Wednesday, April 16, 2014

When Liberals Confronted, They Run Away

This pretty funny.
From the LVRJ and Norm Clarke:
Actor George Clooney stormed out of a business meeting with Las Vegas hotel developer Steve Wynn during a heated exchange over President Barack Obama, sources said Sunday.
The blowup took place last week, when Clooney was in town to promote Casamigos tequila with partners Rande Gerber and Michael Meldman during the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers convention.
Sources said Clooney took exception when Wynn continued to slam Obama. Clooney walked away.
The incident possibly could complicate a business relationship between Clooney, his partners and Wynn. The launch of Casamigos was hosted in January 2013 at Andrea’s, a just-opened restaurant Wynn named after his wife.
Wynn has been a frequent critic of Obama.
In the battle of brains, I would take Steve Wynn any day of the week and 2 times on Sunday.
All of Clooney's life, much of it was handed down to him, all he had to do was memorize some lines and look good and people paid him good money to do that.
Steve Wynn has bought and built casinos, employed 10,000's of people, has started other businesses besides casinos and has been a a very generous contributor to causes in the Las Vegas area.
George Clooney wears make up and his knowledge of politics compares to what a head of cabbage knows about politics.
And when Clooney is shown to be a lesser talent in his knowledge of politics compared, he does what most other liberals do: they run away with their tail tucked between their legs.

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