Tuesday, April 22, 2014

George W. Bush Shows His Class Again

Unlike the current president, George W. Bush has nothing to hide.
From the NY Daily News:
George W. Bush isn’t keeping any secrets in his post-White House life — or at least he’s trying not to.
The former President took measures to make public official records from his tenure as commander-in-chief, Politico reported Monday.
Bush reportedly signed directives just two years after leaving office that allowed many of the official records of his presidency to become public with unprecedented speed, according to Politico.
Bush’s November 2010 letter to the National Archives, obtained by Politico, organizes his correspondences into several categories — nine of which he cleared for public release.
Included in the accessible documents are memoranda and reports aides wrote for the former President, talking points and scheduling files, Politico reported.
The order, nevertheless, still preserves a certain level of secrecy — it protects the most sensitive inner-White House memos, “confidential communications” relating to national security and foreign policy, as well as communications to and from many of his most senior staffers, Politico reported.
The directive remains in effect until 2021, or 12 years after Bush left office, when federal law dictates that former Presidents must formally assert executive action to withhold records.
Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/george-w-bush-cleared-official-white-house-documents-public-release-report-article-1.1763764#ixzz2zb9W3K7Y
After Obama leaves office, you know he will keep almost everything a secret because he has committed crimes, acted against the interests of the United States and pretty much behaved like a jerk while in office.
Like Bill Clinton... except 100 times worse.

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