Monday, April 21, 2014

BLM Murders 6 Bundy Cows

From the LVRJ:
The Bureau of Land Management on Monday said six cattle died in the roundup of Cliven Bundy’s livestock that culminated with the release of some 350 animals after a standoff between armed protesters and federal agents on April 12.
The BLM, which oversaw the roundup near Bunkerville, said four animals were euthanized and two died of unspecified causes. The four euthanized animals included a bull with Bundy’s brand, a cow with Bundy’s brand, an unbranded bull and unbranded cow, BLM spokesman Craig Leff said. The other two animals that died included an unbranded bull and an unbranded cow, Leff said in a statement....
Last week Leff said two bulls were killed because they posed a “safety hazard.”
The bulls posed a safety hazard?  The BLM was supposed to have hired experienced cowboys to handle the repo, so what happened? 
The cows were carrying Uzi's?
The cows decided they didn't want to go, so the BLM killed them instead?
And how did they kill the cows?  Was it in an humane manner?  And what happened to the cows after they were killed?  Did they leave them out in the field for the desert turtles and coyotes to feed on them.
Just more incompetence by the jackbooted thugs called the BLM.

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