Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Honesty in Marshfield WI.- Not Surprising

From the Marshfield News Herald: ..."And it's left two employees at the northside store, 2220 N. Central Ave., surprised nearly two weeks after finding about $13,000 tucked under a pair of old dress shoes, and returning it to its original owner.
The box had come in with a normal delivery of used goods, but as Jerry Schmitz, 30, and Len Nyen, 55, unpacked the shoes -- each pair is taken out of boxes and bound by rubber bands -- they came across crisp $100 bills, all from 1981, packed in a small yellow envelope
I used to live in Wood County and I am not surprised by these two gentleman's actions.
For all the bad and greed in the world, it is always nice to see good and in this case, very good and honest people who make minimum wage or just a little more do he right thing. Would you? I know I would, but in this economy, how many people would?

Can't Wait Until Monday

The big Packer-Viking game on Monday night is coming closer. Will I go to a Packer game and cheer for Favre and hope the Packers win or go to a Viking bar and cheer for Favre but hope the Packers win? Either way, I am screwed.

ACORN: Going To Criminal Trial

ACORN, the disgraced "community organization" and a former manager will stand trial for voter regristration fraud.
From the Las Vegas Sun: "The political advocacy organization ACORN and a former manager will stand trial in District Court on charges that they paid canvassers to collect voter registration applications in the 2008 election cycle.
Las Vegas Justice of the Peace William Jansen said on Wednesday there was enough evidence to allow a jury to decide whether the group and its former regional director, Amy Busefink, knew about an illegal bonus system run by its Las Vegas office field director, Christopher Edwards".

ACORN paid it's voter registration people a certain amount of money each day. They would hang out at Wal Mart and other high traffic areas in an effort to get people to register vote. Nothing wrong with that. But like any nice liberal group, they were hypocrites. You had to make a quota or you were fired. You didn't get benefits, no health care etc. Just a bunch of liberal hypocrites.
Now ACORN and it's former manager will stand criminal trial in Las Vegas.
ACORN is a disgrace through out the United States as we have seen in the past couple of weeks.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Angry White Mob Protest Against GOP and Health Care- What An Embarassment

From the Las Vegas Sun: "Chanting “Republicans lie, Nevadans die,” about 50 people gathered outside the Nevada Republican Party’s Las Vegas headquarters Tuesday afternoon to protest what they called the party’s obstructionist stance on health care reform"
50 people? What an frick'in embarassment to liberals! 50 people in Las Vegas is nothing. You can get 50 people run naked through the Desert, if you wanted to. Wouldn't be a pretty picture, but you could do it.
If I were the liberals, I would be hanging my head in shame. If I were the the Las Vegas Sun, I wouldn't have even wrote the aritcle to hide the emarassment.
Picture is kind of funny, though. Lady in the wheelchair holds the sign "Standing Together..."

Party At Rehab- Hard Rock Hotel

I just watched, reluctantly, the show, Rehab, Party at the HardRock. All I can say is that is not true Las Vegas. Most visitors are a lot older and the waitresses aren't as bimboish.
But remember, if you plan on going swimming at a swimming pool at a local Vegas hotel, most close around 7:00- at night. There is no overnight swimming or swimming under the stars. And if you come out to Vegas in, say January, you may want to check if the swimming pool is even open. The weather will be nice- 60-70's but the water will be cold. There aren't many heated swimming pools in Vegas and fewer indoor pools.

Earthquake Hits Somoa

"A powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 8.0 struck off the South Pacific island nation of Samoa on Tuesday, wiping out villages and killing 19 people in the region, reports said.
At least 14 people were reported to have died in American Samoa, and five in Samoa as enormous waves battered the island states, with one witness saying the wall of water had been up to 30 feet (nine metres) high.
One local journalist told AFP entire villages had been wiped out in Samoa on the worst-hit south and southwest coasts in an area where thousands of people live."
A lot of Somoans live in Las Vegas, including several who attend the school I teach at. One hopes for the best, but it is clear they will need help. Check with the Red Cross about donating.

Want To avoid Germs, Wash The Cans And Bottles You Buy

As an grocery employee at Wal-Mart, I can honestly say, that I am surprised more people are not sick because of the dirtiness of the containers of food items we stock.
Just think of the journey of a food product. It goes from the farm, to the factory that processes the food. The cans are touched by a plant employee or two. Goes on a truck to a distribution center for a store. From the distribution center, it is loaded on another truck to go to the store. The products sits on the truck for many hours. Then, the product is off loaded, and put on the store shelf. Who knows how many customers have touched the product. Then, you take the product and then it is touched by a cashier and put in a plastic bag.
People touch a product from start to finish and who knows how many people have clean hands. Again, it's amazing that there are so few people getting sick from food.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Forced Vaccanations- Not the Right Thing To Do

In the state of New York, about 500,000 health care workers are being required to get vaccinations against the Swine Flu.
"Despite a planned rally in Albany Tuesday to protest a state regulation requiring health care workers be vaccinated against influenza — both seasonal and swine fluNew York’s top public health official predicts dissenters will ultimately extinguish their anger and roll up their sleeves.
The regulation, which was approved in August, comes with a stinging addendum: Get vaccinated or get fired."...

Refusing to be immunized against H1N1 because of the vaccine debacle in 1976 “is like saying a plane crashed 33 years ago so I’ll never fly again,” said Dr. Richard Daines, New York State health commissioner.
Apparently, the good doctor forgot about the plane crash this year that killed 49 people in Buffalo, NY. Idiot doctor.
As a teacher that directly works with disabled students and change diapers and clean kids up and a former CNA, I have never a vaccination since I was a teenager. Hepatitis or otherwise and they were free. The last time I took a flu shot was when I was in the Air Force. The flu shot worked very well as I was sick for the next 2 weeks.
There are religions who are against immunizations. There are people, like myself, who think the Swine Flu is no different than any other flu and I refuse to get a shot for it. I believe that the Swine Flu is much overrated. There are others, and myself included, who take precautions and minimize the risk.
I am against government mandating health care- whether it is insurance or forced health care, like this.
This is a stupid idea and it infringes on people's rights.
Further, why don't they mandate other professions, like bus drivers, teachers, people who go to sporting events and other professions that deal with people in large numbers or groups of large people.
Just a stupid idea from government and in this case, the liberal state government of NY state.

Mother of Blogger Passes Away, My Sympathies

Blogger, Tim, of "The Other Side Of My Mouth" mom passed away on September 22, 2009.
While I have personal disagreements with Tim, I do hope his family gets through this and our sympathies go out to his family and her friends.
From the blog: "My dear mother, Marjorie Rock, passed away Tuesday morning. With the help of my sister, Kelly, here is the obituary I wrote for publication. She was loved by many."
Good Luck, Tim.

These Two Businesses Just Don't Belong Together

From The firefighters union is taking steps to stop a planned veterinary clinic, offering affordable care to residents, from operating at their Sagamore Beach fire station....The union believes there are a slew of issues regarding the plan, including fear of flea infestations in ambulances which could then be spread to people's homes, the allergies of firefighters working at the station, illnesses spread from parasites, the smell and the possible storage of animals at the facility.
Having been a volunteer EMT and firefighter, I just can't imagine a vet clinic being set up at the local fire station for the reasons stated in the article. On top of that, being allergic to cats, I know if I worked there, I would be miserable.
What a stupid idea.

Harry Reid Lies? Say It Ain't So, Harry!

From the LVRJ: The son of a longtime Nevada congressman disputes that his father said the assassination of President John F. Kennedy was "a good thing," a claim made by Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., in his 2008 autobiography "The Good Fight."
"There is no way my dad would have said anything like that, much less to Harry Reid," said Jeff Baring, 55, son of former Rep. Walter Baring, a conservative Democrat who served more terms in the House of Representatives than any other Nevadan... Jeff Baring suspects Reid has antipathy toward his late father stemming from the elder Baring's drift to the far right that angered his fellow Democrats.
"They didn't care for him because my dad stood up for the little guy. He locked horns with the other guys because he was out for the people who elected him," the younger Baring said.

That may or may not be true. However, this part is telling and tells me that Harry is not telling the truth:
Reid declined to discuss his recollection of the Baring conversation. "With all respect to the family, this was a private conversation, and Senator Reid is not going to get into a debate about it with people who weren't there," spokesman Jon Summers said.
Umm, Harry, if this was a private conversation, then why did you print it in the book? It must not have been to private at the time when you wrote the book, now was it?
Just another reason why Old Man Harry is not going to be re-elected to the Senate.

Good Bye And Good Riddance- 100 Degree Weather

Today should be the last 100 degree in Las Vegas until next late May or early June.
100 + degree good bye, thanks for stopping by and see you next year.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pawn Stars Blog

I watched the new episode of Pawn Stars again tonight. For me, it is a great show and it tells a little bit about Las Vegas.
The houses the lady who was selling the piano and the guy selling the pinball machine are typical of Las Vegas. Small backyards, close to the neighbors. White interiors and 2 story homes. Cookie cutter houses, we call them.
Most of these "meetings" with the employees are staged. With TV and everything, these meetings are staged and we saw them prepare for a "meeting" a couple weeks ago.
Pawn shops provide a great service in Las Vegas. They provide cash for those who need it. You can hardly swing a dead cat in Vegas and not hit a Pawn Shop, many which are open 24 hours a day. Some people need money to pay bills while others use the money to go gambling, buy booze or drugs. Some of the items in the shops are stolen and many people have tried to pawn stolen items. The Gold and Silver Shop is right in front of some of the worst areas of Vegas. The area east of the Strip is a high crime area. So, if you ever visit Vegas, do not walk east of the Strip, especially by the Stratosphere and north of there or you may have some problems, The cops in town are usually pretty good at monitoring pawn shops. To bad they are not as vigilant at policing recycling places, but they are getting better.
I've bought a TV at a pawn store 2 years ago and it still works and I got it at a good price. You can buy almost anything in Vegas at a Pawn Shop- tools, vacuum cleaners, radios/steros, TVs, cars, computers and just about anything else.
On the 2nd episode tonight, they had a guy selling war bond advertisements is the same guy selling daggers in a previous episode and he was wearing the same clothes. Nice to have the repeat customers.
When they talk about working the night shift, that seems to be pretty easy. Boring but easy. They don't have the store open and they just have a door window open in which they do business.

Juaez Brutal Killings- Just A Stone Throw From The U.S.

Juarez is a city in northern Mexico, right across from El Paso TX. What that city has gone through has been unimaginable for the past several years.
So far, this year, there have been over 3000 murders in the city. Think about it: 3000 murders in a supposed civilized city that is just over the border from the U.S. Many more have been shot. Some people have been treated in El Paso, even though they are not citizens of the U.S. What they do is drop off the victims at the border crossing and hope the victims are taken to the U.S. hospital. Sometimes it works, other times, it does not. The military has basically taken over the city with about 3000 troops patrolling the city.
I have visited the city 1 time in my life. The poverty is tremendous. In the U.S., if you live high on the mountain, that means you have money. In Juarez, it means you are dirt poor. If you live high in the hills, you don't have running water and you have to have water trucked in. Even the "rich" areas of town look like very middle class of cities in the U.S.
Juarez has several large U.S. factories, employing several thousand people, but some of them have closed or laid off people. Their public transportation uses buses from the 1960s.
The drug trade employs thousands and it is a brutal business. This story in the El Paso Times sums up the brutality:
The reason why i bring this up is that Juare is not just some far away place. It is right across the Rio Grande and El Paso. El Paso and other surrounding areas are suffering from the effects of what is going on in Juarez and other Mexican cities. While this is mostly a Mexican problem, it still effects the U.S.
Living in Las Vegas, I see the problems daily. Whether it is crime or illegals sucking off the welfare, educational and medical systems, we do have problems with illegal immigrants.
I have sympathy for those are illegal and living here. Their living conditions in Mexico are horrendous- poverty, crime and lack of education and opportunity.
On the other hand, those who come here illegally cannot be committing crimes, go on welfare or abuse the health care system. If you come here and commit crimes, go on welfare or abuse the health care system, you are not welcome here and you need to go back, whether voluntarily or by deportation. If you have children here and they are citizens here, you have a decision to make- bring the kids or leave them with friends or relatives.
Our governments are strapped for money and illegal immigrants are helping the situation. They can help by not committing crimes, going on welfare or abusing the health care system.

Update: Helicopter Crashes On Mount Charleston

According to the Las Vegas Sun, a helicopter crashed on Mount Charleston this evening.
This would be unusual. As a frequent visitor, I have rarely ever seen a helicopter, other than a police helicopter in the area. Small airplanes, yes, but not helicopters. And with the crash being reported at 6:33 pm, makes it more unusal as the sun is setting in the area.
There have been several crashes around mount Charleston. In June of 2008, a plane crashed in Kyle Canyon and killed 4 people.
On October 31, 2001 another plane crashed on the mountain, killing the pilot.
We have had several downed helicopters in the area this summer and those incidents have came out positively, with no deaths and 1 injury.
More later.
Update from the Las Vegas Review Journal reporting 1 injury from burns and 3 others uninjured. Thank goodness it wasn't worse.

Breaking News- Airplane Down Near Mount Charleston

According to the Alarm office for the Clark County Fire Department, an airplane has crashed near Mount Charleston. Further details will follow.

Obama Wants To Increase School Time

From the AP: "Students beware: The summer vacation you just enjoyed could be sharply curtailed if President Barack Obama gets his way.
Obama says American kids spend too little time in school, putting them at a disadvantage with other students around the globe"...Obama and Duncan say kids in the United States need more school because kids in other nations have more school.
"Young people in other countries are going to school 25, 30 percent longer than our students here," Duncan told the AP. "I want to just level the playing field."
While it is true that kids in many other countries have more school days, it's not true they all spend more time in school.
Kids in the U.S. spend more hours in school (1,146 instructional hours per year) than do kids in the Asian countries that persistently outscore the U.S. on math and science tests — Singapore (903), Taiwan (1,050), Japan (1,005) and Hong Kong (1,013). That is despite the fact that Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong have longer school years (190 to 201 days) than does the U.S. (180 days)."
I think Obama is throwing the teacher's union a bone. More school hours/days equals more money for teachers.
Is it a good idea? It depends. My son's school extended the school hour by 30 minutes last year so they can have "enrichment" classes. These classes included chess, dance, cooking, advanced PE and art. While these classes are nice, is it a good reason to extend the school day and pay the extra money? No, because these things can be learned at home.
In my daughters case, she is in her first year in middle school. She has 3 classes of reading/English, and 1 class of math, science and band. If she had extra time in the classroom, maybe she could have a PE class or social studies/history class.
From a teacher's perspective, it's great. They increase the number of ours or days in a scool year, they will increase my pay. If they add 10 minutes a day to class. that won't change much. If they add more days, that will help, but it will cost money. Where is the money going to come from?
From my perspective, this is a local issue. If a school district wants to lengthen the school day/year, they can. There is nothing that says they can't lengthen the hours a kid goes to school. This is a local issue and the President and the federal government needs to butt out.

Democrats Use Tragedy For Political- Shameful

From the Havre (MT) Daily News: "But McDonald said Thursday in interviews that Rehberg and state Sen. Greg Barkus, who was driving the boat, showed poor judgment the night of the accident. McDonald said the two Republicans, which he called "drunken politicians," should not have been drinking before heading off across the lake. Rehberg has said he had less than Two beers, and said the hospital tested his alcohol level at .05, below the level considered legally impaired for a driver, which he wasn't."
There was a boat accident on Flathead Lake near Kalispell, MT. A GOP state senator was driving the boat that crashed and injured several people. The despicable Democrat running for U.S. House of Representatives and running for the seat now held by GOP Denny Rehberg.
Democrat Dennis McDonald is using the accident as an excuse the politicians. The other candidate in the Democrat primary is Tyler Gernant and is also using the tragedy for his sick advantage to promote health care reform: ""Honestly, I think that will be for Montanans to decide," Gernant said. "But I can say that I think Representative Rehberg is very fortunate to have publicly funded health insurance."
These two Democrats are pathetic. They use an accident in which no one is being criminally charged to make their pathetic points. Does he honestly think no politician drinks, especially Democrat politicians?
I realize it is politics as usual- destroy the opposition, but this really went over the line.
As a side note, I used to live in Havre and traveled to Glacier National Park and Kalispell numerous times. Very beautiful area- a place I would love to live.

Tatoos- Wierd

I will be honest, I hate tattoos. Besides being hairy and a tattoo would not look good on me, I just could never get one.

I live and work in Las Vegas. Some of my observations:

First, freshmen kids coming into school are starting to get them. I guess, getting a tattoo is a way to look impressive to the gang kids in the neighborhood.

Then, working at Wal-Mart, I have seen the strangest tattoos.

The strangest by far, is a gentleman who comes in about 2 times a month. He has a green lizard claw tattoo on his face. He is bald and the claw pretty much covers the entire face and top of his head. He also has a lot of tattoos on his arms and neck, but you really don't notice them.Another patron has a bunch of tattoos on his face and he has his hair like the Statue of Liberty's crown.I would say about 30% of the people who come into our store have tattoo's that are showing. Big, little, all different colors and locations. It is really strange when you see ladies and old men who are older than 75 with their withered tattoos. I have seen 2 Obama tattoos. (none for Bush or Harry Reid) I've seen tattoo lips of every color, with the strangest being big green lips (2 inches at least) on a guy's neck.I've seen a lot of Hawaiians have tattoos of the 7 islands of Hawaii, so they must be proud of their state. I have yet to see a tattoo of Nevada or Wisconsin or any other state.I just feel that a person who gets a tattoo is looking for attention for themselves and I am not a person who looks for attention. (while I have a blog, I do not try and draw attention to my name)So, for those who have tattoo's, I will not be joining your ranks. But for those who decide to get a tattoo on your face, what exactly do you plan on doing with your life? How many people will hire you with a tattoo on your face and head. Maybe a weird TV show, but no one who has to with customer service. You will get plenty of stares but that's about it.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wisconsin Driver Makes Good And Thanks LVMS

Johnny Sauter, NASCAR Camping World truck driver drove to his first truck win by winning the 350 race in Las Vegas tonight. Sauter, of Necedah, WI. dominated the race and won easily.
I got to go to the race today, courtesy of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. They donated hundreds if not over a thousand tickets to teachers within the district. It was a good and loud race, other than when the race was late starting because of the lights going out. It only took us 45 minutes from the time the race ended to go watch the fireworks, walk out, get on a tram and then drive to our house, about 5 miles away. The cops and security did a good job getting people out.
The only down side of the race was that it was advertised a 350 race. We presumed it meant 350 miles. Noooo, it is KM's. So, instead of the race going about 250 laps, it was 146 laps. This the U.S., why are they using kilometers?
Thanks again, LVMS.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Leveling Day In CCSD

Each year, after the third Friday, we have a day we call "Leveling". This is where schools that a student population is lower than the projected gives up teachers, administrators and support staff to schools that went over their projection.
This year, we lost an assistant principal, 2 special education teachers, and 3 regular education teachers in various subjects. We also lost a self-contained classroom. We also lost a secretary and a special education aide. Now, these people are not laid off, they just are placed at a school that needs them.
When a teacher or support staff position is eliminated at a school, they ask for volunteers in the subject area that is to be eliminated. If there are not enough, then the choice is done by seniority.
However, if an assistant principal or counselor is to be eliminated, they ask for volunteers and if they have too many or too few volunteers, then the principal makes the decision. The reason seniority is not in play is because assistant principals and counselors can move any time of the year, unlike teachers who want to transfer can only transfer at the end of the school year in June. (CCSD has many 12 month schools, so in those school never ends- just a change of staff and students)
On Thursday, the teachers and support staff held a large meeting in separate locations. Based on seniority, they get to pick their new teaching assignments. For some teachers, especially those with high seniority, they may end up going to a better teaching situation for them. For those on the low end of the totem pole, they may end up in a bad school or teaching a subject they don't like.
For administrators, it is the opposite- the schools pick the administrators they want.
In the end, no one loses their job.
Then moving day comes. They are given 1 day to clean out their offices and classrooms and move them to their new school. For some teachers, it is no big deal, others, they have years of papers and books in their rooms and it all has to be moved. It is quite stressful.
For students, most are not affected. For those who are, they get new teachers, new schedules and have to get used to new teachers. Depending if a school is getting more or less teachers, it may mean smaller or larger classes for them. While it is not as stressful for teachers, nonetheless, it is stressful.
All in all, in the end, it does help the school district save money for this day of inconvenience. It is a necessary evil, but in the end, it is worth it. I do know, other school districts, especially large school districts don't do this, but they should.

Teacher Indoctrinates Students About Obama

A teacher in Burlington, NJ. decided that it was a good idea that their students should sing the praises of President Obama. Indoctrination by a teacher is usually not a good thing.
As a teacher, once again, I am ashamed by the antics of a liberal teacher. This should never have happened, especially in an elementary school, where the kids really don't what they are being taught. At least, in high school, the kids would have a better idea what is going on.
I am also pissed at the administration. Didn't they look at the teacher's lesson plans?
As a parent, if this happened to one of my kids, not only would I have pulled the kids from the class, I would have pulled them from the school and perhaps, the district. I pulled my kids out of a Catholic school in Wisconsin Rapids when the school lied about how my son got injured in PE class, I would have no problems pulling them out of a public school.
Teachers and especially unions, wonder why teachers get a bad rap. 95% of teachers are hard working, talented and really care about children. It's the other 5% that give the profession a bad name. The 5% either whine, abuse, act very stupid or are just incompetent and this is what the public sees.
I hope the teacher, Principal and superintendent get fired, but that won't happen. Shameful.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stupid Idiot Award: What Not To Do With A Barbell Weight

"The highly trained team usually responds to calls involving people trapped in structures and vehicles. On Tuesday, squad members responded to a trapped penis.
In an ill-conceived attempt to increase the size of his member, a man placed his penis through the "hole of a steel, ring-shaped dumbbell weight fastener," according to the
Daily Pilot. The fasteners are used to secure weight plates on dumbbell bars"
All I can say is that it would have been interesting listening to the fire scanner that day and to be a fly on the wall when the first firefighter/paramedic arrived on the scene.
My guess, is that alcohol and/or drugs were involved.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cash For Clunkers- It Ain't What It it Says It Was

From Aol. com: "According to a survey of new-vehicle buyers who participated in the recent Cash for Clunkers program, more than 17 percent now harbor “some” doubt or “serious” doubt about letting a government subsidy convince them to go further into debt." Well, duh. When you are suckerred into bying because Obama says so, then you are going to buy something you can't afford.
But the kicker is this- it didn't save the enviroment:"CNW surveyed drivers involved in the purchase of the first 239,000 C4C vehicles. The average intended annual mileage was 10,894, up from the actual clunker mileage of 6,162. For those of you without a calculator falling readily to hand, that’s nearly double" Gee, people buy a new car and they drive it more than their clunker? Wow, what a shock.
The idiots in Congress and the White House said this will work. It didn't. The air is actually more dirty, people have more debt and now the car buying is not almost dead.
Yep, the are the same idiots who want to run health care and really have no clue.

Ok, I'll Bite- What is Gay Radio?

I realize, i am very naive. I admit this. So, when I read this article from The Radio Equalizer, I just had to wonder what "gay radio" or "gay music" format is?
"Can San Francisco successfully compel a radio station to resurrect their failed "gay" music format?" "Utilizing the same mob-rule tactics that have come to define "progressive" activism in the Bay Area, San Francisco politicians are "encouraging" the new owner of KNGY-FM, known as "Energy 92" to bring back the full-time gay programming it featured until earlier this month. In a national political environment where a crackdown on political talk programming still looms, the outcome of this battle could prove telling."
So, what is the gay music format? Show tunes? Disco? Gloria Gaynor? Cher?
Like I said before, I am just naive.

Monday, September 21, 2009

CCSD Enrollment Declines By about 2000 Students

The Clark County School District, which is the 5th largest school district in the country lost about 2000 students between 2008 and 2009. In reality, this doesn't mean much because the district planned for this by staffing their buildings at 97% of capacity. Because of retirements and people leaving the district, there won't be any lay offs, but why the decline?
Obviously, with an unemployment rate of about 14%, many people who recently moved here have moved back home to where they came from. That means a family from Wisconsin may have moved back to Wisconsin and an illegal immigrant from Mexico moved back to Mexico. The other reason is construction workers are transient and there are hardly any construction jobs in the Valley, they are moving to where the construction jobs are located.
Fortunately, CCSD planned for this and there will be few disruptions, other than the ones that happen on leveling day. Leveling day happens throughout the district, where schools who fall beneath projections lose teachers, administration and support staff and those who exceed projections get additional employees. It is a tradition in the CCSD that the classes you start at as student are not necessarily the one's you end up with 4 weeks later. Gotta love tradition, but CCSD does do a good job and there really isn't too much turmoil.

Operation Repo: Season Finale

I watched the season finale tonight. Apparently, Lou had a heart attack or anxiety attack and collapsed in his daughter's arm.

I am assuming he is ok. I haven't read any news reports about his demise and they haven't cancelled the series, so I am assuming he is ok. It is a stressful business, especially in Los Angeles, but it is a necessary business.

But our thoughts are with him and his family. May he go back reposing people's cars and still be a TV star.

Obama's 8 Month Report Card

As a teacher, I have to give grades. Since I work with students who are severely disabled and who have no clue about the difference between an A and a F, it really doesn't matter. However, I feel I need to give President Obama a 8 month grade. Why? I don't know and it really doesn't make big difference. But hey, if the pundits on TV can make asses of themselves, why can't I?
On the economy: So far, the economy, it hasn't tanked completely. Prices are relatively stable and gas prices are reasonable. Those are good, but for the 16% of Americans who don't have jobs, that doesn't mean squat. This now Obama's economy and it really isn't getting any better despite what a few economists say.
Grade: D+
War On Terror: Obama hasn't screwed up Iraq. Afghanistan is in trouble and it may cause problems in the next 6 months, especially during the cold months. The Taliban are notorious fighters and they will fight forever. It will be up to Obama to see if he is a fighter or a quitter.
Grade: At this time C+
International Relations: He has thoroughly pissed off much of Europe. He gave some awfully weird presents. He pissed off Eastern Europeans with the missile defense shield. He has made good friends with Putin, Chavez, Castro and others on the left.
Grade D-
Domestic Policy: TARP, which was a gift, Cash for Clunkers, which was a failure because of the bureaucrat nightmare, take over of the auto and bank industry, health care reform in which he has not offered a bill but is depending on Congress to do his dirty work and his constant giving interviews (well over 140) and no one is listening, all have been failures.
Grade: F
Miscellaneous items: His public relations has been a nightmare (fly-by Statue of Liberty to name 1)he is polarizing the nation (like GWB), weird dinner dates with Michelle and the stupid dog picking are all failures. He has kept his base but lost many independents, he is still considered a God by a lot of people, especially those wear his face on t-shirts or other types of clothes. He has thrown people under the bus who needed to be thrown under the bus.
Grade C-
Overall grade: When you consider the most important thing is the economy and people afraid of the health care issue, Obama has been a failure. For those 84% who have full time jobs and then some, the economy is sound. But most people are scared of Obama and the health care issue and also afraid of the take over of private industry. The other stuff is small potatoes.
Overall Grade D+
That is actually a better grade I would have given to him if I had listen to pundits on the right and the left. Obama does have potential. He has potential to do this country grave harm or he can bring this country around. The biggest factor will be economy. As Bill Clinton says, "it's the economy, stupid."

Jr. High School Cross-Country Runner Dies During Practice In Wausau Area

From the Wausau Daily Herald: "A 14-year-old student was pronounced dead this afternoon after collapsing during cross country practice at D.C. Everest’s Stiehm Stadium...The student, whose name has not been released, collapsed during warm-up exercises within five to 10 minutes after cross country practice started, according to a news release from the Everest Metro Police Department. He was a member of the team and in eighth grade at D.C. Everest Junior High School. "
As a former cross country runner in high school, I am saddened by this death. Cross-Country runners are a rare breed. When I ran for Tosa East and Oconomowoc, we were a very close team. I cannot imagine what their team is going through. My prayers and thoughts are with the family and teammates of the youngster.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jay Leno Rips ACORN+ Harry Reid Thanks ACORN

Proving that even liberal comedians will rip on other liberals (Letterman is an exception), Jay Leno takes on ACORN.
Funnier is the advertisement, with a Harry Reid imitator thanking ACORN for the extra 50,000 votes in his re-election. Sad thing is, that is what Harry is counting on.
H/T Charlie Sykes

A Very Bad Man Dead- Thank Goodness

From Fox News: "Pakistan's army says a Taliban commander known for beheading opponents has died in custody from wounds sustained during his capture last week...Qasab is an Urdu-language word meaning "butcher." He was given the title because of his ruthlessness toward enemies. He had a $121,000 bounty on his head."
Good by and good riddance. Just remember, he was doing the beheadings in the name of Islam, the religion of peace.

Packer Bar Experience

My lovely wife, Cathy and myself made our first visit to a Packer bar during a game. We went to Rumrunners on Boulder Hwy and Russell Rd.
We got there just as the Packer defense went into their meltdown. The bar was quite full. That's quite a feat considering the game started at 10:00 in the morning. The waitress stated that the bar gets full around 9:30.
Most of the fans there were very serious fans, not fly-by night fans. All I heard after the Packers gave up the 3rd and 34, was "3rd and fricking 34", and they weren't using the word fricking and there other curse words involved. It wouldn't be the last time a swear word was heard in the place.
The staff were very friendly. At half time, you had a brat and potato salad meal. They had the best wings there. The chickens they used for the wings must have been on steroids as they were huge chicken wings.
Like I said before, the people there were hard core Packer fans and they suffered during the 2nd half and happy when things went well.
We'll be be back for more Packer games.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bawk Bawk Bawk: Obama What is Afraid Of?

President Obama will appear on CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC and Univision. Why is he afraid to go on Fox?
Doesn't matter to me, though, I won't watch him on any channel, I have better things to watch, like the Packer game, which starts at 10AM our time.
I can picture Fox's advertising campaign: "Only Real Men Appear On Fox."

Violate The Rules Of The Desert, Pay The Price

The number 1 rule about living in the Desert and Las Vegas is staying hydrated. The 2nd rule is stay in the shade as much possible. Yesterday, I violated both rules and paid the price. Very bad dehydration and heat exhaustion. Should have gone to the hospital but was stubborn. Ended up vomiting on the carpet after drinking red Gatorade.
Not a fun night.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

How Many CCSD Employees Does It To Trim A Tree?

I was going past a local Las Vegas High School today and saw three CCSD employees trimming the small branches of a tree. The tree were at eye level, so no ladder was required. They also used clippers instead of a saw.

3 people to trim a tree, which is about a 20 minute job.

CCSD is complaining they don't have money and we have cut many programs. If it takes 3 people to trim a tree, CCSD cannot complain about money problems.

This Is Just Wierd, But Sad

From the LVRJ: Las Vegas police discovered the valley’s fourth murder-suicide or attempted suicide in 12 days Thursday afternoon when they walked into the home of a recently deceased husband and a wife who had been dead for possibly two years.
Obviously, the couple didn't have many friends.

DNA Pool Loses Two Members: Stupid Idiots

From Jsonline: Authorities identified two men Thursday who were run over and died while fighting in a roadway Wednesday night....The men were passengers in a car in Lafayette County when they started arguing and the car's driver pulled over on Wisconsin Highway 78, according to a news release from the county sheriff's office. They were lying in the northbound lane of the road when a 33-year-old Monroe woman hit them with her Oldsmobile.
If you are going to fight, don't do it in the middle of the road or you will become road kill, which happened to these two idiots.
Plus, the woman driving the car was cited for DUI. What a trifecta!

High School Football Rules Question

I went to my high school's football tonight and it was a pretty good game. Two plays, however, left me scratching my head.

Both plays were basically the same. The running back broke off a long run that resulted in a touchdown. During the play, before the runner made it to the goal line, a blocker decleated a defensive player and on both plays an unnecessary roughness penalty was called. Instead of enforcing the penalty by bringing the ball back and nullifying the touchdown, the penalty was enforced on the kickoff.

I asked the referee at half time and he said it was a dead ball foul and even though the play had not ended and he stated this was a high school rule.

If this was college or the pro's, the touchdown would have been called back and the penalty would have been enforced from the spot of the foul. But not in high school? It seems like the offensive team is being rewarded for making a penalty.

Anybody know what is going on?

Top Chefs= Wimps

Top Chef went out to the Sandy Valley, southwest of Las Vegas.(Bravo cable TV). The chefs were complaining how hot it was. At the time the of the filming, it was about 110 degrees and they were complaining. Wimps.
Of course, there was no humidity. And also no air conditioning.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Not Good On The Old Job Resume

A volunteer for the Eagles Mere Ambulance Association was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol after the ambulance he was driving crashed over the weekend while transporting a patient to a hospital, according to the state police and the Eagles Mere fire chief.
Two emergency medical technicians suffered minor injuries in the crash, according to the state police and Brian Smith, chief of the Eagles Mere Volunteer Fire Company.
John Huhn, 67, of Eagles Mere was driving the 2000 Ford 550 ambulance south on state Route 3007 in Shrewsbury Township at 9:30 p.m. Sunday when he failed to negotiate a left-hand curve in the roadway, according to the state police at Laporte.
The ambulance traveled off the western side of the roadway and into a ditch, state police said
As a former volunteer EMT and fireman, I never went on a call drunk. Maybe 1 or 2 beers for a grass fire, but that was about it.
In the good old days, when they actually had beer in the fire station, sometimes a person would drink a little after training or a fire call, but almost every time, they knew if they had a call, they would not go on the call. They would help out at the station and help out on the radios, but not go to the scene.
Boy, how things have changed.

Harry Reid Opposes Current Senate Health care Bill- Well Duh!!

Harry Reid,with very false sincerity. says the current Senate version of the health care bill is not good for Nevada. "No sooner than the Senate Finance Committee's chairman released his long-awaited health care bill today than Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said it's not good enough for Nevada.
Reid is concerned about the cash-poor state's inability to boost Medicaid spending as would be required under the bill.
“While this draft bill is a good starting point, it needs improvement before it will work for Nevada," Reid said in a statement. "During this time of economic crisis, our state cannot afford to shoulder the second highest increase in Medicaid funding."
With all due respect, Harry, Bull sh#t.
Reid is in a lot of trouble of re-election in Nevada. He doesn't poll above 42% against some no-name Republicans. You can't swing a dead cat and hit someone who doesn't like Harry Reid, the politician.
Harry is trying to act responsible. He knew what the bill was before the bill came out. He knew what was in it. He is trying to play good cop, but in reality, he is the bad cop. Drudge fell for it.
The liberal, Las Vegas Sun fell for it along with their liberal visitors. But the very liberal blog, The Las Vegas Gleaner doesn't fall for it.
Harry is saying this for election purposes. He wants to show that he wants to protect Nevadans, but in reality, and as he has shown in past, he couldn't care one bit about Nevada. This about Harry's power and his electability.
My prediction is that the bill change a very little and not for the best and he will throw his full support behind any health care bill that comes to the floor.
My other prediction that this will backfire on Harry and he will fall further behind in the polls.

Jimmy Carter Shows Why he Was the Worst President in 100 Years

From My way: Former President Jimmy Carter said Tuesday that U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson's outburst to President Barack Obama during a speech to Congress last week was an act "based on racism" and rooted in fears of a black president.
"I think it's based on racism," Carter said in response to an audience question at a town hall held at his presidential center in Atlanta. "There is an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African-American should not be president."

No, Jimmy, just because you are opposed to the President's policies doesn't mean you are racist or basing your opposition because of race. So, when I opposed Bill Clinton or George Bush, what was that based on?
No, Jimmy, it is not based on race. We know, Jimmy, you are anti-Jewish, doesn't mean everyone discriminates.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Senate Votes To Cut Off ACORN Funds: Whoopdeedo

Tonight, the Senate decided to cut off funding to ACORN. Michelle Malkin has some pretty good details:
Here's the problem, this will never pass the House. The U.S. House has far more radicals and enablers of ACORN. Further, they have their biggest supporter in the Whitehouse.
The Senate made a token effort and had a vote to make them look more conservative, but it was probably be a sham vote. What makes me very suspicious is that Schumer voted "no".
However, Kudo's to my Senator, Reid and Ensign and to my former senators, Kohl and Feingold for voting to remove the funding.

Operation Repo: Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr., a Las Vegas boxer, and a very good one at that is not a very good money manger.

He recently purchased a $512,184 Mercedes Maybach 57S on a $415,000 loan at 16%
Needless to say, he didn't make the payments and the car was repo'ed.
"The contract called for an interest rate of 16 percent and 72 monthly payments of $9,077, which the lawsuit said Mayweather failed to make beginning in February 2008.
Court records indicate the bank repossessed the vehicle in January 2009, when the past-due balance had grown to $36,309 and the balance due was $363,000.
After the bank sold the Maybach for $196,000, JP Morgan Chase said that as of March, Mayweather still owed $167,192 on the contract, plus unspecified legal expenses."
Mayweather Jr. has made millions in boxing and commercials, but like many pro athletes, he cannot handle his finances. He has a big fight this weekend and will make a lot of money. One hopes he will learn his lesson and hire a good money manager. Hopefully, he will retire with money and not be a poor and broke has-been fighter.

Government Health Care Costs More

Clark County Health District Flu Shots: $30
Walgreens Flu Shots: $24.99
Where would you go?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pawn Stars Review

First, I would like to thank all the visitors to this web site who come here to read about the show, "Pawn Stars". Apparently, there are a lot fans of the show out there.
First, dear readers, all of the stuff that comes into the store does not come from the Vegas area. The show actively seeks out people who have weird stuff to pawn. Of course, they have to come to Vegas to pawn their items.
After visiting the store, only a few things that have been seen on the are actually on sale at the store. The Ms. Pac-Man game is on sale for $1000. General Griswald's uniform is hanging on the south side of the store, by the decorative eggs. Other than that....
They have a motorcycle for sale, but not the one on tonight's show, coins, a few guitars which are not in good shape, a few woodwind instruments and lots and lots of jewelry.
Last time we were at the store, a lady was trying to buy a necklace for her wedding. She was from California and she was getting married the next week. She tried to find the right necklace, but it just didn't work out, which is surprising since they have so much jewelry. Rings, necklaces, more rings, more necklaces, bracelets, and more jewelry.
BTW, the cuss jar is no longer there.

Don't Piss This Guy Off: BoA Found Out The Hard Way

From the Las Vegas Review-Journal:
Byren Stuckey knew in June that he was going to get his revenge on Bank of America. He just didn't know when, or how.
First he had to get home from San Diego after the bank froze his account
...Shortly after arriving in San Diego, on vacation, with his boat and his girlfriend and expectations of a good time, Bank of America put a freeze on his account.
The $9,000 he deposited the week before? Inaccessible, a customer service representative told him... Stuckey, an avid fisherman, thought of the worst smells he has encountered. The anchovy bait he uses to catch stripers at Lake Mead was high on the list.
So he had a friend stop by a local Wal-Mart and pick up a package of them for him. The 10 gray fish come frozen, in a loose-fitting plastic bag about the size of a sandwich bag.
And they smell. Bad.
But the fish weren't enough. He then proceeded to urinate into an empty plastic bottle.

Finally this: When the bank reopened Monday morning, employees noticed a "nauseous" odor coming from the bank vault where the safety deposit boxes were stored, according to Stuckey's arrest report.
The smell was so powerful that employees and customers had trouble breathing.
By 10 a.m., the police were called, and they brought with them a slew of officers, the fire department, and an all-hazards task force that handles terrorist events and chemical and explosive attacks.
The bank was evacuated, closed and surrounded.

Stuckey was arrested and spent some time in the Henderson lock up.
As a person who has been screwed by Bank of America, I could not have been happier. BoA charged me $5 to cash a check on a $17 check that was drawn on their bank. What a rip off.
So, while I don't condone violence, no one was hurt and I don't blame Stuckey for getting angry. I just hope the judge sees it for what it is, an unreasonable action by the bank and and an unreasonable, but satisfying action by a customer.

Obama Opens Mouth And Lies Again Part 1587

From Fox and 60 Minutes, President Obama says: "There are those in the Republican party who think the best thing to do is just to kill reform. That that will be good politics."
No, Mr. President, while it may be good politics. First and foremost, your health care reform is bad policy. 2nd, most of The GOP do want want some kind of reform, just not the reform you are talking about.
Besides the GOP cannot block the bill. They will need help from the Democrats to block the bill.
Another day, another Obama lie.
Another Obama laughable moment: "I have no interest in having a bill get passed that fails. That doesn't work," Obama told CBS. "You know, I intend to be president for a while and once this bill passes, I own it." But the reality, most of the health care reforms will not start immediately and many of the reforms will start after Obama is out of office, so he won't care if it is successful or not.

Some Teachers Are Just Plain Stupid

Teachers go to school and get degrees. They are supposed to be intelligent people. Just because they have a degree and are intelligent, that doesn't mean they are smart.
Which me brings me to this: At least 3 teachers at the school I teach at have been pulled out the classroom because they either let their teaching license expire or never bothered to get one. This is going on all district wide, in the Clark Country School District, in the Las Vegas area. We also have other teachers waiting for their licenses to be approved because they didn't do their paperwork properly.
So, again, it shows, some people are intelligent but can be stupid to the ways of the world.

Amish Firefighting

I am a former volunteer fireman, starting in Oconomowoc and ending my career with an injury in Maple Bluff. I was also a volunteer in North Dakota and Montana. I also used to live in Central Wisconsin, in the Amish country and got to become friends with several Amish families. I have heard that there were some Amish firefighters but really didn't know how it worked. I found this interesting article yesterday about Amish firemen in Lancaster County, PA.
Among the more interesting items I found in the article is that while the don't drive, they ride in the fire trucks. Some Amish carry pagers while others do not because they consider the pagers to be like a radio. Sometimes, the pagers will have a scanner and the Amish kids will go to a fire and listen to the scanner, which is a big no-no in the Amish community.
Anyways, it is an interesting article if you like reading about Amish, firefighting or different cultures.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Commonsense In The Census Bureau

The Census Bureau today, cut it's ties to ACORN in regards to the 2010 census: "Over the last several months, through ongoing communication with our regional offices, it is clear that ACORN's affiliation with the 2010 Census promotion has caused sufficient concern in the general public, has indeed become a distraction from our mission, and may even become a discouragement to public cooperation, negatively impacting 2010 Census efforts," read a letter from Census Director Robert M. Groves to the president of ACORN."
This had to be hard to do, considering President Obama's ties to ACORN, but congratulations to the Census Bureau for doing the right thing.
No wonder Obama wanted the Census Bureau to be brought in and be part of the administration. If Obama had succeeded in bringing The Census Bureau into the administration, do you think this would have happened, dropping ACORN? Yes, you are correct, of course not.

Obama: "Will kill bin Laden. We will crush Al-Qaeda."

When President Bush was still in office, Democrats went after Bush unmercifully about not catching Osama Bin Laden. They viewed this as incompetence of the Bush administration. President Obama stated before being sworn in:
"In an October 7 debate during the presidential campaign Obama said that if elected, his administration "will kill bin Laden. We will crush Al-Qaeda."
"My preference obviously would be to capture or kill him. But if we have so tightened the noose that he's in a cave somewhere and can't even communicate with his operatives, then we will meet our goal of protecting America
Obama has been in office for almost 8 months and it appears the U.S. and Obama is no closer to catching Bin Laden than Bush was. Bin Laden still communicates with the world and Al-Qaeda still operates, especially in Pakistan and Afghanistan, along with the Taliban.
Now, this is not a complaint against Obama. I think he has been adequate in Iraq and Afghanistan, meaning, he hasn't screwed it up. Time will tell in the next few months whether Obama's strategy will work.
My point is this: It's a lot easier to criticize while campaigning. It's a lot easier to speak out when you don't have experience in foreign affairs. If Bush was incompetent not getting Bin Laden, then so is Obama. And if another year and Obama is not caught, does that make Obama even more incompetent? Probably not. Or it could be that Bin Laden is very difficult to get and despite the excellent work by the military, CIA and other services, Bin Laden may never be caught.

Barbara Buckley Says No To Governship

Barbara Buckley (D) and the front runner for governor of Nevada decided to not to run for the post today. Even though she would have beaten her main Democratic rival, Rory Reid (son of Harry)43-22%, she decided not to run.
Why? She claims it is for family reasons and the length of the campaign. Maybe that had a little something to do with it, but then she should have announced much earlier.
Could it be that, while our current governor, Jim Gibbons, is beatable, she loses to the other GOP canidates, announced or unannouced in the field? I think that is the more likely scenario.
It does set up an intresting scenario next November. Both Harry and Rory, two of the most despised politicians in the state, along with Gibbons, will be on the ballot running in two statewide elections. It could be a very good year for Nevada conservatives.

Democrats: Refuse To Pay The Bills

From the Las Vegas Sun: A landlord has sued the Democratic Party of Nevada, claiming it failed to pay thousands of dollars in rent for Las Vegas office space it formerly leased.
Timothy and Carol Antoku of Honolulu filed suit Wednesday in Clark County District Court against the party
...The Antokus assert that in January, the defendant agreed to pay past-due rent in monthly installments and have the balance paid off by April -- but has failed to do so.
The lawsuit says the past-due balance is $18,281. The Antokus are seeking more than $30,000 in damages for breach of contract and other claims.
Who knows, maybe the Dem's think they are entitled to free rent. Maybe they are just lazy in paying their bills. Maybe they are broke. But what it comes down to is the Democratic Party of Nevada is irresponsible. The Democrats of Nevada are the same ones who are pushing health care reform. If they cannot even meet their finacial obligations, how can we trust them with health care or running the government?

9/11 A Day That Changed The World

9/11/2001 A day that changed the world. Just about everything we do today revolves around 9/11. We continue to be at war. Our travel has been turned upside down. National security has changed. Our attitude towards Muslims have changed. Very large building construction has changed. Politics have changed. Firefighting operations have changed. Firefighters and police officers are still dying from WTC related illnesses. People's lives have changed.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

True Milwaukee Hero

From Jsonline: "He usually wakes before dawn, before the call he knows will come, the call that will alert him that a teacher is out, a school needs help.
He listens to the voice on the other end of the telephone and jots down the assignment on a small calendar, dresses, then drives to work and faces a new day.
John Outlaw, 86, is a substitute teacher for Milwaukee Public Schools.
Depending on the day and the school, he'll teach math, science, English or history. He'll face a roomful of kids and try to get them to concentrate on the assignment at hand. He'll create a seating chart just to try to keep a handle on things, on names and faces.
Being a subsitute is a tough job. Being 86 years old and subbing take a very special person and Mr. Outlaw is a very special person.
His teaching career was difficult in the beginning:
Outlaw served in the Navy during World War II, attended college in Indiana, received teaching certification for secondary education and came to Milwaukee in 1950. It took him six years to land a job in the public school system - he says he was told that minorities weren't being used in secondary education and that he had to get his elementary certification. He worked in a factory, went back to school and waited.
No doubt about it, Mr. Outlaw is a true Milwaukee hero.

South African Runner- Male or Female or Both

From The Sun, from Great Britian: "The controversy over gender row champion runner Caster Semenya deepened today — after reports claimed sex swap tests have shown she is a HERMAPHRODITE.
South African gold-medallist Semenya, 18, has both male and female organs, it was claimed.
"... And sources close to the International Association of Athletics Federations — who ordered extensive tests on the teen after her amazing 800m win at the World Athletics Championships last month — say the results mean she could still be stripped of her medal.
Semenya is a tremendous runner and could be a star athlete in the upcoming Olympics if she/he is allowed to compete.
However, due to no fault of her/his own, he/she cannot compete. Is this fair. Her/his outward appearences are female and the insides are male. If he/she would be allowed to compete as a female, she/he would have an unfair advantage against other female athletes. If she/he competes against males, he/she would get her/his butt kicked.
So how does Semenya compete? What division- male or female? Is it fair, of course not- no matter what happens.
Semenya is a temendous athlete and this really is not fair to Semenya. But it is also not fair to female athletes who have to compete against him/her. Tough decesion.

Obama Opens His Mouth. He Lies. What a Shock

During Obama's dictator style speech last night, he stated that everyone will be required to purchase health insurance. Ok, I disagree with this, but that is his position.
During the campaign, Obama stated he would not raise taxes on people who make less than $250,000.
Let's see- if you don't have health insurance and now you have buy some, that is a tax increase. If you make less than $250,000, Obama just lied to you. Shocking! Not.

My Predicitons For The Packers

I love the Packers but living in Vegas, working two jobs you miss a lot of the games.
But I predict that the Packers will be 7-9 and Ted Thompson will be fired by February.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Harry Reid: Job Killer

Old Man Harry Reid wants to kill more Nevada jobs. In Humboldt County, pretty much in the middle of nowhere, they want to take in California trash and get paid very money good for it. The landfill would create at least 25 new and permenent jobs.
Reid(D-Dumbass)has killed thousands of jobs in Nevada. Yucca Mountain, Ely power plant and now this. What Reid (D-Dumbass) doesn't realize that the unemployment rate is about 13% and probably more. We need jobs. People are fleeing the state and it is showing with declining tax revenues and huge foreclosure rates. But Harry (D-Dumbass) doesn't realize this. He is totally out of touch with Nevada.
People who have never been to Nevada (the Strip doesn't count)don't realize how much of wasteland we have. You go 20 miles out of Las Vegas and you have literally nothing. Either mountains, desert or flatland. There is very little wildlife and a few plants. This can go on for miles upon miles and upon miles. If you go northwest, you go almost 100 until you get to the next small town. Nothing but wateland. You go towrds California, you have 2 very small cities, Primm and Jean for the 30 or so miles the CA border and nothing in betwee but wasteland. The only place that you can't put a landfill is Vegas to the Hoover Dam.
We have a landfill just north of Vegas that is scheduled to remain open for 200 years. It would last longer if Vegas actually had a recycling program. So, what I am saying is that Nevada can probably take the trash for the entire country for decades and not notice it.
So, soon to be Mr. Reid, thank you for trying to kill more jobs for Nevada citizens. When will you actually care about the citizens of Nevada?

Health Care Debate: Fantasy Island & Stuck On Stupid

Listening to the health care debate, all I can say is that it is like watching Fantasy Island.
On the left side of the aisle, you have the lefty's say that government is the best form of health insurance and government is the most effecient form of health care. They actually believe there will be virtual no cost to taxpayers. Further, they lie and say that illegal immigrants won't be covered. They also lie that all pre-existing conditions will be covered by health insurance(try telling that to a 102 year old person who wants a heart transplant). They also lie when they say that people will not forced onto the public option. Finally, the left lies when they say there won't rationing.
On the right, they say that there will be death commissions who kill grandma and the disabled. I really don't believe that. The right also says that system proposed will be like Canada or Great Britian. I really don't think at this time, it will get that bad. They also think Obama is the anti-christ. I just think Harry Reid is.
I come in the middle. Yes, there are some problem, I don't dispute that, but most of the problems are individual. Name one industry or government agency that doesn't screw up once in awhile. It happens. Maybe there are 47 million people without insurance. However, many of these people fall into 2 catagories. Illegal immigrants and people who don't want health insurance. For the illegals, if they don't have insurance and they go to a hospital and request treatment, the following should happen: Treat the emergency. If they are admitted, or need additional treatment, contact their home country and demand payment. If the country refuses, you airlift them back to their home country for treatment. If the country refuses to take them, then the U.S. imposes tariffs against the country to recoup the costs of treatment.
For the people who don't want insurance, leave them alone.
For those who need medical insurance, open up Medicare and treat it like the school lunch program. If they qualify finacially for free health insurance, then they get free government insurance. If they make a certain amount of money, then they pay a portion of their income towards health care. If they are over the threshold, then they pay for health insurance.
Also health insurance should be open to anyone despite where they live. There is no reason why Blue Cross-Wisconsin cannot sell their insurance in Nevada. And there is no reason why a Nevada insurance company cannot sell their insurance in New York.
Tort reform must happen.
I realize none of this will happen. Both sides are stuck on stupid and in the meantime, there will be people who will fall through the cracks.

Liberal Hyprocricy + Health Care

Just a question: What are the 2 main tenants of liberalism? Freedom of choice when it comes to abortion and keeping government out of the bedroom and the right to privacy in regards to gay rights.
But with the health care debate, freedom of choice- nah. You are forced to carry insurance. If you don't, then you will face a fine of $3800. So much for choice.
Keeping the government out of the bedroom: With what the Democrats are proposing, the government will be not only in your bedroom, they will be everywhere. They will have access to your health records, financial records, dictate care, dictate amount of care and tell you how to spend your money in regards to health care.
So, when it is convenient, the liberal are for choice, but they really don't mean it. When it comes to privacy and keeping government out of our lives, they really don't mean it. And you wonder why they cannot be trusted.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hard Rock Rehab TV Show, Oh Oh, Not Good News

I watched a few minutes of the TV show Rehab: Party at the Hard rock Hotel. The only thing I could think of, is that is not Las Vegas and the many hotels and their pools.
But intresting, on the same day of the premire comes this story from the Las Vegas Review-Journal: Undercover Las Vegas police detectives on Sunday arrested seven tourists on drug charges and one local woman for soliciting prostitution at the Hard Rock’s popular Rehab pool, the second such operation in three months targeting hotel-casino pools...The seven arrested Sunday on various drug charges are 25-year-old Roquito Santos of Alameda, Calif.; 29-year-old Rajaa A. Farah of San Leandro, Calif.; 30-year-old Igor Alejandra Garrido of Hayward, Calif.; 29-year-old Joshua Gilman of New York; 22-year-old Crystal Amlie Shields of Long Beach, Calif.; 21-year-old Heather Erickson of Long Beach, Calif.; and 27-year-old Robert Baldwin of New York.
North Las Vegas resident Nancy Veley, 24, was arrested for soliciting prostitution.
Hey, come to Las Vegas on vacation, leave on probation.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Obama And Narcissism

Obama will give a speech to some kids tomorrow. He used the word "I" and other variations of "I", "me" and "my" 50 times.
50 times in about a ten minute speech! I don't use "I" or my or me 50 times in a month. He thinks very highly of himself.

State of Wisconsin Incompetence To The Poor

From JSONLINE: The voices taunt thousands of Wisconsin's unemployed.
Here's what happens: Unemployed people call a hotline run by the Department of Workforce Development to check on their claims for unemployment benefits or to answer agency questions about their application.
The calm, recorded voice of a woman says: "To speak with the next available claims specialist, press 0."
But about 86% of the time, the caller is soon disconnected with a simple "Goodbye" from the calm, recorded voice of a man.
The callers still don't know why their unemployment checks haven't hit their bank account, and they can't ask a live person any questions.

Yep, Jim Doyle and a Democrat Senate and Assembly at work. And there is no one else to blame.
When a person loses a job, they need a government agency to be responsive. Most people who are newly unemployed are experiencing it for the first time and they need the help to navigate through the system. The newly unemployed (and yes, I have been there in the past)can panic and then they get hung up on, that will add to the stress.
99% of the people will realize that someone should be held responsible for this and join the ranks of the unemployed. (what irony) But in Jim Doyle's administration, it just won't happen. Hell, even Obama will throw people under the bus.
Let's hope this situation will improve on Tuesday because people want to work and they want the government to work with them to get them employed.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pawn Stars Update

The family went to the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, from Pawn Stars last week. One of the reasons we went was to get my kids intrested in coin collecting. My daughter likes to collect state quarters and last time we were in the shop, they had a whole collection for sale. This time they did not.
My son is intrested in older coins, as I am. We saw the Old Man and Rick Harrison in the shop this day. We asked Pops for advise on coin collecting and he seemed happy to give the advise (buy mint condition coins rather than old, beat up coins- something I never knew)Pops is bigger in person than he appears on TV. Hopefully, we will be able to make a purchase in the future.
Rick is smaller than I thought he would be. He was about to film a section on buying a real old gun that was said to be the oldest bazooka and another very old item. It looks like a pole axe, similar to what the Vatican guards carry. So, look for those in upcoming episodes.
I do feel sorry for the family. When we were there, 2 fans asked for autographs, which they got. Another fan came in and without telling anyone or asking, took a picture of the Old Man. By the look on the Old Man's face, it didn't seem like he was enjoying himself.
So, hopefully, my kids will get the good grades and so they can get their reward of beginning a coin collecting and we'll make another trip to the pawn shop.

Las Vegas Sun Unhinged

Brian Greenspun, editor of the Las Vegas Sun goes off unhinged about how Harry Reid (Dumbass-NV) had said that he hoped that the Las Vegas Review-Journal would go out of business because of Harry doesn't like the conservative paper.
The Las Vegas Sun is a typical rag newspaper. Their "news" articles that are printed in the delivered newspaper, are actually editorials mixed into an actual news stories. They cannot even handle newspaper delivery and like most liberals, have to depend on conservatives to get the job done. The Sun is delivered with the R-J.
I will say this for the Sun, though, when it comes to breaking news in Vegas, their web site is the best in the Valley. Their written paper however is best used for the bottom of a cat's litter box.
It is not in dispute Reid said he wanted the R-J to go out of business. It also be noted that Harry has personally destroyed several businesses in the State this year. He has killed Yucca Mountain project, the nuclear power waste depository and a power plant in Ely which would have cost over a billion dollars to construct and had 200 full time jobs associated with it. So, when Harry says he wants a business to close it's doors, he is serious.
Greenspun opines "It may have been a bit backhanded while his tongue was firmly planted in his cheek, but Sen. Reid’s words were honorable and fully American."
It's fully American to have a business to close? Total foolishness.
He believes that he runs the most powerful newspaper in the state and that he can bully politicians, businesspeople and anyone else who doesn’t toe the ultra-right-wing line drawn by the owners of that newspaper and enforced by Sherm
Well, the R-J is the most powerful newspaper in the State. Unlike the Sun who has very little clout. I guess exercising free speech is now called bullying. More idiocy.
I know it is sport at the R-J and in some selfish corners of the Nevada political landscape to denigrate and diminish all that Sen. Reid has done and continues to do for ordinary Nevadans. Let's see, as mentioned above, Harry has cost Nevada jobs, our unemployment rate is one of the highest in the nation, illegal immigration is a major problem and Harry has been a disgrace as a Nevadan because of his partianship.
I suggest, however, that those who just fell for Sherm’s latest ruse turn, instead, to the Las Vegas Sun for credible information and insights. HAHAHAHA. Maybe if the Sun would stop sponging off the R-J, they would have some creditability.

Football Bars in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, where every bar has slot machines and many have adopted pro football teams. It also shows something about the demographics of the area- it seems more people have moved to Vegas from the mid west.
Funny thing about the list- there are more Detroit Lion bars (2)than New England (1) and and this year there are no bars for the Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Bengals, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, New Orleans Saints, St. Louis Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tennessee Titans and Washington Redskins.
My team, the Green Bay Packers have 4 bars and for some strange reason, they offer a lot of bratwurst. Nothing like sterotypes. :)

Liberals View Of The World In Words, What Really What Happens When Liberals Get Their Way

Listen to the lyrics and that is the liberal view. Watch the video and you will see the results of liberal policies. (after the advertising)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Stupid Sports Injuries, Part 3242

NASCAR driver Carl Edwards broke his foot playing frisbee with his friends.
For some reason, it seems like professional come up with the stupidest injuries.
I heard the AFLAC duck is on standby in case Edwards cannot race.

Bank of Wal-Mart And Is It The Future?

Wal-Mart, the extremely large retail chain that I work for part time is set to change how they pay their employees.
Many employees, for whatever reason, take a paper check instead of direct deposit. Many of those people do not have a checking account- maybe they don't make enough, poor credit or they don't want one.
So, to get rid of the paper check, employees will either have to have direct deposit or they will be issued a debit card. Wal-Mat will put money in the debit card and you can use it as just like a credit/debit card. You will not get any intrest and if you lose it, you are responsible for the first $50. There are some fees such as an ATM fee. You get 1 free ATM withdrawal and then it is a $2 fee.(current fee is $1) You can get money back is you go and shop to Wal-Mart or Sam's Club.
Now for the down side. Wal-Mart is going to make a ton of interest money off the money that is not spent. For instance, Wal-Mart has well over employees and if each employee averages about $100 at the end of the month they don't spend, Wal-Mart will $100,000,000 they can make interest off of.
In addition, big brother is watching us. As an employer, Wal-Mart will be able to see where we spend our money. What if we go to a competitor? Will they hold that against us at evaluation time? What if we go to a shop that Wal-Mart disapproves of, like a porn shop? Will they hold that against the porn shop visitors?
Wal-Mart already has the ability to track what we buy when we shop at Wal Mart because we have a discount card. Every time we go shopping, Wal-Mart computers can see what we are buying. I can't prove it, but what if an employee bought too much booze and beer? What will stop them from sending a red flag to the local store? Don't know, but I don't take the chance.
Now that Wal-Mart is going to try this, what is stop other companies and governments from doing this? What will prevent local, state and federal governments from issuing debit cards to pay their employees? What is to stop a large or medium private company from doing the same? Nothing.
So, is this the way of the future? Is this something your employer will want to do and would you go along? Of course, you do have a 3rd option- not work at Wal-Mart.
Wal-Mart- leading the way for good or for the bad.