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Pawn Stars Review: July 11, 2013

It's been a quiet in Las Vegas- hot and blistering heat, hot and humid weather, a huge forest fire just out of town that brought a lot of smoke and firefighters to the Valley.  My guess is before the firefighters leave town, some of them will stop at the Gold and Silver Shop.
A couple of weeks ago, there was a document supposedly written by Napoleon and it was showed to be a fake by a UNLV professor.  The story about the professor is here:
2 new episodes of Pawn Stars (and no, I have nothing to do with the shop or show)
In the first episode, the first guy brought in the Lillard Ailor Cup.  After Googling information about Ailor and the trophy, there just isn't any information there.
The trophy was a trophy for horsemanship.
The guy wanted $2500 and Rick offered $400 for the silver in it.  The guy didn't want to part with the trophy because he didn't want it to go for scrap metal.
The story line was that The Old Man needed a hobby because he was resting too much at work.
The first hobby was feeding the birds and that didn't work out to well as the pigeons were no where to be seen.  Next up, putting together a 550 puzzle, which he spent 5 minutes on.  Then there was taking The Old Man to BINGO at the Red Rock Casino and Corey walked out after they lost.
The next lady brought in a guitar that was signed by the Beatles along with a concert ticket.  The lady got it when they, including the lady were at the Playboy Mansion.  The guitar was a Sunburst guitar and possibly belonged to Paul McCartney:
The lady wanted $25,000 and time for an expert(s), Jesse and Steve. 
Jesse, the guitar expert, said that Paul never played the guitar because the guitar was a right handed and Paul is left handed.
Steve Grad said the signatures were fake and the lady was out of thousands of dollars.  No sale.  She needs to go sue the people who said the autographs were real.
The next guy, Dave from season 1, came in looking for some local art for his new condo.  Apparently, the shop now has an art wing.  He want a painting by Godard: which he bought for $1500.

File:Iron Lung ward-Rancho Los Amigos Hospital.gif
In the 2nd episode, the first guy brought in a antique iron lung.  It was used for polio victims.
The guy wanted $100,000.  Rick thought it was worth more for scrap.
The story line was the Old Man making Chumlee find some bogus things, like a left handed coffee mug and a bucket of steam, which Chumlee did find.  Chumlee went to a frozen custard place in Henderson, Nielsen's frozen Custard and apparently, they have been on American Restoration:

The next guy brought in a NASA Space Shuttle toilet seat.  Not sure if it was used.  The guy wanted $400 and time for an expert, Mark, with a new hat.  He said the toilet seat didn't fly in the shuttle.  Corey offered $200 and the guy still wanted $400 and rick went to $300 and that was the sale.
The next lady brought in a signed book, Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson:
The lady wanted $800 and Corey wanted an expert, Rebecca Romney.  She said the book signed was worth about $400-500.  Corey offered 250 and the lady came down to $375 and then $350 and that was the sale price.
That ends another week of Pawn Stars.  Thanks for stopping by.

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