Monday, April 21, 2014

Oh, Please, Cry Me A River, You Environmental Crazies

From the LVRJ: Environmentalists say Bunkerville rancher Cliven Bundy, whose skirmish with the federal government has gained him icon status with states’ rights and free speech advocates as well as other disgruntled ranchers, doesn’t “own” the public land where hundreds of his cattle roam in the Gold Butte area nor does he have the “right” to let them graze there.
“He needs to abide by the law,” said Ken Cole, National Environmental Policy Act coordinator for the Western Watersheds Project.
The project is a nonprofit organization that advocates protection of wildlife and watersheds through education, public policy initiatives and litigation.
“Clearly the (Bureau of Land Management) owns this land. The federal government has never doled it out to him or his predecessors and has maintained authority over it since it was Mexican land. Before that, it was Native American land,” he said.
Bundy shrugged off the criticism, saying he has just as much right to graze his cattle on multiple-use public lands as anyone else who wants to hike, camp or advocate protecting the threatened desert tortoise and other wildlife.
The fact is that the environmental crazies have had the Federal government take millions of acres out of public use to create safe habitats to supposedly protect some birds, turtles, bears etc.  These crazies believe that all lands in the United States are the animal's land and that animals are more important than people.
So, the crazies can cry all they want, but they already have enough land for frogs, turtles, pigeons and other animals that don't need protecting.

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