Tuesday, April 29, 2014

So, When Will Liberals Stop Their Racism?

So, the left and most others are outraged about what the racist owner of Los Angles Clippers.
So, when will the left be outraged with the racist comments made against conservative minorities.
Like Clarence Thomas.
Like Michelle Malkin
From the Weekly Standard: Last week, a disturbing video surfaced, showing anti-Koch protesters in California. As we previously noted, "At a rally aimed at the conservative Koch brothers this past weekend in Palm Springs, progressives called for Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas to be sent 'back to the fields,' and they offered that they  'string him up,' 'hang him,' and 'torture' him."
The video was so disturbing that even Common Cause,  the group who organized the rally, apologized. "We condemn bigotry and hate speech in every form, even when it comes from those who fancy themselves as our friends," Common Cause said in a press release.
But how did the NAACP respond? With silence.  http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/new-tone-naacp-silent-racism-against-conservative-clarence-thomas_541500.html
Yep, the NAACP will condemn racism said by a liberal white guy against liberal blacks, but when the victim is a Black conservative, the NAACP shuts up like the bigoted organization that they are.


  1. Then there's this UNLV attendee who wants to combat a racist comment with even more racism:


  2. I'm not sure how Donald Sterling's politics really matter, but it was reported today that he's been a registered Republican since the 90s. So, I don't see how he's a "liberal."

    That said, if there were people saying those kinds of things about Clarence Thomas (who I have zero love for), they were wrong. Period.

  3. Oh come on Jamie,please. The only political donations were to Democrats and he was be given a life time achievement award by the NAACP before the scandal hit.
    Yeah, that makes him a conservative.

  4. His political donations were more than 20 years ago, and his association with the NAACP were as a result of a lawsuit he lost, where he had to pay out for racial discrimination in housing. But like I said, his political affiliation really doesn't make much difference since he was barely active in politics. But he WAS a registered Republican!

  5. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-fix/wp/2014/04/28/donald-sterling-is-a-republican-and-has-given-money-to-democrats-this-does-nothing-to-explain-his-history-of-discrimination/

  6. Post a link proving he was a Republican, or STFU. That Mother Jones hit piece just has a fake screenshot.

  7. Already did, above. here's another.

  8. So the second article finally gives the source data to find it, the WaPo column only said he was a Republican without attributing a source.

    With such shoddy research skills, I'm surprised you made it through college.

  9. And for the record, since this is a closed primary state, I am a registered D, just so I can vote for the shittier candidate in the primary.

    My monetary contributions go to Republicans.

  10. I'm supposed to do research for you? Who are you? It's in multiple news sources, and as you said, it's in the LA Times.

    Billionaires tend to give to both parties, and in California, a business person would be likely to give to Dems, regardless of their party affiliation. Bottom line: it doesn't really matter Sterling's party. I was just correcting the record. Now, kindly piss off.

  11. What the hell, Jamie, you imitating Gordon Ramsey?
    Party affiliation means nothing because you can switch whenever you want and it is possible that the LA Times is wrong and the registration address was a buisness address.
    Giving money to liberal causes shows more of a person's character. Like Democrats. Like the NAACP.
    But the fact is that he was a racist.
    BTW, Jamie, why don't you like Clarence Thomas, the person?

  12. I simply don't think party affiliation has much to do with this story. The guy hasn't given to a party in 20 years. The "piss off" was to the anonymous person who's pestering me. He/she has called me a liar, and been insulting.

    Clarence Thomas? I haven't ever agreed with him on much of anything. I'm not a fan of his wife, from what I know of her. Personally, they may be great people. All I have to go on is their public personas.

  13. There you go again with the lying -- I never once asked you to do the research. As recent as Tuesday, Mother Jones had a doctored screenshot (Dan probably remembers a similar incident after the Giffords shooting), and a number of outlets -- WaPo included -- were taking that at face value and running with it. It was not until yesterday that there was an LA Times article that actually had the source data regarding Sterling.

    The only person that has resorted to personal attacks and insults has been you, Greenlee. You can't stand an opposing opinion, and have to put in your overly slanted two cents in. You don't like it? Don't lie, distort and misrepresent. Don't be a drama queen when somebody punches back and resort to insults. I'm not planning on going anywhere; this site is interesting, and I will continue to comment. Maybe I'll come up with a moniker, and maybe I won't.

    And the piss off comment is real classy, aside from you resorting to the cheap profanity. I find it funny when pasty, corn-fed midwesterners try to sound erudite with British insults.

  14. Liar, intolerant, drama queen, corn-fed Midwesterner?!? Yeah, you don't try to insult. Is "piss off" any worse than "STFU?" "Shittier?" You're classy too!

    I'm not even sure what we're arguing here anymore. You concede that Sterling was a Republican. I've already said I don't think it *matters* that he's a Republican, because he barely has participated in politics anyway. So what's at issue, that you--some anonymous keyboard commando--don't like me? Who cares?

    Go back and read my initial comment, and then take a look where it derails into something less than "classy." It was your STFU comment.

  15. You're getting overly emotional. Here's some help:


  16. I refer you to my previous statement, British-sounding, or not.

  17. If you're going to get this overly emotional, your risk of passing out increases exponentially. Steer clear of desks and other sharp corners.