Friday, April 18, 2014

Another Reason Why People Hate Government

When iis a suspension from a job not a suspension?
From North A police captain who was administratively charged with insubordination will get a 29-day suspension without pay under a proposed settlement expected to be approved by the Borough Council on Tuesday.
Capt. Bruce Grasing will agree to the penalty for some administrative charges filed against him, drop his request for a hearing, and withdraw current grievances between him and the borough, and allegations of harassment against Police Chief Ben Ramos, which he filed with the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, according to the proposed settlement signed by Grasing this week.
“It was in the best interest of all parties and the police department that we were able to resolve the matter, and that Capt. Grasing realized that some of his actions over the past several months constituted misconduct on his part warranting departmental discipline,” said Borough Attorney John L. Schettino on Friday.
Grasing’s attorney, Joseph Horn, a retired police officer, said the resolution was in the best interest of all involved....
The suspension, which could commence as early as Wednesday if the settlement is approved by the council, will be tied to four administrative charges that will be sustained, according to the settlement. Grasing will receive a seven-day suspension for making derogatory comments about Ramos to a subordinate officer, another seven days for using vulgar language at headquarters while off duty toward a subordinate officer, seven days for making threatening remarks to another officer with respect to that officer’s service to the police union, and eight days for failing to obey an order by a superior officer and “exhibiting disrespectful behavior” toward Ramos, according to documents about the settlement....
The police captain will be allowed to use up to 10 days of compensatory time and 2 days of vacation time to offset the number of unpaid days, according to the proposed settlement.
So, of the 29 days of "suspension" 12 days will be paid.
Like this would would happen in the real world of private business.
But in the reality of the government world, a suspension is not really a suspension, it's a paid vacation.

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