Saturday, April 14, 2018

Illegal Thugs Sentenced Ford Murder

Another illegal alien thug is going to prison.
From Fire Rescue 1: The bus driver convicted of negligent homicide in January for a 2016 crash on Interstate 10 in LaPlace that killed an on-duty firefighter and two other men received the maximum 15-year prison sentence on Monday.
Denis Amaya Rodriguez, a Honduran immigrant who was in the country illegally, also was fined $5,000....
Amaya, whose attorney blamed the disaster on the company that hired him to drive the bus, told Snowdy that he never meant to kill anyone and didn’t feel guilty of committing any crime, but he said he would accept the judge’s decision.
“In my heart, I feel very bad for this moment,” Amaya, 38, said in Spanish. “It’s painful for me as well, even if (others) don’t believe it.”...
Several legal problems still loom for Amaya, who had previously been cited half a dozen times for driving without a license.
This thug doesn't believe he violated the law?  How about being in the country illegally?  If he hadn't been here illegally all 3 people would still be alive.
But this thug is typical of illegal alien law breakers, especially Dreamers.  They don't believe they are breaking the law by being here illegally.

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