals)


Apparently, we are not alone in the universe: From AOL News: Former U.S. Air Force officers and a former enlisted man are about to break many years of silence about an alarming series of UFO encounters at nuclear weapons sites -- incidents officially kept secret for decades.When the group appears at a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on Monday, it will offer testimony about events so chilling, it will seem like a day at a science fiction movie festival.To put you in the mood for the stories that will soon unfold, we're presenting one here, involving former Air Force Capt. Robert Salas, one of the hosts of the Washington event.
On March 16, 1967, Salas was 60 feet below ground working a 24-hour shift monitoring a launch-control center outfitted with 10 nuclear Minuteman missiles."I got a call from the topside guard, telling me they were watching some strange lights flying around in the sky, making odd maneuvers. They didn't think they were airplanes because they were going very fast, turning on a dime and not making a bit of noise," Salas told AOL News."A few minutes later, he called back, this time screaming into the phone, scared to death, and he said, 'Sir, I'm looking out my front window and there is a glowing red oval-shaped object hovering right above the front gate, and I've got all the guards out here with their weapons drawn.'
The men who saw this are not questionable characters who are looking for their 15 minutes of fame. They were not drunks who lived in a middle of a swamp.
When stationed at Minor AFB, I met many many missile commanders and security workers. These guys are top notch and had the strictest ethics. So, if they say they saw a UFO, I believe them.
There have been many other instances where airline pilots have seen UFO's as well and it would be hard to say they are not credible witnesses.
I think I have seen a UFO, around Nellis AFB, on Christmas Eve a few years ago. I remember seeing an object and joking with my kids it was Santa Claus. Then it disappeared just like that. It was a cloudless night and no mountains would have blocked it's track. It was strange.
So, I am a believer of UFO's, though not like this guy:

Friday, September 24, 2010

Doggy Meal Prayer

Very cute.
Wish more people would be like this dog.

h/t Boots and Sabers A very good web site for the conservative and people who want honest opinion and entertainment.

Angle-Reid In Dead Heat + Pampers Stock Rises

The LVRJ and channel 8 News is reporting that the race for U.S. senate is a dead heat with both candidates getting 43% of the vote.
The good news for Angle is that independents are breaking for Angle, 53- 31% and that number is rising.
Women are voting for Harry Reid but maybe after Reid's sexist remark about a Senate colleague this past week, he may lose some support there.
You can tell how desperate the status quo has become. Drunk driving columnists John Ralston and John L. Smith are in panic mode. The Sun is panicking. The Democrats are panicking. Many liberal bloggers are in a panic mode The GOP RINO hierarchy is even panicking. All these people are crapping so much in their pants over a possible Angle victory, that Pampers stock has risen 50% in the last month because of all the diaper and butt wipe sales here in Nevada.
So, Angle is very close to beating Reid and the fun is just beginning.

Free Admission To Lake Mead Tomorrow

Tomorrow, there will be free admission to Lake Mead National Park and a little farther away, Death Valley. In Utah, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park is free tomorrow as well.
Even though Channel 5 reported that Red Rock was involved in the free day, it is not.
For a list of free admission all around the country, go here:

Pawn Star Spin Off Debuts Soon

From the Katz Report, from the Las Vegas Sun: The virtual reality continues to spin out of Gold & Silver Pawn, home of "Pawn Stars."
The first spawn of the pawn sensation is a similar reality-based show to be called "Rusty Nuts," centering on the happenings at
Rick's Restorations, the restorative Las Vegas business owned by Rick Dale.
Dale has been a frequent guest expert on "Pawn Stars" over the past year, and has become famous for restoring such items as old Coke machines, motorcycles, and even dentists' chairs. The show debuts Oct. 18 with two half-hour episodes that air at 6 p.m. and 6:30 on History Channel, the same network that airs "Pawn Stars." (I mentioned this show, then known simply as "Rick's Restorations"
back in June.) That's when crew from Leftfield Productions, the company that also produces "Pawn Stars," hit Las Vegas to begin filming.
I have mixed feelings about Rick and his accomplishments. He has restored some things to perfection but also had some duds, like the barber chair he restored for the Pawn Stars.
I hope his show works out and highlights other businesses in Las Vegas.
Next spin off? Mark from the Clark County Museum.?

Kudos To Shelly Berkley

Every now and then, a Democrat will do something that is admirable and against their party's wishes.
Shelly Berkley is opposing the selling of $60,000,000,000 of military supplies to Saudi Arabia.
From the Las Vegas Sun: "Any day now, the Pentagon is expected to notify Congress of what will be the largest single contract in the history of the country’s foreign military sales program. When it does, a group of lawmakers led by Rep. Shelley Berkley is vowing to do everything in its power to quash it.
Berkley is part of a triumvirate of House Democrats — along with Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York and Rep. Chris Carney of Pennsylvania — who in the past week have been circulating a letter urging members to oppose the Obama administration’s planned
$60 billion deal with Saudi Arabia by backing a resolution to block it.
Berkley, D-Nev., and her compatriots argue that Saudi Arabia hasn’t done enough to support U.S. military and diplomatic efforts against terrorism, and has remained too hostile to the state of Israel to be trusted with $60 billion worth of F-15 fighter jets and Apache, Blackhawk and
Little Bird helicopters.
“How do we ever expect them to be honest brokers when they’re so obviously anti-Semitic and anti-Israel?” Berkley said last week. “How are they going to stand with us against Iran?”
If it were not for oil, Saudi Arabia would be a terrorist state. Most of the 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia. In a war between Iran and Israel, Saudi Arabia would stand with Iran. They are a backwards country, especially with women, gays and Christians. It is a barbaric country and why any liberal would support Saudi Arabia is beyond me.
Yes, this will cost some jobs, but sometimes you need to take a stand but Saudi Arabia does not need the weapons.
So, good job Shelly, you deserve this compliment.

What The Hell Is Wrong With The Dumbocrats?

Somehow, someone in the Democrat Party thought this was a good idea.

From Yahoo News: "Taking his blowhard comedy act to Congress, Stephen Colbert told lawmakers that a day picking beans alongside illegal immigrants convinced him that farm work is "really, really hard."
"It turns out — and I did not know this — most soil is at ground level," Colbert testified Friday. Also, "It was hotter than I like to be."
Still, Colbert expressed befuddlement that more Americans aren't clamoring to "begin an exciting career" in the fields and instead are leaving the low-paid work to illegal immigrants."

Whose idea was it? "Congressional committees frequently invite entertainment or sports personalities to testify on specific issues in an attempt to draw media attention. Colbert has no background or expertise in either farm labor issues or immigration policy.
Colbert said he was there at the invitation of subcommittee Chairwoman Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif. And Conyers later gave him the go-ahead, apparently hoping Colbert's performance would counter the testimony of a political science professor who said illegal immigrants were competing with black and Hispanic citizens for jobs."

Seriously, with over a 15% true unemployment rate, problems with illegals, farming and land issues and the Democrats think it is a good idea to bring in this clown? Do the Democrats take governing seriously?

Next up to testify on the behalf of unemployed dead clowns:

Oh Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog, Err Harry Gone?

Yesterday, there was a forum for the U.S. Senate candidates between the two extremist and demented candidates, Harry Reid and Sharron Angle. There was a small fight at the end of the forum, which if the fights continue, they can put the upcoming debates on pay per view.
My problem was: Where was Harry? Well, Harry was in Washington D.C. with the excuse the Senate was still in session.
Umm, maybe Harry doesn't know, but there is a grand new invention out there and it is called a telephone. And better yet, they improved the phone so you can actually bring a phone with you and it is called a cell phone. And you can even send something by text. Can you say "text", Harry? I knew you could, Harry good job and high five.
They also have blackberries, blueberries and other high fangled pieces of technology. I am sure, if Harry didn't know about these pieces of equipment, then his aides should.
No, Harry didn't want to face the voters and Angle. He didn't want to leave the comfort of the Ritz-Carlton, where Harry lives full time. Why would he want to come to Nevada and stay at his home in Searchlight or a Strip Hotel, when he has the Ritz and all of it's amenities.
So, Chicken Little Harry, why do you want to represent Nevada if you cannot even spend a half a day here in Nevada to answer some questions in front of the voters? Is the Senate more important than the the voters and citizens of Nevada?

"Chicken Little" Harry Reid with his nose stuck up in the air at the voter's of Nevada.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Obama, Reid Lie About Green Jobs

President Obama and Harry Reid are touting green jobs as the saviorto our economic problems. Green jobs seem so important that Harry Reid personally closed two coal burning electric power plants in Northern Nevada.
Well, it seems like Obama and his administration and I am sure in colusion with Reid, have inflated job numbers for green jobs.
From Byron York of the Washington Examiner: Are you a financial adviser? You may not know it, but you've got a green job. Are you a wholesale buyer? You've got a green job, too. Or maybe you're a newspaper reporter. You, too, have a green job -- at least according to the Obama administration.
For months, Republican Sen. Charles Grassley has been pushing the administration to substantiate its claims of having created nearly 200,000 green jobs. More fundamentally, Grassley has asked Labor Secretary Hilda Solis to state clearly what a green job is. So far, he hasn't gotten an answer.
Now, Grassley has learned that, in lieu of a settling on a straightforward definition of a green job, the administration has adopted an extraordinarily broad description of such jobs that could include not only financial advisers, wholesale buyers, and reporters, but also public relations specialists, marketing managers, and many more occupations that have nothing to do with protecting the environment.
If federal money has created any of those jobs, then the administration can claim to have created a green job.
Last June, Grassley sent Solis a letter questioning an administration request for public input on the definition of a green job. Grassley dryly noted that the request came after the government had already spent hundreds of millions of stimulus dollars on green jobs. Given that the administration couldn't nail down just what a green job is, Grassley asked Solis how she determined where those hundreds of millions of dollars went.Read more at the Washington Examiner:
I teach at a school that recycles paper, cardboard, platic and aluminum. Further, we conserve energy by reducing our electric costs. I guess we all have green jobs then, by Obama's standards.
So, Harry Reid, how many green jobs have been created in Nevada?

Breaking News: Dallas Keeps Hinojosa?

Well, the Dallas School Independent School District just extended Michael Hinojoa's contract for three more years, according to the LVRJ.
This seems to be the nail in the coffin for Hinojosa's candidacy for superintendent here, thereby leaving only Dwight Jones. Though if Hinojosa decides to come here, he will receive $200,000 in Texas pension in addition to the CCSD pay.
Looks like we (CCSD) have been used as saps by two out of three candidates to get a better job or longer contract.
And why didn't the search company see this coming? Talk about incompetents running the search company. Talk about incompetents running the school board.

Costco Shooting: Cops Screwed Up

I got to watch some of the TV coverage of the Costco shooting of Eric Scott inquest and read some of the coverage. I think I can say that Metro screwed up. Maybe not criminally, but certainly they screwed up.
The police officer who fired the first shots said today that he was concerned that Scott was a Green Beret. So that put him on a heightened state of readiness. From the Las Vegas Sun: Mosher said the fact that Scott was a Green Beret concerned him as he was driving toward the store because he knew Scott would be trained to use small arms and tactics. He said he was also worried because it was a Saturday afternoon and 1,000 people could be at the store.
So, instead of seeing that Scott was an actual threat, the officer already perceived he was a threat. And while Costco may get 1000 customers during a Saturday, there was no way there would be 1000 customers at the store at the time of the shooting.
The store security guard is the one who called 911 and he stated that Scott was doing nothing illegal in the store.
From the Sun: "The 911 tape contained the voice of Shai Lierley, a Costco loss prevention supervisor, who was describing to the dispatcher what Scott was doing in the store.
Lierley had testified before the 911 tape was played about the incidents leading up to the shooting.
After Leirly and another manager saw the gun and told Scott he couldn't have a firearm in the store, Scott became agitated, Leirly testified.
"'I'm a Green Beret. You need to read the (expletive) Constitution,'" Lierley said Scott told them. "He was angry. He snapped up real quick."
Lierley, a floor walker whose job was to spot shoplifters, explained to the dispatcher that Scott had a firearm and refused to leave when asked. Lierley told the dispatcher that Scott had told him he had a right to carry it."

Ok, the guy refused to leave the store after being asked to remove his weapon. So you evacuate the whole damn store? Again, when I worked at Wal-Mart, we would have people in the store with a gun. In fact, a couple of times, Metro would come inside our store looking for a man a gun and the Metro officer would be carrying a rifle or shot gun inside our store. So, why was Costco evacuated and escalate the situation?
Also exposed was a lie by Metro. At first, it was said that an officer touched Scott but then Metro dropped that part of the story. But it turns out that Scott was touched and it caused a reaction, From the Sun: "The officer came up behind Scott and touched him on the elbow, Lierley said. That led Scott to pull away, turn and face the officer and lift up his left hand"
Also, Metro also escalated the situation by screaming at him instead of talking to Scott in a calm manner. From the Sun: Lierley said he distinctly remembered the officer continuing to yell, "Sir, drop the firearm." Jurors heard the following in the 911 call: "Put your hands where I can see them now. Drop it! Get on the ground! Get on the ground!"
It's quite possible if the cops came up to him and talked to him in a calm manner before he exposed the gun, the situation would not have escalated.
So, while Scott was not perfect, the cops were not either. They needlessly escalated the situation by touching and screaming at Scott rather than trying to talk to him. They also escalated the situation by having the store evacuated needlessly. Scott did not make any threats to Costco employees. He didn't do anything illegal and he didn't pull his gun on the Costco employees, who had more interaction with him than the cops.
So, while the actions by the cops may not be criminal, they were also far from perfect. While the actions of Scott were not perfect, it did not mean that he had to be killed by Metro.

Political Suicide By Democrats And Harry Reid

Remember the Democrats promising to keep George Bush's tax cuts for the middle class. Forget about it.
From Fox News: "Senate Democratic leaders decided Thursday to delay a vote on preserving soon-to-expire middle class tax cuts until after congressional elections in November.
President Obama has made the tax cuts a priority. But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid decided to delay any vote after a meeting with other Senate Democrats failed to produce a consensus on how to proceed.
"Democrats believe we must permanently extend tax cuts for the middle-class before they expire at the end of the year, and we will," Reid spokesman Jim Manley said. "Unfortunately, to this point we have received no cooperation from Republicans to do so."
Enacted in 2001 and 2003 under President George W. Bush, they were the most sweeping tax cuts in a generation. If Congress takes no action, taxpayers at every
income level face significant tax increases next year."
First, Reid's spokesman is lying his butt off. No surprise there. The GOP wants middle class tax cuts and tax cuts for everyone else.
But my prediction. I think if the Dem's get thrown out of office in November like the polls are predicting, they will say "screw you voters" and let all tax cuts expire and raise taxes on everyone.
Political suicide. And this is being done by Harry Reid. But he really doesn't care. He lives in the Ritz Carlton in Washington D.C.. He goes shopping with in two gas sucking SUV's while telling others to drive in gas saving cars. Do you really think he rally cares about the middle class?
Sharron Angle, are you listening?


Any comments, Dina and Harry?

The Fix Is In For CCSD Superintendent

By next week, we will have a new superintendent for CCSD schools. The fix has been in for Dwight Jones who is a very unqualified candidate for superintendent. This will be very disgraceful day for CCSD if this happens and it say that the School Board cares more about political correctness than qualifications.
I am sure Jones is a nice guy, but he does not have a doctorate degree, unlike many administrators, principals and teachers do. How will he command respect of those people when does something stupid, controversial or even rational?
He currently supervises 300 employees. That is a far cry from the 25,000 employees. He does not directly over see any school district, school or students. He is in charge of licensing of teachers and assisting school districts with their problems.
He was a superintendent of a school district of about 6,500 students, or about two of the largest high schools in CCSD.
He has not been a superintendent of an urban school district.
And the school board thinks Jones is a qualified candidate?
What is the school board smoking?

Goodbye Hard Rock Hotel And Rehab?

The hard Rock Corporation is suing The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and Rehab because the TV show puts the Hard Rock name in a bad light.
From the Las Vegas Sun: "The owner of the international Hard Rock brand no longer wants its name associated with the Las Vegas Hard Rock hotel-casino and is suing to cancel their licensing agreement, citing negative publicity from the Rehab pool parties and reality TV series.
Orlando-based Hard Rock Cafe International (USA) Inc. (HRCI) sued the owners of the Las Vegas hotel as well as Rehab's producer and broadcaster Tuesday in federal court in New York.
"The behavior depicted in the Rehab television program that is authorized, created and distributed by defendants is entirely at odds with the brand image of the Hard Rock marks (trademarks) and is likely to damage and has damaged the goodwill of the Hard Rock marks among consumers,'' the lawsuit charges. "Among other things, Rehab portrays the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, a property operated under trademarks owned and licensed by Hard Rock Cafe International, as a destination that revels in drunken debauchery, acts of vandalism, sexual harassment, violence, criminality and a host of other behavior that most members of the general consuming public of the United States who regularly frequent or are potential patrons of HRCI’s Hard Rock Cafe restaurants and other properties operated under the Hard Rock marks would find unseemly and objectionable.''

I see the corporation's point. Rehab pretends to violate employees rights and create an environment for sexual harassment and this causes image problems to some people who frequent the Hard Rock. It can also set them up for a potential lawsuit later on by a disgruntled former worker who claims sexual harassment or worse.
The show Rehab pretend that what happens is real, but like most reality TV shows, most, if not all, the scenes are staged. But because it looks kind of real, people believe it, thus the problem.
So, now, we may have a new brand hotel where Hard Rock is.

Blue Man Group Review And How I Saved The End Of The Show

This evening, the lovely Cathy and some of our friends went to the Blue Man Group show at the Venetian Casino and it was an interesting experience.
The Blue Man Group have been a fixture in Vegas for many years and they have about a 2000 seat theater, which was almost filled.
The Blue Man Group is known for their interesting percussion/drumming while of course, dressed in blue face.
The actors in blue man were very good, even though they showed no expression, you could read their body language and it was funny. Their drumming was out of this world. The sound effects were very good and the props and lighting was great.
There were some slow moments in the show but it was not that bad. They had audience participation in which a young lady very near to us was picked. In fact, the Blue Men were very close to us several times during the show.
The Blue Men go out of the stage area and if you are lucky, they will literally be right next to you, even if you are in the middle of the theater.
During the encore, it was very important for the people in the back , where we sat, to help out and if you don't help out, the last part of the show will be a failure.
I don't want to give away the finale, but it involves something coming from the ceiling and it needs to be passed to the front. Well, there was no one sitting in front of us and the people in the front row didn't have a clue. So, a Blue Man and myself had to work together to get the objects from the back to the front, so the finale would work.
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CCSD Superintendent Comedy Tour Continues

Today, the CCSD superintendent comedy tour continued today as the candidates answered questions in public for the firs time.
Michael Hinjosa took responsibility for the financial debacle in Dallas that was not necessary and caused 100's of teachers and staff to be fired. And Dwight Jones thought he could supervise CCSD, despite he does not directly supervise any school or student.
Jones is less qualified to run the district than many of administrators in CCSD. How will it look for someone who has a Master's degree and not had not directly supervising schools and students, telling a principal with a Doctorate and who has direct supervision 3000 kids and 300 staff, what to do. That's not going to fly and he will not command respect.
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Nellis Airman Killed In Afghanistan

A Nellis airman has been killed in Afghanistan, making him the 4th airman killed from Nellis this year.
From the Las Vegas Sun: Senior Airman Michael J. Buras, 23, of Fitzgerald, Ga., had been in Kandahar, Afghanistan, as part of Operation Enduring Freedom when the IED detonated, also injuring two other airmen.
Buras, the recipient of the Purple Heart from a previous deployment, was assigned to the 99th Civil Engineer Squadron explosive ordnance disposal team at Nellis, according to Nellis Air Force Base officials.
Thank you Airman for your service and RIP. God bless his family and the airmen at Nellis.

A Question To Ask At The Scott Inquest

At the eric Scott inquest, the DA is still trying to establish that Eric Scott was a drug junkie, seeking legal narcotics. They are still interviewing pain doctors.
My question is this: Will the police officers that killed Scott be required to undergo the same medical scrunity at the inquest? The officer's drinking habits? Did they do a drug test on the officers?
Somehow, I doubt it.

The Trashing Of Eric Scott

Today starts the inquest of Eric Scott, the man who was killed at the Summerlin Costco by Metro police.
Right now, they are talking about Eric Scott's use of narcotic medicine and trashing Scott about it.
Excuse me if I just ask this question. What the hell does this have to with the shooting? Absolutely nothing. The cops didn't know he was on pain medication. The DA is just using this information for the sole purpose of trashing Eric Scott.
As a person who lives with chronic back pain and at times has to take strong pain medicine, the medicine has nothing to do with my behavior and I am sure it had nothing to do with his behavior at Costco.
So, maybe the DA and Metro will get to the facts of the shooting soon.