Friday, September 30, 2011

ABC's 20/20 Disgusting Story About Amanda Knox

Amanda is a murderer in Italy but she has hoodwinked many people into believing that she is innocent. She has snookered ABC's 20/20 into running a totally one sided story about Knox that makes Knox almost ready to be declared a saint by the Pope.
However, Ann Coulter has a good response: Despite liberals' desperate need for Europeans to like them, the American media have enraged the entire nation of Italy with their bald-faced lies about a heinous murder in Perugia committed by a fresh-faced American girl, Amanda Knox.
The facts aren't elusive: In December 2009, the Italian court released a 400-plus page report detailing the mountains of evidence that led the judges and jury to conclude that Knox, along with her Italian beau, Raffaele Sollecito, and a petty thief of her acquaintance, Rudy Guede, had murdered Knox's English roommate, Meredith Kercher, on the evening of Nov. 1, 2007.
Now liberals are howling that the DNA evidence was "contaminated," but they always say that. It wasn't. And the DNA was already thoroughly vetted at trial.
Nonetheless, let's consider only a tiny slice of the evidence available to the police in the first week after the murder -- long before any DNA tests came back.
Murders and murder convictions obviously occurred before 1986 -- the first time DNA was used in any criminal investigation -- so it is possible to establish guilt with no DNA at all.
Knox's first-of-several alibis for the night of the murder was that she was at her boyfriend (and co-defendant) Sollecito's house all night, sound asleep until 10 a.m. the next morning.
A few days later, when that was proved false by telephone records, eyewitnesses and Sollecito's admission that it was a lie, Knox claimed she was in the house during Meredith's murder ... and she knew who the murderer was!
She said it was her boss, Patrick Lumumba, the owner of a popular bar in town:
"He wanted her. ... Raffaele and I went into another room and then I heard screams. ... Patrick and Meredith were in Meredith's bedroom while I think I stayed in the kitchen. ... I can't remember how long they were together in the bedroom, but the only thing I can say is that at a certain point I remember hearing Meredith's screams and I covered my ears. ... I can't remember if Meredith was screaming and if I heard thuds but I could imagine what was going on."
Solely because of Knox's claim that Lumumba murdered Meredith, he was arrested and sat in jail for two weeks before being released when the police discovered about a hundred eyewitnesses who could place him at his bar all night, the night of the murder.
If the police were intent on framing Knox for the murder, they were easily distracted by this wild goose chase.
Knox later said she falsely accused Lumumba only because the police wanted her to do so.
But ABC just concentrated on Amanda Knox and rarely mention the victim, Meredith Kercher. who was brutally murdered.
Maybe it is ratings week and they are trying to win a ratings race.
But I just wonder if Amanda Knox was not a pretty young white girl but a middle aged black woman, would they even reporting the story?
Yep, you know the answer for that.

The Family That Steals Together, Stays Together?

From the Las Vegas Sun: North Las Vegas Police say they have arrested four teenagers and two parents in connection with a string of auto burglaries.
A three-month investigation led detectives to a group of young adults suspected of burglarizing vehicles in the area, police said.
The group, consisting of 18-year-olds Clarence Rose, Ricky Burns, Xavier Quarels and a 17-year-old male, went through neighborhoods jiggling door handles on vehicles, police said.
When they found unlocked vehicles, they stole items such as GPS systems, iPods, cell phones and sunglasses, police said.
Detectives believe items were pawned by Karl Cage and Gwendolen Jackson, parents of two of the group members, police said.
Just have to wonder about what was said around the dinner table.
Mom: Well, son, how many cars did you steal from today?
Son: Only 3 today and we were only able to get $50 from the pawn shop.
Mom: Wait till your dad gets home tonight, he is going beat you ass. Your quota is 6 cars and $200 a day. We are so disappointed in you, son. Let this be an example to you other boys, we mean it when we set your quota. This ain't high school, you know.

More Reality About Homelessness

San Francisco and Las Vegas are somewhat the same, especially when it comes to tourism. Both San Fran and Las Vegas depends on tourism and both have a problem with panhandlers.
From "You do not want to vilify the panhandler," says Chris Conner, a program director for Denver Road Home. "But you want to make the point that giving to panhandlers doesn't alleviate homelessness."
"These are people who out of the goodness of their hearts are giving these people money," says J. Timothy Falvey, a director with the Union Square Business Improvement Association. "We have to get across the point that you are not helping."
The reality is that those who know panhandlers say most are using the cash for alcohol or drugs. Hitchko and partner Derrick Joyner watch the downward spiral every day.
"Since the first of the year I would say we've personally known eight to 10 people who died," Joyner said. "Ninety percent of the time it is drugs."
We often see panhandlers holding signs that say: "Just plain hungry." Or, "Just trying to get home." There's also the popular, "Homeless, can you help?"
Realistically, virtually none of those statements are true. Certainly, with a robust meal program in the city, where thousands of free meals are served three times a day at places like Glide Memorial and St. Anthony's, it is unlikely that the panhandlers can't find food.
"It is impossible to be hungry here," Joyner says.
As far as trying to get home, the city has a free program, called Homeward Bound, that provides a bus ticket to anyone who asks. They only need to have a contact at the other end of the trip. The city's Homeless Outreach Team can have a person on a bus and on the way home in less than 24 hours.
And finally, police say 75 percent of panhandlers they contact are in housing.
But few of the kindhearted people who give handouts know that.
Read more:
I see panhandlers everyday standing at intersections with their signs or in one case, by Craig and Nellis, just walk up and down the median holding his stomach while limping.
These guys get money and probably a lot of money each day. Like the article says, these panhandlers are not hungry or homeless. In Las Vegas, we have some of the cheapest food and lodging anywhere in the U.S. We also have the soup kitchens, homeless shelters, food banks and more services for the homeless. It's not perfect, but at least there are services.
Sadly, I see many motorists give money to the panhandlers, enabling the panhandlers to do more panhandling. Most panhandlers are harmless, other than darting into traffic. But on the Strip and Downtown, panhandlers are more aggressive because there are more panhandlers and they are confronting visitors face to face.
And like the article state, much of the money goes for booze and drugs but the givers, for some reason, honestly believe their money is going for good.
But, the truth is that most panhandlers are not homeless nor hungry but want the money for booze and drugs. Some probably receive some kind of welfare like cash, food stamps and housing money. The people who give the money are just enabling the panhandlers and really not helping them, if the panhandlers actually want help. The panhandlers probably make too much tax free money to want help.

What Was Pizza Hut Thinking?

So, what was Pizza Hut thinking when they hired Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints and the caused of one of the NCAA worst scandals to be their spokeman in commercials?
From ESPN: The NCAA announced Thursday that Reggie Bush couldn't have been more guilty of NCAA violations during his spare-no-superlative career at USC. The finding could lead to the BCS' taking back the 2004 BCS Championship won by the Trojans. The finding also could lead to Bush's losing his 2005 Heisman Trophy.
That is up to the Heisman Trophy Trust, an eight-person committee in charge of the most famous individual prize in American sports. The committee will decide what to do about the 25-pound bronze doorstop it gave the Bush that same year.
"If and when [the NCAA] issues a decision, we will review the underlying facts and possibly do our own investigation," the group's president, William S. Dockery, told ESPN's Joe Schad last week.
Also From ESPN: It's just a trophy, right? A bronze, stiff-arming figurine set on marble and black onyx. A 25-pound doorstop.
But the Heisman Trophy deserves better than Reggie Bush. USC admitted as much when it announced it was returning its replica of the 2005 award to the Heisman Trust. Bush should do the same with his copy, but he won't. He wouldn't know the truth if it grabbed him by the face mask...
Bush was a natural target for the parasites. And according to the NCAA's investigation, he willingly, enthusiastically and arrogantly had his hand out. He can lend his name to all the charitable foundations he wants, but nothing changes his USC legacy as a cheater.
He isn't the first player to take money, and he won't be the last. But at least we know about Bush, and at least there's something that can be done about it -- even if that something is symbolic...
Bush was a football field away from compliance. He ran right past NCAA rule, the one that prohibits the acceptance of extra benefits. He wasn't a student-athlete. He was an athlete on the take.
When Yahoo! Sports first reported the alleged infractions, Bush said the situation had been "blown out of proportion." He'd explain his side of the story soon enough.
That was an NCAA investigation ago. A USC athletic director ago. A USC head coach ago. A USC president ago. A handful of debilitating sanctions ago.
The effects of Bush's greed will be felt for years, especially if an appeals committee upholds the initial penalties, which include scholarship reductions, a two-year bowl ban and forfeited wins. It already has cost USC a star recruit. No matter how Trojans coach Lane Kiffin, who inherited this mess from Carroll but has his own long history of integrity issues, wants to spin the situation, the program will take a hit under the chin strap.
The defiant, delusional reign of USC athletic director Mike Garrett ends in less than two weeks. He'll be replaced by Pat Haden, who, like Garrett, has a USC football pedigree, but he also has the good sense to admit mistakes were made.
So, now Pizza Hut is putting this scummy person, but good football player on their payroll and in their commercials. I know many USC fans and Bush is a 4 letter word to them- the nasty 4 letter words- not Bush.
And Pizza Hut thinks this the best person they can get for their commercials- a cheating, greedy football player that has cost people their jobs, cost athletes their scholarships and losing out on a free education? It cost USC their national championship and their prestige. And Bush has never given a heartfelt apology for all the problems he has caused.
And Pizza Hut thinks he is a quality individual , worthy of being on their commercials?
I was going to order pizza this weekend and it's not going be from Pizza Hut.

Obama Not To Run In 2012?

From CNS News: In an interview with conservative radio icon Sean Hannity, former President Clinton adviser and campaign manager Dick Morris stated that, after speaking with a Democratic strategist, he thinks it is “very possible” that President Obama might acquiesce to requests from the Democratic leadership in Congress and bow out of the 2012 race, leaving the door open for him to return sometime in the future.
“I asked a top Democratic strategist the other day and he thought that it was possible that, in January, Harry Reid comes to Obama and says, ‘Look you cost us control of the House last year, you’re going to cost us control of the Senate this year. For the good of the party you have to step aside’” said Morris.
“And, then, (Obama) pulls a Lyndon Johnson, he says ‘I’m fighting to solve the recession, and problem is because of partisanship and my re-election people reject everything I say because of partisanship, so I’m going to not run for president and focus my full time attention on solving this recession’ and then go out popular,” Morris added.
In one way, this makes sense. Obama has never been in a tough fight. Just about everything in Obama's life has been given to him. From his upbringing, to his education, to his jobs and then his elections, they were not tough. Either through luck or gifts, he has not had a rough race and with the economy in the tank, is Obama up to a brutal fight were his every decision will be under the microscope, debated and criticized by his opponents, bloggers and even most members of the media- lap dogs excluded He doesn't like that- he hates being criticized and the negative attention.
On the other hand, Obama is a narcissist and believes everything he has done is the only correct way to do things and he has surrounded himself with yes men and women and so, he only knows what he hears from them and that is only positive responses from the lackeys.
So, it will be interesting to see what happens. Is Obama willing to go through a fight he probably will not win, ruin his image and he will lose support? Or will he drop out and be a popular elder statesman like Bill Clinton?
My guess, is that he will not run because he wants to be popular with the rich people and if he runs and runs a class war fare campaign, he will lose their support and friendship. All he will have left is core supporters: inner city Blacks and Hispanics and he doesn't like those kind of people. He never calls or visits them and does very little to help them out.
And the Dem's already have a candidate ready and willing to run for president, Hillary Clinton and she would have a better chance of winning than Obama.
So, if I was a betting man, my guess is that Obama will not run.

This Is One Reason Why Wisconsin Needed The Anti-Union Law

From the Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune: A 39-year-old Vesper man, who is a teacher in the Stevens Point Area Public School District, was charged today in Wood County Circuit Court after authorities say he sexually assaulted a teenage girl multiple times.
Paul A. Peterson, a technology education teacher at Stevens Point Area Senior High, faces charges of repeated sexual assault of a child and exposing his genitals to a child. He remains in the Wood County Jail on a $250,000 cash bond and must have no contact with any girls.
In the olden days before the anti-public employee union law passed this year, the Stevens Point Area School District teacher's union would have defended this dirt bag, especially if was able to get out of jail. He probably would have been placed on paid administrative leave until the case was cleared.
Now, the school district can fire him, if they choose, and the union will not be able to defend him. And they will be able to fire him tomorrow, if they choose. Not so, before the anti-public union law was in effect.
So, besides the law saving money for school districts and other local governments, it will also get scum bags out of a school district a lot faster.
Thank you, Scott Walker.

New Weapon Of Protection: Garden Hose

From the Las Vegas Sun: Police say an attempted burglary was foiled earlier this week when a homeowner turned a garden hose on a would-be attacker who was impersonating an officer.
A homeowner was watering his lawn in the area of Spencer Street and Silverado Ranch Boulevard about 10:45 p.m. Wednesday when a man dressed in all black, identified as 23-year-old Justice Nall, approached him, police said.
Nall yelled at the homeowner, saying "Get down, this is the police," according to the arrest report.
The homeowner refused and, believing he was about to be attacked, began spraying Nall with the hose, the report said.
After a few seconds, Nall fled the man's yard and ran elsewhere in the neighborhood. Metro Police officers spent two hours looking for him with help from helicopters and the K9 unit, according to the police report.
Nall eventually was found hiding in a bush wearing a black ski mask, black snorkeling goggles, black gloves, a black shirt and black jogging pants.
And in the end the robber probably will get a cold, sue the homeowner for damages and get a settlement.

If Harry Was A Real Caring Husband, He Would Not Have Put This Out

I am just wondering if a frying pan was thrown at him this morning.
From Jon Ralston of the Las Vegas Sun: Landra Reid, the wife of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, has been diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer and is being treated in Washington, DC.
Reid’s office confirmed the diagnosis this morning when I called. Landra Reid is receiving treatment, including chemotherapy. Reid’s folks emphasized that he is by her side but that his work as majority leader will not be compromised.
So, his wife's illness will not compromise his work as a majority leader of the U.S. Senate? This is a kind compassionate caring liberal?
I am sorry, but it seems Reid's caring more for the Senate than his wife is horrendous. He did this when his wife was darn near killed in a car accident several months earlier.
Harry Reid is more concerned about the power e has than his wife and that is shameful.
I truly hope that Landra is cured of the cancer and is cared and comforted by her family and friends because she is not going to hardly get anything from Harry.
Hopefully, we will have another breast cancer survivor.

Another Al-Qaida Thug Dead

I do have to hand it to the Obama administration- they are really going after the Taliban and Al-Qaida leaders and making a big difference in the war on terrorists.
From the Huff Post: In a significant new blow to al-Qaida, U.S. airstrikes in Yemen on Friday killed Anwar al-Awlaki, an American militant cleric who became a prominent figure in the terror network's most dangerous branch, using his fluent English and Internet savvy to draw recruits for attacks in the United States.
The strike was the biggest U.S. success in hitting al-Qaida's leadership since the May killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. But it raises questions that other strikes did not: Al-Awlaki was an American citizen who has not been charged with any crime. Civil liberties groups have questioned the government's authority to kill an American without trial.
The 40-year-old al-Awlaki was for years an influential mouthpiece for al-Qaida's ideology of holy war, and his English-language sermons urging attacks on the United States were widely circulated among militants in the West.
But U.S. officials say he moved into a direct operational role in organizing such attacks as he hid alongside al-Qaida militants in the rugged mountains of Yemen. Most notably, they believe he was involved in recruiting and preparing a young Nigerian who on Christmas Day 2009 tried to blow up a U.S. airliner heading to Detroit, failing only because he botched the detonation of explosives sewn into his underpants.
He was killed in a Drone/air strike in Yemen.
Just curious, did we ever declare war on Yemen? I'm glad we got him, but this another country we are bombing, joining Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and now Yemen.
But hey, we are the U.S., we can do whatever we want, right?
Anyways, good job to the military and the intelligence community for getting this thug.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

So, What Is The Country's Biggest Fraud?

It is well known, perhaps, that kids of illegal aliens qualify for free or reduced lunch at the schools they attend. The children can also be illegal's and they get can get free lunch, paid for by the U.S. taxpayer.
At the school I teach at the cash price for breakfast is $1.50 and for lunch is $3.00.
You also can lie on the application form on how much money a family makes because there is no verification of income levels.
I have to assume that is the going rate of reimbursement from the federal government- $4.50 a day for each illegal alien child and lying family. So, if 10,000 students are illegal or their families lied on the application, out of 300,000 students in CCSD, each day it costs taxpayers $45,000, just in Clark County alone. Multiply this throughout the country and you are wasting well over a million dollars a day in free and reduced lunch.
I send my kids to school with a sack lunch- sandwich, juice, dessert, fruit and it certainly costs less than $4.50- maybe $1.50 a day, and the kids don't have to stand in line.

So, why are we, the taxpayers, paying for free lunch for illegal immigrant families and others who lie on their forms?
Why can't the illegal families send a cold lunch to school with their children instead of stealing money from the U.S. taxpayer? For about a dollar a day, they can send a bologna or another meat sandwich or peanut butter and jelly sandwich, juice, dessert and a piece of fruit. Same with people who lie on their forms?
But the families would rather seek the welfare of the government and the school districts do not care. The school district and federal government encourage as many students as possible sign up for the free lunch. The more kids signed up, the more money the school district gets. And the more kids signed up, the more breaks they get in No Child Left Behind and eligible for more federal money for education, like Title 1 funding.
And the kids learn more about waste and welfare under the free and reduced lunch.
I am in our school's cafeteria after breakfast and lunch. There is so much good food thrown away every day. Cartons upon cartons of good apple juice and milk are thrown away each day. My guess is at least 50 cartons of juice and probably at least 100 cartons of milk are thrown away from 1 high school each day. Now multiply this against a big school district like Las Vegas and you throw away 1000 or more cartons of juice or milk each day. Drinks that could supply a homeless shelter or food bank forever. Then you have the solid food like sandwiches, pizza and other items and you could start a restaurant or soup kitchens with just the wasted food from 1 or 2 schools.
So, everyday, there are hundreds, if not thousands of kids in the Clark County School District who get free lunch because they are not citizens of the U.S. and there are others who lie on the free lunch application. And the the CCSD and the Federal government supports it. And then when kids are given free food, many-but not all- just waste the food and the school district ends up throwing away hundreds if not thousands of cartons of milk and juice away in the garbage can everyday.
If this program is not the biggest fraud against taxpayers, I don't know what is.

In Honor Of Homecoming Season

Baseball Predictions

Well, baseball post season is upon us and my favorite team is in the running for once. The Milwaukee Brewers were in the playoffs a couple of years ago but they never had a chance but this year????

In the first round, the Arizona Diamondbacks come to Milwaukee and I think the Brewers will win this series.
The St. Louis Cardinals are going against the Philadelphia Phillies. St. Louis has been on a roll lately, Philly is good but I go with the Philly Fanatic.

In the NL Championships, I predict the Milwaukee Brewers will defeat the Phillies

In the AL, you have the Yankees play the Detroit Tigers. The Yankees are not playing that well and the Tigers are, so I go with the Tigers.
Then the Tampa Bay Devil Rays play the Texas Rangers and the Ray's luck runs out and the Rangers take this series.
In the AL Championship, The Tigers will prevail over the Rangers.

In the World Series, the Brewers win in 7.

And if you believe that, I have the Empire State Building at NY NY casino for sale.

How Popular Are Pawn Stars?

On Monday night, Pawn stars are quite popular, just trailing NFL football and ESPN's Sports Center, which follows Monday Night Football in cable TV ratings.
The 10:00 Pawn Stars had a rating of 1.6 with 4,224,ooo viewers:
The 10:30 show was just slightly less with a rating of 1.5 and 4,009.000 viewers.
Pawn Stars also beat The Playboy Club of NBC in the number of viewers which had 3,910,000 viewers at 10:00.
Hard Core Pawn is still the ugly baby sister of Pawns Stars as they had 2,084,000 viewers:
Other surprise ratings is the liberal Colbert News/Comedy show which had 1,318,000 liberal viewers. And bringing up the rear is the Conan Show with 721,000 viewers.
So, Pawn Stars continue to lead the ratings on cable TV. No wonder why they just got a new contract.

Next To be Banned: Model Airplanes?

From the El Paso Times: Model airplanes are suddenly on the public's radar as potential terrorist weapons.
A 26-year-old man from a Boston suburb was arrested Wednesday and accused of plotting to attack the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol with remote-controlled model planes packed with explosives.
These are not balsa-wood-and-rubber-band toys investigators are talking about. The FBI said Rezwan Ferdaus hoped to use military-jet replicas, 5 to 7 1/2 feet long, guided by GPS devices and capable of speeds over 100 mph.
Federal officials have long been aware of the possibility someone might try to use such planes as weapons, but there are no restrictions on their purchase - Ferdaus is said to have bought his over the Internet.
Counterterrorism experts and model-aircraft hobbyists said it would be nearly impossible to inflict large-scale damage of the sort Ferdaus allegedly envisioned using model planes. The aircraft are too small, can't carry enough explosives and are too tricky to fly, they said.
Yeah, well, what was all that talk about biological and chemical weapons being used in small amounts but can kill a lot of people?
There will be some goofball member of a government agency who will call for more regulations on model airplanes or just to ban them all together.
Probably will try the same thing with model rockets as well.

Hey, CCSD, Want To Save Some Money?

In Wisconsin, state and local governments are now not allowed to collect union from their union members and the world has not fallen apart.
So, why doesn't CCSD (Clark County School District) do the same thing? I am sure there is at least 1 or more employees doing this paperwork.
Or if the union still wants CCSD to take out the union dues, then CCSD should charge the union, like 10% of the dues that are brought in seems like a fair number.
But the school district needs to get out of the business of dues collecting and cutting a check unless they are well paid by the union.

What Came First, The Chavez Or The Obama?

Taking off on the everlasting question, what came first, the chicken or the egg, the question of this decade is what came first, The Chavez or the Obama in terms of rhetoric and plans of action. Either way, much of the the media in the US and Venezuela seems to be the same.
From the English version of the El Universal: Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez Frías announced on Monday that he has approved a decree to nationalize and seize the company Consolidada de Ferrys (Conferry) to ensure the safety of passengers who use ferry service to travel to the state of Nueva Esparta (northeastern Venezuela).
"It is enough! The ferry (service) of Conferry is a disaster!" Chávez said in a telephone interview with the state-run TV channel Venezolana de Televisión, the state-owned news agency AVN reported.
Chávez said that he already has a diagnosis and a recovery plan with regard to the ferry company.
"We know where the damaged ferries are and the prices they charge people. Elías Jaua (the Venezuelan Vice-President) is in charge of the task," Chávez added.
In addition to this, the Venezuelan Head of State ordered a thorough investigation into two aircraft events on Monday in the state of Bolívar.
"I called (Vice-President) Elías (Jaua), and ordered a thorough and urgent investigation. We have to put pressure on state-run and private companies to comply with maintenance of aircraft," he concluded.
This is the same kind of rhetoric that President Obama uses. He makes up an emergency, uses forceful and then takes over the industry. He, along with President Bush did with the auto and banking industries, and Obama with health care, jobs, debt etc.
And the lap dog media sucks it up for Obama just as much as they do in Venezuela.
So, who did come first, the Obama or the Chavez?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Obama Says I Am Not A Manly

From Ann Althouse: Here's a fascinating passage from Ron Suskind's new book "Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President" (pp. 18-19)(boldface added). Obama and his advisers are plotting campaign strategy in August 2007 and the subject turned to the problem of jobs for 10 million low- to moderately skilled male workers. What "sunrise" could the government subsize and stimulate. The advisers hit on health care:
That was where the jobs would be: nurse’s aides, companions to infirm seniors, hospital orderlies. The group bandied about ideas for how to channel job-seeking men into this growth industry. A need in one area filling a need in another. Interlocking problems, interlocking solutions. The Holy Grail of systemic change.
But Obama shook his head.
“Look, these are guys,” he said. “A lot of them see health care, being nurse’s aides, as women’s work. They need to do something that fits with how they define themselves as men.” ...

Hey Obama and company, screw you. I spent more than 20 years as a nurses aide, assistant etc. Even as a teacher of the severely handicapped, I still have to use my nursing aide skills.
It's back breaking work that not many people can do- male or female. Because of the jobs, I am bigger and stronger than most people, even those in construction.
But Obama, you really shouldn't talk about manly things when you ride bikes like this:

Besides, Obama, you are riding a girls bike.

I Don't Know If This Good Or Bad But...

From the Reno Gazette-Herald: The chief prosecutor in Washoe County says police have identified the rival gang member who killed the president of the Hells Angels' San Jose chapter in a casino shootout last weekend, but he's not sure they'll track him down before rival bikers do.
Investigators identified the suspect from the beginning as a member of the Vagos motorcycle gang, Washoe County District Attorney Richard Gammick said on Wednesday.
The suspect, who has ties to the Bay Area, apparently has been in hiding since Jeffrey "Jethro" Pettigrew was killed in the gun battle late Friday at John Ascuaga's Nugget hotel-casino in Sparks, Gammick said.
"If we've been able to identify him, there's no doubt the Santa Clara Hells Angels chapter has been able to too," Gammick said. "He's probably hiding out in a very small space."
Anyway you look at this, the shooter is soooo screwed.
If the cops get him, he will spend time in prison with other Hell's Angels.
If the Hells Angels get him, they will kill him and then beat the crap out him
If he stays in hiding, he will always be looking over his shoulder and be scared of everything, including his friends. How would you like to live life that?
All I can says is there is going to be a biker war if this thug is not caught by someone.

This Won't Be The Last Time This Will Be said

From Fox News: Republicans rebuked North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue after she suggested Congress suspend elections for two years so lawmakers can get to work stimulating the economy unencumbered by anxiety about what voters think.
The governor's office has since claimed the remark was "hyperbole." But the North Carolina GOP isn't buying it.
"She wasn't joking at all. The congressional Democrats are wildly unpopular in North Carolina, so she may have been trying to invent a solution to save their jobs from public accountability," spokesman Rob Lockwood said. "If it was a joke, what was the set-up? What was the punch-line? Where was the pause for laughter?"
Read more:
If the Democrats look like they will lose control of the Senate (which they will- they have to defend 23 out of 33 seats) and maintain control in the House, there will be more calls by liberals for the election for Congress to be suspended until a later date.
Further, I predict, that if it looks like President Obama will get beat in the election for president, look for many liberals call for a delay in this election or a change in election laws that will ensure an Obama victory.
You can take that to the bank. but since I am not a bank....

What A Way To End The Regular season Of Baseball

Wow, what a last past half in an hour in which the Boston Red Sox choked away a chance at a post season when they lost 4-3 to the Baltimore Orioles when, with 2 outs, the Orioles scored 2 runs on 2 doubles and a single.
Then 2 minutes later, Evan Longoria hit a walk off home run in the 12th inning to beat the New York Yankees to win the wild card spot. The Rays came back in the game, including a bottom of the 9th inning. The Rays were trailing 7-0 earlier in the game.
All, I can say is Wow, what an end to the regular season.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another reason Why Congress Should Turn Down Obama's Job Bill

There are things that a person being turned from a job should have to endure. For instance, being denied employment for your sex, age, handicap(within reason), sexual orientation(again, with exceptions) religion, and so on.
But President Obama wants to let the unemployed to sue potential employers because the business didn't hire them because they were unemployed.
From The Hill: President Obama's American Jobs Act, which he presented to Congress on Monday, would make it illegal for employers to run advertisements saying that they will not consider unemployed workers, or to refuse to consider or hire people because they are unemployed.
The proposed language is found in a section of the bill titled "Prohibition of Discrimination in Employment on the Basis of an Individual's Status as Unemployed." That section would also make it illegal for employers to request that employment agencies take into account a person's unemployed status.
It would also allow aggrieved job-seekers to seek damages if they have been discriminated against. This provision in particular prompted Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) to argue that Obama's proposal is aimed at creating a new, special class of people who can sue companies.
"So if you're unemployed, and you go to apply for a job and you're not hired for that job, see a lawyer," Gohmert said on the House floor. "You might be able to file a claim because you got discriminated against because you're unemployed."
He said this provision would only discourage companies from interviewing unemployed candidates, and would "help trial lawyers who are not having enough work," since there are about 14 million unemployed Americans.
First, if you put up a sign stating that the unemployed need not apply, that is being stupid, but these are the rare cases and not against the law.
There are reasons why people are not employed. The person may have a criminal record, have financial problems, a poor employment history, poor references, not qualified for the job etc. But Obama wants to throw these areas out the window.
But this proposal is just plain ignorant and stupid. All this will do is create employment for ambulance chaser lawyers, nothing more. And this will only hurt the unemployed because employers will filter the unemployed out of the job application process.
This once again shows that Obama has no clue how businesses work. He is totally ignorant when it comes to creating jobs. Obama just reads books and has no clue how the real world works. This also goes for the people working for Obama- they just have no clue.
So, this is another reason why Harry Reid should not allow this so called jobs bill come to the Senate floor. I think even Reid is embarrassed by this supposed job bill.

Is there any doubt that Obama is the worst president ever?

I Watched Chopped Champions Tonight And...

Political correctness today was the rule of the night in the Chopped Champions on the Food Network.
It was clear from the start that the judges wanted two female chefs in the finals. The fact that the judges didn't like the the two female chef's food in the first two rounds but still picked them for the finals just makes a mockery of the show.
The judges said that one of the two male's in the show, food was addicting and yet he was not chosen to the final. The judges also said they didn't like one of the female's dishes in the first dish round but picked her anyways for the finals.
Nothing like political correctness in a cooking show.

The Circus Begins In Los Angeles

Today was the first day of the manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, a Las Vegas doctor, in the death of former Las Vegas resident, Michael Jackson.
Personally, I am glad this trial is not in Las Vegas, though the extra money in the economy would be nice.
The thing that got me about Murray is that he is a cardiologist and was CPR on Jackson's bed. As a former EMT, firefighter and hospital and nursing home worker, one of the first things they tell you is to do CPR on a hard flat surface. A bed doesn't qualify as a hard flat surface. And Murray is a cardiologist?
Anyways, this case seems more like a malpractice case instead of a criminal case. You had an incompetent doctor who was employed by a drug addicted performer who bought everything- love, medicine, court cases, boys- everything and who had yes men and women around him constantly.
Money doesn't buy happiness and Michael Jackson is proof of that.

Danica Patrick Joins NASCAR Full Time

Yep, this says pretty much it about Danica joining NASCAR full time.
Complain, complain and then being taken out by a weaker car and then complain some more.

Great picture from grandpa johns. For more great pictures:

NBA Lockout: Does Anybody Really Care?

The NBA pre-season was about to start in about 2 weeks but because of the lockout, several games have been cancelled. There is a strong threat that the NBA start of the regular season will be delayed.
When there was a NFL lockout, people began to panic, the sports book people were worrying about laying people off, fantasy leagues were in danger of not starting and many people were in a panic.
But the NBA is another story. The sports book don't really care that much. No one is complaining about a fantasy league not being run. Players are threatening to go to Europe and even Jack Nicholson couldn't care less.
So, does anybody really care that the NBA players are locked out and that the season will not start on time?
I don't care because I have football, baseball, NASCAR, Indy car and even hockey to keep me busy.
I wouldn't even miss the NBA as I would rather watch college or high school basketball than the NBA.
So, keep the lockout going, I don't need to see Jack Nicholson on the highlight reel every time the Lakers play at home.

New Show Demonstrates The Differences Between British And U.S. Healthcare

Tonight, a reality TV show on the BBC America cable station debuted that clearly demonstrates the differences between the British and U.S. Health care systems. The show is called "24 Hours In The ER" and it follows doctors, nurses and patients in a trauma center in London. The hospital's name is Kings College Hospital.
When you watch the show, you can clearly see that London's best trauma center compares to the run of the mill small town emergency rooms and doesn't even come close to a U.S. trauma center when you compare the staff, equipment and hospital. No comparison, whatsoever.
So, President Obama and the Democrats can complain about the health care here, it is still far here than in London.
If you get BBC America, the station is good for watching Gordon Ramsey and now, this show, "24 Hours In The ER".
(And why do they call it an ER when in London, they call it an A&E?)

I Don't Know Much About Geography

Seattle=Washington Check
San Jose=California Check
San Diego=California Check
Los Angeles=California Check
Denver=Wyoming Check, errr oops.

When Michelle Bachman made verbal mistakes about Elvis and John Wayne, the liberals laughed their butts off. Same with Dan Quayle.
Will the same liberals laugh at Obama's team for saying Denver is in Wyoming?
I am pretty sure Wyoming is pissed being associated with Denver and Denver is pissed with being associated with Wyoming.

Mistakes like this happen all the time with every campaign and with every politician. But the way the political climate is now, both sides want to hammer the other side for making these dumb mistakes and say how incompetent and stupid the other side is. Then they want to personalize it say that person is stupid.
The left has done it with Michelle Bachman, Dan Quayle, Sarah Palin and more.
The has right has done it with Joe Biden, Harry Reid and President Obama.

These are just stupid distractions the other sides make against about each other. These are just mistakes that anyone can make but the opposition, myself included, personalize it. It's stupid and it should stop, but it won't.
Too bad.

President Obama Just Can't Get Her Out Of His Mind

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, that is the name President Obama just doesn't want to hear. Hillary is the most popular politician. Karl Rove wants her to run for president. Hillary has higher poll numbers than Obama. And now this...
Hurricane Hillary is churning out in the Pacific and may hit Mexico and make it's way up into the United States like Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada.
From the Summit Voice: Hurricane Hilary regained strength Monday, redeveloping sustained winds of 135 mph as it continued to move west over warm waters and in a low wind-shear environment. The storm is expected to weaken during the next few days as it moves over cooler water, according to the National Hurricane Center.
Whether or not Hilary will curve sharply north and potentially affect Baja is still unclear. Some of the forecast models show the storm making a sharp jog to the northeast Wednesday, on a path that could lead Hilary toward the southern end of the peninsula, but other forecasts suggest the hurricane will once again start heading out into the open waters of the Pacific. Check the NHC forecast discussion for more details.
The hurricane center said the uncertainty toward the end of the five-day forecast period is still quite high, so residents of southern Baja will probably be watching the storm closely the next few days. In any case, Hilary is likely to bring some big surf to Baja and potentially even parts of California.
Depending on who you listen to, it may or may not hit land, but some rainfall will and where, they are not sure of.
But Hurricane Hillary will be in the news just when Obama just doesn't to hear that name.

More Religion Of Peace News

From Fox News: Saudi activists say a court has sentenced a Saudi woman with 10 lashes for defying the kingdom's ban on women driving.
Activist Samar Badawi says Shaima Ghassaniya was found guilty Tuesday of driving without the government's permission.
No laws prohibit women from driving, but conservative religious edicts have banned it.
The ruling comes just two days after Saudi King Abdullah announced that, for the first time, women have the right to vote and run in the country's 2015 local elections.
Najalaa Harriri, who is also facing court for driving, told The Associated Press she needed to drive to take better care of her children.

Read more:
This poor lady is sentenced to 10 painful lashes just because she broke the Islamic rule of women not allowed to drive. And Islam is supposed to be taken seriously when they abuse women like this?
I honestly don't know of another religion that abuses women as bad as Islam.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Las Vegas Culinary Union Clearly Is Demented

I really hope the members of the Culinary union are pleased to see where their money is going. It is going to a bunch of thugs who are clearly demented and mentally unstable.
From the LVRJ: The Culinary Union Local 226 continued to ratchet up the rhetoric in its ongoing campaign to unionize workers at Station Casinos LLC.
D. Taylor, the union's secretary and treasurer, took the opportunity Monday to compare Station's treatment of its employees to life in a Middle Eastern police state...
"Those are the characteristics of a police state ... not of a Nevada casino that has the privilege of a gaming license," Taylor said.
He also compared company CEO Frank Fertitta III and Lorenzo Fertitta, vice chairman of Station Casinos, to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and ex-Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi for what he described as lying to the media about their employees' ability to unionize.
There is no other way to say it, but D.Taylor of the Culinary union is an insane individual who is in desperate need of institutionalization for a good dose of reality, medication and perhaps some electrical shock therapy. He is a danger to the community and probably to himself.
And to the Culinary Union members, you union dues are paying for this insane union thug. And you know he makes way more money than almost every member of the union.
So, to D. Taylor, I hope you get the help you need and please stay away from people. You are a danger to the community.

Pawn Stars Review: 9-26-2011

Another warm week here in Las Vegas. The Pawn Stars came out with big news earlier this week. they put it out on Twitter and even had a gossip columnist say the Pawn stars had big news. So, what was the big news? The Pawns Shop is putting out it's own cash card- a pre-paid credit card. Yep, big news. Probably ok for some of it's customers but probably not so much for the viewers of the show or most everyone else.
Two new episodes tonight and in the first episode, the first guy brought in a Civil War drum, with etchings on the side of the drum, including U.S. (Union) flag on it. It had no drum cover on it, so you couldn't bang on the drums all day(it's a song by Ringo Starr) =. Rick had some concerns about the drum, so Mark came down from the Clark County Museum. Mark came and said that the drum was a snare drum and the drummer had a special cadence and was used to communicate to the drums. He didn't think the drum was from the Civil War but after the war. Th guy wanted $2000 and Rick offered $400 and then $450 and the guy went down to $500 and that was the selling price.
The story line of the day is Chumlee being trained by the big security, Antwaun(hope I spelled it right) and it looked so fake.n story lines.
Rick and the Old Man went to a man's house to see a 1922 photo printing table. It was used to mass produce pictures like a printing press- kind of like a copier. The guy wanted $10,000 and Rick offered $400. Then $2000 by the seller and Rick offered $350. Another no home sale.
The next guy brought in a 1946 Royal Riders motorcycle club memorabilia. It had the old helmets, coat, clubs, belt and pants. Time for an expert, Danny, from Kustom Kounts. The Club was founded in the 1940's. Danny thought it was worth about $1500. The guy wanted the $1500 but Corey said $1000.. The guy went to $1300 and Corey went to $1200 and that was the selling price. Wonder if they would buy a Hell's Angel's outfit?
The next lady came in with a 1653 Sixpence coin. We made the coins in the U.S. and then sent them over to Britain. It was graded as damaged. The lady wanted $3000 and Rick offered $500. Then the lady wanted $2000 and there was no sale.
A guy brought in a sword while Chumlee was being a security guard and the Old Man told him to stop and then took care of the customer, but not on camera.
In the second episode, the first lady brought in a coat that was used by athletes in the 1956 Winter Olympics coat in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy. The coats were supposed to have been worn on the medal stand. The coat was missing the hood. The lady wanted $1200. Rick offered $600. The lady went to $1000 and Rick still offered $600. Final price was $850 and the lady bought it a thrift store for $15. They took it to an expert afterwards(like they have doing lately- maybe to keep Rick honest?)
They took it to Jeramey, a local expert in sporting good antiques. He said the coat was real and worth about $800.
The next guy brought in a 1940's pin up posters. It was more like a booklet than a poster. Some of the girls had coats on and others had the undies on. One was a nude with hands and legs placed quite well. Rick offered $25 and that was the deal.
The next guy brought in a 1861 gambling kit. Comes with cards and a gun, chips, dice and maybe a knife. It came with Ivory and wood dice. Some cards were were sewn into the kit but they were not from the era. The kit wasn't associated with the gambler's name n it. Rick thought the kit was assembled using different items. The guy wanted $8000 and Rick offered $2000 and then $3000 and that was the selling price.
Then there was the poker game between the staff. It was $100 a person with Chumlee went all in on the first hand was out the first hand but bought his way back in. The Old Man won the game with 2 Aces plus the Ace River card and came away with $400.
The next guy brought in a Snoop Dogg Doll. (I'd show a video, but I think the words would be R-rated) Chumlee wanted to buy it for himself. The guy wanted $300. Chumlee offered $40 and then $75. The selling price was $100. (Fake segment) Chumlee used the doll to buy his way back into the game and the Old Man won the doll.
Well, that wraps up another 2 new episodes of Pawn stars. Thanks for stopping by and see you next week

Obama Wants To Kill Asthma Sufferers Or How Obama Favors the Earth Over Humans

Ok, Obama doesn't want to actually kill asthma sufferers, he just wants to make their life extremely difficult and raise their medical costs. Pretty soon, asthma sufferers will have to choose between dying or spending a lot of money on doctors and medication.
From Fox News: Hundreds of thousands of asthma sufferers who use an over-the-counter inhaler will be compelled to seek a more costly prescription device by the end of the year, when the federal government plans to ban them over environmental concerns.
The Food and Drug Administration last week began a media push to get the word out about the looming phase-out. After Dec. 31, the epinephrine asthma inhaler known as Primatene Mist will no longer be available
The product is currently the only FDA-approved over-the-counter inhaler and is being taken off the shelves because it uses something called chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) as a propellant -- the substance is considered harmful to the ozone layer.
Read more:
First, asthma asthma patients will have to go to the doctor, which will cost about $60. Then, they will have to get an asthma inhaler which the EPA approves of(mind you, not want the doctors or the DEA wants, but the EPA) Asthma inhalers are not cheap, even with insurance. I have 3 people in the family that have asthma and the inhalers cost, with insurance cost about $50 because insurance will not cover all the costs. The reason why? Because the inhalers do not have generics, so most insurance companies will only pay for a small part of the inhaler. And this applies to Medicare as well.
A asthma patient is looking at a cost over well over $150 for a doctors visit and inhaler all because Obama's EPA think the environment is more important than asthma patients. Even with insurance, you are looking at a cost of a minimum of $45 for the visit and inhaler.
As Wisconsin liberals are quick to say: Shame, Shame, Shame on President Obama for caring more about the environment that human beings.
Once again, Obama shows he is really a despicable president who cares more about the environment than people.

Want To Own The Green Bay Packers?

The Green Bay Packers are for sale and you can own them, or at least part of them.
From the jsonline: Looking for that stocking stuffer for Christmas for Mom or Dad?
Try a share of the Green Bay Packers.
As of now, it looks as if NFL owners will consider approval of a Packers stock sale on Oct. 11 when they gather in Houston.
NFL officials say the matter will come before the owners' Finance Committee on that day. If approved, the thinking is that the sale would be held as soon as possible. And what better time to raise money for the team's $143 million expansion project than Christmas time?
To be sure, there may be opposition among NFL owners to the Packers' plan for a stock sale. There is only one publicly owned franchise in the NFL, so the Packers have an advantage no other team has. That could be construed as a competitive advantage. But Packers' officials say they are confident the plan will pass.
As previously reported, the team is using the last stock sale, held in 1997-'98, as a guide. At that time, the team sold 120,010 shares for $200 each. A total of 400,000shares were made available for that offering.
The franchise has not yet established a price or how many shares would be made available. But team officials say it is reasonable to say at least 100,000, and likely more, will be sold. Two hundred dollars is being considered as the price, team officials said.
A competitive advantage? Right. It would be one thing if the Packers used the stock sale to pay for player contracts. The Packers want the money to upgrade Lambeau Field.
Right now, there may be around a 955 year wait ( ) for season tickets, so it would be nice for Lambeau Field to be expanded, to maybe 150,000 seats.
Then you would have a competitive advantage.

And You Wonder Why Obama Is Killing Jobs

The Obama administration, through the EEOC, is trying to re-open a case from 1999 in which age and race discrimination were alleged.
From Vegas Inc: Las Vegas Sands Corp. says "enough is enough" – but the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission refuses to drop its investigation of the 1999 hiring spree for the opening of the Venetian resort on the Las Vegas Strip.
Venetian owner Las Vegas Sands Corp. has denied anyone was discriminated against when the company, controlled by Sheldon Adelson, in 2008 initiated a mass-hiring effort that resulted in 4,018 people working there for the grand opening on May 3, 1999.
As this was the company’s first resort to open on the Strip, Venetian attorneys said the opening process including hiring the employees was a "gargantuan task."
Of the 141,274 job-seekers who called a Venetian interview-scheduling system, 44,332 received interview appointments and 4,018 were hired, Venetian attorneys say.
Of the applicants, the EEOC says 10 filed complaints with the EEOC alleging they were not hired because of their age and an 11th alleged discrimination based on race.
So, out of of 141,274 applicants, 11 people had problems with them not being hired. That is about .008% of the applicants who claimed they were discriminated against. the Venetian also settled with the individuals involved, so there were no outstanding claims.
This is another reason why businesses in the United States don't want to hire within the U.S. Here, we have a case 12 years old and it effected only 11 people and those 11 people settled with the Venetian.
And Obama wonders why people laugh at him when he says he wants to create more jobs. He isn't interested- he only wants to harass employers with regulations and lawsuits.
So, I would call on Dean Heller and Crybaby Harry Reid to intervene and condemn the EEOC for harassing a Las Vegas employer. I hope Heller does, but Crybaby Reid won't- Adelson is a Republican and this reeks of political payback.

How Sad...And Stupid

A little 5 year old boy is dead because some adult(s) left a gun out so a 11 year old could grab it and use it.
From the Las Vegas Sun: A 5-year-old boy has died in Henderson after being shot Sunday by an 11-year-old relative who fired a gun he thought was a toy, police said.
The boys were brought to the house in the 500 block of Lairmont Drive off MacDonald Ranch Drive about 1:50 p.m. Sunday, according to Henderson Police.
The boys went into the unfinished home's playroom, where the 11-year-old boy pulled the gun from a box that had toys in it, police said.
The 11-year-old pointed the gun at the 5-year-old boy and fired, thinking it was a toy, police said.
The 5-year-old was shot in the chest and taken to St. Rose Hospital–Siena campus, where he was pronounced dead. The 11-year-old is a sibling of the 5-year-old's mother.
The 5-year-old's mother had brought the boys to the house to visit the home's owner. During a search, five other handguns and rifles were found in the house, all of which were seized by police.
This accident happened in one of the richest areas of the Las Vegas Valley.
I, in general favor gun owner's rights, but when you hear of incidents like this, you have to wonder what you can do to reduce the chances of this happening again. Gun locks, mandatory safes when children are present or something else. I just don't know. Banning guns is not the answer, but when you have idiots like the adults in this house, this gives fuel to gun opponents who want to ban guns to law abiding citizens.
So, RIP, young man and to the 11 year old, somehow you will have to get over the trauma of this accident. To the adults in the house, prayers for you but also shame on you as this was preventable death.
I certainly hope the first responders, family members and the shooter are able to eventually handle the stress of this accident.

Supremes To Take Obamacare

From The Obama administration chose not to ask the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals to re-hear a pivotal health reform case Monday, signaling that it’s going to ask the Supreme Court to decide whether President Barack Obama’s health reform law is constitutional.
The move puts the Supreme Court in the difficult position of having to decide whether to take the highly politically charged case in the middle of the presidential election
The Justice Department is expected to ask the court to overturn an August decision by a panel of three judges in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals that found the law’s requirement to buy insurance is unconstitutional. The suit was brought by 26 states, the National Federation of Independent Business, and several individuals.
Since the ruling, the Justice Department had until Monday to ask the entire 11th Circuit to review the case. Administration lawyers didn’t file the paperwork by the 5p.m. deadline, so the ruling would stand unless the Justice Department asks the Supreme Court to step in.
The petition isn’t due until November, and the administration could get an extension.
Opponents of the law had expected the government to ask for the so-called en banc hearing to delay a ruling by the Supreme Court.

Read more:
Obviously, the Obama has confidence the Supremes will uphold the law and they may be right. Obviously, there will be political considerations from the extremes of both sides of the Court. I am sure that Justices Ginsberg, Sotomayor and Kagan are sure bets for the left while Alito, Roberts and Thomas are sure bets for the right. The others are probably unknown.
It will also be interesting to see how this may effect the elections, if it does at all. I kind of doubt it.
So, let's get it on and see what happens. My guess is 5-4 against Obamacare because of the provision of forcing everyone to buy health insurance, with very few exceptions. I just cannot imagine any government forcing everybody to buy something.
No, a government ordering drivers to buy car insurance doesn't fall into this category as Harry Reid, our demented senator from Nevada says. If you don't drive, then you don't need to buy insurance. If you walk, ride a bike, travel by wheelchair or some other mode of transportation that is not a car or truck, you are not required to buy car insurance. So, if this the main argument, then the law is doomed.
Hopefully, the law will be found unconstitutional, so congress can go back- keep the good things- there are some good things in the bill- and write a new bill.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Strange: Amish Business Man Charged With Fraud Against Amish

I have known and studied the Amish for many years and this case makes me scratch my ever balding head.
From the Budget, an Amish newspaper: Last Wednesday, Federal officials filed mail fraud charges against Monroe L. Beachy in relation to alleged false statements Beachy issued and then sent through the United States Postal Service to investors.
Upon filing the charges in the United States District Court a press conference was scheduled and held in Cleveland with Steven M. Dettelbach from the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio as well as Stephen D. Anthony who serves as the special guest agent in charge of the Cleveland branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Dettelbach explained that Beachy, age 77, of Sugarcreek stands accused of operating a ponzi scheme that impacted the Amish and Mennonite community as well as businesses in the area. When all claims are examined, the scheme took money from 2,698 people in nearly 30 states of millions upon millions of dollars. When Beachy closed his doors for good in June 2010, the balance sheet said there should be over $33 million on hand; however, just $17 million was accounted for. During preliminary bankruptcy proceedings, Beachy said that he lost money due to bad investments and was working to bring accounts back up but hadn’t been able to do so....
As of press time, Beachy had not been taken into custody as authorities indicated that they would wait for Beachy to turn himself him. However, during a brief conversation with Beachy last Friday, he indicated that he was unaware of the charges or the case. It should be noted that currently, Beachy does not have legal representation of any kind. No date for a hearing on the charge has been set according to court records.
Dettelbach called the situation unfortunate. “The Beachy case is one of these affinity scams that unfortunately reminds us that, even in the Heartland, if it sounds too good to be true, it is,” he said. “[It is an example] of a scheme that plays upon goodwill and previous relationships and therefore, sometimes affect a particular community more than the general public.”
The charges have no impact upon the bankruptcy case of Beachy that is currently pending in the United States Northern District of Ohio Bankruptcy Court. Currently, Anne Piero Silagy has been authorized by the court to sell some of the land Beachy holds in trust with his wife. Half of the proceeds of such a sale would be used by the bankruptcy court to help bridge some of the gap between what creditors are owed and the money that has been collected to date. In all, more than 17 acres in Holmes County will be offered up for sale through the court system. No details of the auction have been released as of press time.Monroe L. Beachy was sole proprietor of A&M Investments when the Sugarcreek firm closed in June 2010 after a sign was placed on the door that indicated it was “closed for investigation.” He filed for bankruptcy protection just hours later. Through the court system all assets have been liquidated as accessed. A secondary case investigating how much money was invested by the Amish Helping Fund into A & M Investments and likewise by A & M Investments by the Amish Helping Fund is ongoing with the period for discovery set to end on October 31, 2011. Beachy served as the treasurer of the Amish Helping Fund until June 2010.The charges have no impact upon the bankruptcy case of Beachy that is currently pending in the United States Northern District of Ohio Bankruptcy Court. Currently, Anne Piero Silagy has been authorized by the court to sell some of the land Beachy holds in trust with his wife. Half of the proceeds of such a sale would be used by the bankruptcy court to help bridge some of the gap between what creditors are owed and the money that has been collected to date. In all, more than 17 acres in Holmes County will be offered up for sale through the court system. No details of the auction have been released as of press time.
The first thing that stuck me, is that the Amish are against gambling and they do not invest money in the stock market or other investments. So, why would they invest in a scheme like this? Greed by the Amish? That's almost as unheard of as President Obama telling the truth.
The other thing that will be interesting is if any Amish testify against Beachy. The Amish are the forgiving type, even those who have had been victims of violent attacks.
For instance, when some Amish children were shot and killed in an Amish school house a few years ago, the Amish not only forgave the thug that killed the children, they also made sure the widow of the thug was taken care of and the Amish were the ones who comforted her and made sure her needs were met. In addition, they made sure that any money brought in because of the tragedy was shared with the widow.
So, this will be an interesting case as it may pit Amish vs Amish. I hope it doesn't turn the communities and families against each other. It will an interesting case to watch.

The real Reason Why The Las Vegas Sun Laid Off 12 Employees

The Las Vegas Gleaner is a very liberal web site, but they are also an honest web site. If a politician or other liberal person strays off the liberal politician, the Gleaner will call them out on it. The Gleaner is a honest liberal who believes in the cause.
The Gleaner has a good blog in which he states the real reason why the Las Vegas Sun has lost money and had to lay off money: Alas, in 2007, just as the Sun was starting to get interesting, Greenspun invested an undisclosed but reportedly "significant" portion of the $315 million put up by real estate wheeler-dealer Sam Zell to secure a highly leveraged acquisition of the Tribune Company, owner of the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and other papers and holdings. This particular variant of the billionaire model didn't result in a high-minded preservation of journalism's "iron core." But it did produce workplaces rife with blatant sexual harassment, massive newsroom layoffs while managers were awarded tens of millions of dollars in bonuses, billions of dollars of debt that threatens to wipe out employee pensions that had been used to finance the deal in the first place, and the biggest bankruptcy ever in the media industry. However many millions Greenspun contributed to the deal, he'll probably never see them again.
Meantime, back at the Sun, Greenspun fell under the spell of an in-house high priest of page-view worship. As detailed by Amy Kingsley in CityLife last year, Greenspun devoted not only resources but organizational focus to an expensive "new media" division....
It would have been nice if money frittered away on multimedia geegaws or the untold millions blown on the Tribune Co. fiasco had instead been used to establish a trust or endowment to assure the Sun's continued commitment to journalism's "iron core." Greenspun's wealth -- and his wherewithal to finance a "billionaire model" of journalism -- has presumably suffered with the rest of the economy, especially given the collapsed value of his family's vast real-estate holdings. Getting seduced both by Zell and a glib website designer hasn't helped.
And so naturally, when announcing the most recent round of layoffs at the Sun, Greenspun blamed ... the R-J?
A "central reason" for this month's layoffs, Greenspun said in a statement published on the Sun's website, was that under the shared-revenue agreement with the R-J, the Sun was "too exposed to the fortunes of the Review-Journal."
True, the papers are sharing a smaller pie. People have been laid off at the R-J, too. But Mike Ferguson, who replaced Sherman Frederick as the Stephens Media CEO after Frederick discredited himself and his newspaper during the Reid-Angle campaign, was absolutely right to remind everyone that if it weren't for the JOA with the R-J, there would be no Las Vegas Sun.
The only other thing I would add is that Brian "The Coward"Greenspun also frittered away money investing in property that eventually was foreclosed on.
So, thanks to the Gleaner, we now know the real reason why the Las Vegas Sun laid off 12 employees and is in serious financial danger.

Yes, Bear Fans, There Was A Hold On The Punt Return

During today's Green Bay Packer, Chicago Bear game, the Bears ran back a punt for an apparent touchdown very late in the game, but it was called back because of holding. The play, if it worked, was very well executed and was quite a clever fake out of the Packers
The announcers in the booth couldn't find the holding and the Bears fans were howling mad.
But because someone decided to violate the NFL copywrite, were able to see the holding call it is was a good call:

I'm glad the ref's called the hold and prevented at an onside kick attempt.
But the Packers were faked out their jock straps on the play because they thought the ball was going to the Bear's Hester on the right side of the field but the ball ended up on the left side of the field, about 30 yards away, to another receiver and he basically walked into the end zone.
Thank goodness for holding.

Brian (The Coward) Greenspun Should Just Write A Check

Brian (The Coward) Greenspun is the editor of the Las Vegas Sun and writes a weekly editorial. the reason why Greenspun is a coward is because he doesn't allow comments on his column.
From Coward's column: There is nothing classy about the trouble we’re having.
I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am tired of hearing politicians, talking heads, wannabe pundits and know-nothing know-it-alls telling us that good fiscal, tax and revenue policy is nothing more than class warfare. Because it is not.
If you are a member of a certain class and you feel put upon, under siege, oppressed or at war, you will actually say something about it. Like “help!”
In the case of President Barack Obama’s effort to ask the nation’s wealthiest individuals and corporations to contribute a few dollars more each year to help our country out of the fiscal ditch we are in, those who are screaming “class warfare” are doing a great disservice to this democracy. And those yelling the loudest are not the people who are being asked to pay.
By contrast, those asked to pay are saying, “yes.”
Say, Coward Greenspun, when did you send in your check to pay your perceived fair share of taxes?
Well, today he is advocating that the rich, who, Obama's definitions, is anyone who works, pay more in taxes. Greenspun is an advocate for higher taxes but when has Coward Greenspun ever sent in an extra check to the federal treasury?
Of course, Greenspun won't write a check because he doesn't really believe in higher taxes. In fact, Greenspun just recently stiffed some banks/creditors when he allowed some property into foreclosure. In addition, Coward Greenspun just laid off about 12 workers from the Sun, so he really doesn't believe in keeping people employed. Finally, there is no union representation of employees of the Las Vegas Sun, so Coward Greenspun doesn't want to pay his workers an honest wage or give them fair benefits. But he expects employers to allow unions in their workplace, wants to keep a low bottom line and really doesn't believe in paying more in taxes.

Brian (The Coward) Greenspun is just a great big phony, like this guy in the video:

Just Saw The Replay Of The Ortiz-Maryweather Fight....

I just saw the ending of the Ortiz-Maryweather fight in Las Vegas last week and this ending is something that Vince McMahon of the WWE would be proud of.
While the referee was looking away. Floyd Maryweather hit Ortiz with a legal but cheap shot. It was classic WWE.

Did McMahon take over boxing while no one was loooking?

Maybe Maryweather was still thinking about this:

Elton John Wants To Have Someone Who Plays Him In A Movie...

From Norm in the LVRJ: Elton John is looking for someone to portray him in the upcoming film "Rocketman."
John, who returns to The Colosseum at Caesars Palace this week after a 2½-year absence, is reportedly producing the biopic with his partner, David Furnish.
"We've always thought there was a wonderful cinematic opportunity to tell Elton's life story," Furnish told Entertainment Weekly.
"But we wanted to wait until the time was exactly right. Elton feels very excited about doing it now. He's in a very happy place in life right now and thinks it's a good time to artistically reflect on the past."

I suggest Janet Reno

Are There Any Sane Liberals Out There?

One thing is for certain, many liberals just don't have a clue about having class and manners. In another of edition of a member of the left having no class or manners: The 20-year-old daughter of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin had just fallen from a mechanical bull while filming her reality show for the BIO Network when she was heckled by a 47-year-old man.
“Did you ride Levi like that? Your mother is a whore! Your mother is a f***ing devil!” he shouts.
Palin approaches the man and asks, “Is it because you’re a homosexual and that’s why you hate her?”
“Pretty much … and why’d you say I’m a homosexual?” he responds.
“Because I can tell you are,” Bristol says.
“You’re f***ing white trash from Wasila!” he screams as she leaves with her production crew. “F*** you, you f***ing b***h!”
At one point, the man also tells Palin that he doesn’t believe in hell, but that if it exists, he believes her mother will go there.
What kind of piece of shit would go up to a person when they were not invited and spout off a rant that is both rude and disgusting?
Only a person who is among the most vile people in the world. The guy is lucky he is still standing because if someone did this to someone in my family, they would not be standing 10 seconds after they had said it.

And this is the kind of person the liberal of this country adore. Not all liberals, mind you,. There a minority of liberals in the country who don't support people like this, but they are in the vast minority. From Wisconsin to Ohio, New Jersey, now California, the liberals have shown themselves to be classless and world class a-holes.

It's getting close to civil war in this country. Not in the sense of north vs south. Btu liberal vs conservative. The liberals are showing that they are more than capable of using violence to support their cause. Soon, the conservatives will show liberals that we will use violence to protect ourselves.

Obama: White Straight Middle Age Men: F-K You!

From the Washington Post: Today, the political realities of a sputtering economy, a more polarized Washington and fast-sinking presidential job approval ratings, particularly among white independents, are forcing the Obama campaign to adjust its tactics.

Operation Vote will function as a large, centralized department in the Chicago campaign office for reaching ethnic, religious and other voter groups. It will coordinate recruitment of an ethnic volunteer base and push out targeted messages online and through the media to groups such as blacks, Hispanics, Jews, women, seniors, young people, gays and Asian Americans.
So, if you are a white, straight male, Obama doesn't care about you.

Reminds me of a quote from Rush Limbaugh, when he was entertaining: World to end: Women and minorities hardest hit.

So, What Is Tony Stewart's Dead Weight Problem?

Today, Tony Stewart won the New Hampshire Sylvania 400 in Loudon, NH.
In the post race interview, he said he got rid of some dead weight. Not sure if it is in his personal life or professional life.
No information from ESPN, which televised the race.
From this web site, there are rumours about a girl friend breakup.:

One of life's great secrets for now.

Update from ESPN: Stewart was cryptic about the turnaround after he got out of the No. 14 Chevrolet at New Hampshire.
"We got rid of some dead weight earlier this week, so, it's made it a lot easier It's been a big weight lifted off our shoulders," he said, without explanation. "Sometimes you've got to make adjustments in your life, and we did that, and it's definitely helped this weekend for sure. These guys have never quit, man, these guys have never given up, and we've got a shot at this thing."
Pressed on the issue in the media center, Stewart declined to address it.
"We're just going to leave it at that," he said.
Whatever he meant, it seemed more personal than professional. Crew chief Darian Grubb said there were no personnel changes on the team.
"Maybe he's talking about me and I just don't know it yet," said Grubb, laughing.
I coul dnot find anythign on
If he is talking about dumping his old girlfriend, man, that's cold.

Update 2: Just throwing this out there. earlier in the week, ESPN ran a story about how Tony Stewart was going to be no more Mr. Nice Guy while driving.

From ESPN today: OK, everybody sit down, shut up and hold on -- for another rocket ride with Tony Stewart to the top of NASCAR and, as usual on such rolls, into uncharted territory of cantankerous enigma.
Stewart threw somebody under the bus -- it just wasn't clear whom -- live on ESPN on Sunday, after winning his second straight Chase race and taking the points lead in the playoffs.
"We got rid of some dead weight earlier this week, so it made it a lot easier," he said in Victory Lane after pressuring Clint Bowyer in the waning stages of the Sylvania 300 until Bowyer ran out of gas with two laps remaining.
"It's been a big weight lifted off our shoulders," Stewart continued. "Sometimes you gotta make adjustments in your life. And we did that. And it's definitely helped this week for sure."
Pressed by ESPN's Vince Welch to elaborate, Stewart refused. So, my TV-side colleague Marty Smith and I agreed that the first one of us to get a question in during the lengthier postrace interview would meet that freight train head-on.
Meet your new Chase leader: Back-to-back race winner Tony Stewart.
I got a hand up first, and told Stewart that the track and the Internet were abuzz with curiosity about what he meant.
"We're just going to leave it at that," he said.
No we weren't. I tried to ask if this was a personal message, one-on-one, to somebody out there, but he stopped me in mid-sentence.
"You can't ask anything," he said. "It is what it is. That's all it was, is what you said. That's where we'll leave it."
The other possibility is this: Stewart has a wicked sense of humor. When he was in Las Vegas last December for the awards ceramony, he was on stage with the top 10 drivers of last year's Chase. He had everybody darn near rolling in the aisle laughing our butts off. This may be his way of humor, getting back at the press, or trying to get under other driver's skin.

Whatever it is, he certainly is making people talk.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Presidential Politics For $500, Alex

Alex: The answer is 8%

Contestant: Percent of days President Obama has played golf during his presidency.

Obama has now played 82 rounds of golf since he was inaugurated as king, 977 days ago.
Funny that Obama is playing with Bill Clinton. As some philosopher said, keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer. Obama must be getting a little paranoid with Hillary about now if he is playing golf with Bill.

Does The Pahrump Valley Times Have Any Ethics Left?

The Pahrump Valley Times (PVT) is a small town newspaper located in, you guessed it, Pahrump, NV. I began reading it a couple of years ago for some stories that were interesting and because my wife is from Pahrump.
When I first began reading the paper, it was your usual run of the mill newspaper- it reported on the usual stuff- crime, special interest, politics etc in a straight forward and honest way.
However, since the beginning of this year the PVT, something changed. Maybe they wanted to become muckrakers, like the old school journalists. Maybe they decided they wanted to be activist reporters who decided to put their opinion in their reporting. Many articles have been written that have as news stories but come out as editorial opinion pieces of the writers. Or perhaps the PVT just wanted to have a competition to see which newspaper is more unethical- the Las Vegas Sun or the PVT?
One thing is for sure is that the writers of the PVT are little cowards when they are accused of being unethical. If you write something in their comment sections about their journalism, they would remove their entire comment. They can certainly dish out criticism, but they are very cowardice when it comes time to accepting criticism. The Cowardly Lion of the Wizard of Oz comes to mind, when it comes the PVT staff.
Now, the PVT has become even more unethical. It is one thing to block a whole comment they find objectionable- I can live with that, but now that are putting in comments that have been altered by the PVT staff and now alerting their readers of the alteration.
The PVT ran an article this week about a young adult woman who has been arrested and put in jail numerous times. the article is written by Kelci Parks, but I do not know who edits comments from the readers, but here is part of the article:
Some people never learn.
Most of the time, when a criminal gets caught, they pay their debt to society, reform their ways, and never bother authorities or the community again.
Then there are habitual criminals, the ones who just can’t stay out of trouble.
Pahrump resident Heather Wallen is a textbook example of the latter. She is the poster child for repeat offenders, whose continued criminal activities clog the courts and stretch already stressed law enforcement resources.
She’s only 21, but she’s been arrested 10 times since 2008, and four times so far this year. Multiple criminal charges were filed against her recently as well, for which she wasn’t arrested because she was already in jail.
Wallen is well-known by law enforcement authorities. When the sheriff was asked about her for this report, he noted that she’s racked up quite a few “frequent flyer miles” with the Nye County Sheriff’s Office.
“Unfortunately, we do have many repeat offenders,” said Sheriff Tony DeMeo. “But some people fly below the radar and some people don’t. She actually was flying below the radar for a while, but the last few arrests got her noticed. Especially the last one, because of the amount of times she’s been arrested.”
It's a fairly benign article. Interesting, but not really newsworthy, especially since they did not interview this woman and find why she is doing all these crimes and getting her side of the story. That would have would made the story compelling.
So, I wrote this comment in the comment section: This woman is like a mosquito- a pain in the butt, but a community can survive people like her.
One hopes she gets her act together and also, hope she never has children. Otherwise, she will end dead before the age of 30

Except, that is not all I wrote. The PVT edited this part (not word for word, but very close) "I can't help but wonder why they chose to write this article. They have not written articles about black male or females, Hispanic male or females or white males. One thinks they wrote this article because she is a white female who kind of looks cute." They did not write that the comment was edited by the newspaper.
How do we know that the PVT has not been editing other comments or news articles that the PVT doesn't like? How about police reports? How about comments the police have said? How about Pahrump and Nye County politicians? Have they ever edited a quote to fit the writer's agenda?

How about the PVT's war against Shirley Matson, the tax assessor of Nye County? The Pahrump Valley Times have been at war with Matson over some supposed bigoted things Matson has written and said. Now that we know that the PVT will edit comments that the PVT does not like without telling it's readers, how do we know if the PVT has edited or taken out of context what Matson has supposedly said and/or written?

The PVT used to be a good newspaper, a very nice small town newspaper that told the story without prejudice. However, this past year, things have changed for the worse and it has become a newspaper without ethics. It would interesting to know if it is the owner doing this or the editor who is allowing unethical journalism inside their paper.
But, one thing is for certain, you cannot trust the Pahrump Valley Times for accurate reporting anymore, and that is a shame.

New Hampshire Wants To Become Part Of Canada?

Today, while watching the pre-race festivities of the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race, in Louden, New Hampshire, at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway, I was kind of shocked they sang the Canadian National Anthem.
Loudon is located in the east/central area of the State of New Hampshire, no where close to Canada. New Hampshire shares it's northern border with Canada and it's only for a few miles.
The sponsor of the race is from Massachusetts, not Canada and the owner of the track is not Canadian.
So, why the Canadian national anthem? Perhaps they should also play the Japanese national anthem because they have Toyota trucks in the race.
I can understand if the race track or Loudon bordered Canada or if the race was in Vermont, then they would do something for Canada, but that's not the case. So, why is the Canadian national anthem being sung here?
Pretty soon, in Las Vegas, we may sing the Mexican national anthem at the 51's minor league baseball games.
Just curious.

Jack Booted EPA Thugs At It Again

From World Net Daily: Just imagine. You want to build a home, so you buy a $23,000 piece of land in a residential subdivision in your hometown and get started. The government then tells you to stop, threatens you with $40 million in fines and is not kidding.
That's the case now before the U.S. Supreme Court, with briefs being filed today by the Pacific Legal Foundation on behalf of a Priest Lake, Idaho, family, Chantell and Mike Sackett.
Attorney Damien Schiff, who will be arguing before the high court in the case, said it's simply a case of a government run amok, and it poses a potential threat to perhaps not every landowner across the nation, but untold millions.
The case developed when the Sacketts bought a .63-acre parcel of land for $23,000 in a subdivision in their hometown of Priest Lake, Idaho. The land is 500 feet from a lake, had a city water and sewer tap assigned, had no running or standing water and was in the middle of other developed properties.
The couple obtained all of the needed permits for their project and started work. Suddenly, the Environmental Protection Agency showed up on the building site, demanded that the work stop and issued a "compliance order" that the couple remove the fill they had brought in, restore the land to its native condition, plant trees every 10 feet, fence it off and let it sit for three years.
Then they would, for costs estimated at roughly a quarter of a million dollars, be allowed to "request" permission from the government to build on their own land.
Or else, warned the agency, there is the possibility of fines of $37,500 per day – with the total now surpassing $40 million.
Chantell reported she was told by the EPA that if "you're buying a piece of property you should know if it's in wetlands."
"I started to do research. I said, 'So how do I find this piece of property in the wetlands [registry]'? And she said, 'Here's the coordinates.' When I actually pulled up the coordinates, it's not there."
No matter, said the government. Do what we want.
So the Sacketts went to court, only to be told the courts can't address a decision like this, as it's an administrative decision. The couple would have to meet the demands of the "compliance order" and pay the $250,000 to apply for a building permit, then challenge the eventual decision.
Or they could expose themselves to $37,500 per day in fines by refusing to cooperate.
The "taking" of their private property without due process now is the focus on the high court's hearings.
Read more: EPA to property owner: 'Your land is our land'
The EPA is another agency we could do without. All they do is harass businesses, property owners and just about everyone else, except other government agencies. Since there is less pollution in the United States than before, the EPA has to justify it's self and bring cases like this. This is also shows the arrogance of this agency where they think they can do whatever they want.
Just a bunch of jack booted thugs in the EPA.

h/t Dad29