Friday, September 23, 2011

Who Says CCSD Is Broke?

From the Las Vegas Sun: The Clark County School District on Thursday approved hiring an outside consultant for $313 an hour to provide multicultural training to teachers.
Zaner-Bloser, an educational materials publisher, will provide 18 days of professional development and materials between now and May 15, 2012 — costing the district $74,700. The consultant will work with about 350 teachers, training them on how to teach effectively in increasingly diverse classrooms.
During the past two decades, Clark County has experienced enormous population growth as families flocked to the glittering gaming and construction mecca of Las Vegas. During the same period, the School District saw the number of Hispanic, Asian American and African American students jump to record levels.
So, CCSD has a staff of 5 people whose only job is to encourage multiculturalism in CCSD but yet CCSD has to go out and hire another consultant at $313 an hour.
Further, the consultant will work with 350 teachers? That is maybe 1 teacher a school.
The worst quote of the article is this: Peay plans to encourage selected teacher-liaisons to train other educators on how to incorporate multicultural lessons into their classrooms. While the diversity training is not state mandated, the training and diversity liaisons are “crucial,” Peay said. It’s akin to the work that special education or English Language Learner specialists do, she added.
Really? Multiculturalism is like special education or ELL? As a special education teacher, I work on a student's individual needs. What is good for 1 student may not be good for another student, so that is the total opposite of multiculturalism where everyone has to be treated the same.
But I guess CCSD is so flushed with money that they need to hire a consultant to do the work of the 5 employees who work in the multicultural department. And pay that consultant $313 an hour plus expenses has to make some CCSD boards members salivate at the expense. After all, it's not their money. It's just the taxpayers.

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  1. Oh dear, looks like you have stumbled upon the cache of useless non jobs in CCSD. I remember getting a multicultural glossary from the county that talks about white privilege, environmental racism and it also describes the nation of Islam in good terms. All on my dime! There are a good deal of administrators and wannabe admins throughout who follow this doctrine of PC because they want controlled speech and are opposed to freedom of speech. They are sick and have a dictatorial mentality.

    Beware of any snitches and moles in the district who will try to use your knowledge and views as a way to ruin your career and boost theirs. You are brave for running this blog and saying the things about CCSD that need to be said!