Monday, April 23, 2018

Arizona Teachers To Strike

I guess contracts mean nothing to teachers in Arizona as the teachers are prepared to have a stike starting on Thursday. 
From the Kingman Unified School District: 
Dear Parent / Guardians,
#RedForEd has called for a teacher “Walkout” for Thursday, April 26th. Their action is based on a State wide employee vote where 78 percent of the voters said “yes” to a teacher walkout. KUSD will close all schools except La Senita (Little Explorers) on Thursday, April 26th. It will be a work day for all of our school employees. We will utilize Thursday to assess the ability to reopen schools on Monday, April 30th. Employees will also be working on assigned tasks.
Our decision on whether to have school on Monday, April 30th will be made by 2:00 pm on Thursday, April 26th. If the walkout continues we will plan on key school events such as Proms, Senior Awards, Senior Trips, and Graduation to take place as scheduled. We will work with AIA and other school districts to participate in varsity sports. The City Recreation Superintendent Yvonne Cossio has offered child supervision programs to help parents.
We hope the State reaches an agreement with the teachers so that we do not get to the “Walkout” on Thursday. Please check for daily (Monday to Friday) updates on the KUSD website and KUSD Facebook. We will also conduct KUSD “One Calls” to parents of the impending school closure on Thursday.
Roger Jacks
Some points:
The teachers better not be paid during strike.
2. The school year has to be extended for as many days as the kids are out.
3. Why is this happening now? Weren't teachers underpaid when Obama was president? 
4. The KUSD has a very high rate of poverty.  How are some these families going to pay for daycare or take days off of work?
These teachers are supposed to be role models for the kids.  Oops, the teachers are acting just like the kids they teach.
I am former teacher in KUSD and the Lake Havasu school district, so I know what it is like to teach in Arizona and it is no different than teaching anywhere else.

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