Monday, April 9, 2018

A Big Horrible Oops

I cannot even imagine the pain and other emotions these 2 families are going through. 
From the Saskatoon River Phoenix: 
Two Humboldt Broncos players — one who survived Friday’s bus crash and one who died — were incorrectly identified as the other, part of a tragedy described as “unprecedented in Saskatchewan’s history.”
Xavier Labelle, an 18-year-old from Saskatoon, was initially identified as one of those killed in the crash. Labelle is alive, according to the ministry of justice on Monday. Parker Tobin, an 18-year-old from Stony Plain, Alberta, has now been identified as one of the 15 who died in the crash....
Saskatchewan RCMP issued a statement Monday on behalf of the provincial justice ministry on Monday morning, saying the “Office of the Chief Coroner apologizes for the misidentification and any confusion created by it.”
New information pertaining to dental records prompted the coroner’s office to review its list of those killed, eventually confirming that two players had been misidentified for each other, according to Ministry of Justice spokesman Drew Wilby during a Monday morning news conference.
Wilby acknowledged the difficulties faced by all of those with connections to the crash — and, in light of the incorrect identification, the families of Labelle and Tobin.
To not be at their son’s side right from the start would be incredibly traumatic,” Wilby said of Labelle’s family.
For Tobin’s family, Wilby said, “this is not easy news for them to digest.”
The families of Labelle and Tobin learned Sunday night that RCMP and the Justice Ministry would be announcing the incorrect identifications on Monday morning.
To have “this level of tragedy out of one incident,” Wilby later said, is unprecedented in the province.
I watched the vigil which was carried throught Canada and it was very sad. This very careless mistake was not known at the time but unless people read about the mistake they won't know about this horrible mistake. 

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