Monday, April 23, 2018

Terrorism In Canada?

Ryder rental van. Check. High speed. Check. Crime scene over a block. Check. Thug threatened cops. Check. Young to middle dark skinned male. Check.
From Reuters: Police in Canada’s largest city initially said eight to 10 people had been injured but later said it was unclear exactly how many had been hurt or the extent of their injuries.
A Reuters witness said there were at least two bodies at the site of the incident.
It was not immediately clear if the incident was a deliberate act by the driver or a traffic mishap. It occurred at lunchtime on a sunny day and the sidewalks of the mixed commercial and residential area were full of pedestrians.
If it quacks like duck, looks like a duck and floats a duck, it most likely is a duck.
Update: The U.K. Daily Mail says at least 5 have been killed.
Update: Fox nes says 9 people have been killed and 16 injured.

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