Friday, June 8, 2018

This Firefighter Union President Gets It

From the Chicago Sun Times: The president of the Chicago Firefighters Union is apologizing for a protest during the national anthem that marred a charity football game dedicated to the memory of two fallen Chicago heroes.
Local 2 President Jim Tracy said he was
“appalled and embarrassed” about what he called the “classless behavior of one of our members” during the “First Responders Bowl” at Brother Rice High school last weekend.
Tracy was referring to African-American firefighter Camron McGarity, who kneeled while the Star Spangled Banner was played before the Fire Department Blaze faced off against the Chicago Police Department Enforcers.
“This game was about honoring our Line of Duty Death Brothers Paul Bauer, CPD and Juan Bucio, CFD and their families for their bravery and commitment to the City of Chicago,” Tracy wrote in a “Dear Brothers and Sisters” email to the rank-and-file.
“This was not the place to make a self-serving, attention-drawing, pot-stirring statement. This person has not made this statement at any other games this year. He chose this game for this classless act for his own personal gain.”
He added, “I apologize to all the CPD and CFD players, their families and friends who were upset by this selfless act.” Tracy apparently meant to write “selfish.”
The union president could not have said it better.

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