Monday, April 9, 2018

Special Counsel's Investigation: Just About The Money

So, Robert Mueller and his gang of liberal thugs have now gone after President Trump's personal attorney by raiding the lawyer's office and home.
This is an outrage because you just don't raid a lawyer office's. Don't think President Trump.
Think of the average person accused of a crime, especially those wrongly accused.
The cops just cannot go their lawyer and take their notes, computers and any other evidence in their case.  Plus, there could be information about other cases.
Attorney- client privilege is the backbone of criminal justice system.
So, why is Mueller not trying to find collusion between Russia and Trump.
Simply put, it's about the money.  Mueller has hired lawyers, investigators, office staff, janitors, security, maintenance  people, rent office space and copy machines, purchasing office supplies etc..
There are a lot of mouths to feed and people making money left and right.
And the longer this "investigation" the more money people make.

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