Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Blm Didn't Get Bundy But The IRS Might

Cow Flatulence Global Warming
From Moonbattery:
Good guys won the Showdown at the Bundy Ranch, but the Obama Regime’s war of obliteration against cattle ranchers will continue.
There are countless ways the teaming insects comprising the federal bureaucracy can eat away at what they don’t like — and if it has anything to do with traditional America, they don’t like it. Sending armies of heavily armed goons to intimidate ranchers and rustle their cattle didn’t work out so well, because patriots refused to back down. That’s why our rulers prefer more insidious means of advancing their agenda.
A favorite, especially now that the IRS has become explicitly politicized and weaponized, is punitive taxation:
Senate Republicans warn that President Obama’s new focus on agricultural methane emissions could mean a tax on livestock emissions — including cow flatulence.
South Dakota Sen. John Thune and fellow GOP senators sent a letter to Obama administration officials urging them not to regulate livestock emissions as part of the president’s crusade against global warming.
Anyone who believes that cows breaking wind make it be too hot out belongs in a rubber room. The actual crusade, or rather jihad, is against the cattle industry.
Just remember, it was the IRS that got Al Capone.
And it may turn out that the IRS will get Cliven Bundy and his ranch and not the BLM.
But I suspect Cliven will take on the IRS as well as he took on the BLM and their jackbooted thugs.

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