Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mayor/Hederson Fire Put Residents In Danger During Parade

Today, starting at 10:00, was the start of the City of Henderson, NV. Heritage Parade.  I went down to the parade with my lovely wife to watch our daughter perform with the Foothill Band.
At 9:30, there was a significant fire in Henderson, not to far from the parade route.
From the LVRJ:
The Henderson Fire Department put out a fire in the middle of a strip mall near Sunset and Gibson roads Saturday morning.
An occupant smelled smoke and found a fire in the rear of the building. The first firefighters arrived to find heavy smoke coming from the roof about 9:30 a.m.
Firefighters entered through the rear of the building and mounted an offensive to extinguish the blaze.
Units from the Clark County Fire Department were sent out, but the second alarm was cancelled before they arrived.
The fire caused damage throughout the business and was determined to be accidental.
The total damage was estimated at $10,000. There were no injuries reported.
The remainder of the building was not damaged by the fire.
So, what do the two have in common?
At 10:00, Truck 98 of the HFD was in the City's parade, carrying Mayor Hafen and another counceil member.
Because the truck had to stage before the parade, that means the Truck had to have been out of service when the fire alarm sounded.
It is also possible that if the timing was right, if the Truk was heading to the parade route, they passed only a couple of miles of the fire via the I-215 and could have been on the scene within 3-4 minutes and been the 3rd or 4th appratus on the scene, behind the crews from Engine 82.
Even if the truck was not needed at the fire (though considering they had to call for a 2nd alarm, it should have been needed) they were the only truck available in the City of Henderson.  And considering it was a roof fire, the Truck would have been neccessary.
The only other truck (not to confuse it with a regular fire engine)Truck 98 is located near St. Rose Parkway, on St. Rose Parkway.  The only other truck Henderson has is Truck 82, which is located near Warm Springs and Gibson.
The mayor and the HFD put the lives of Henderson residents in danger so the mayor can look important and pretty on the HFD ladder truck and to feed their ego's.

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