Sunday, April 27, 2014

What A Great Dog

From the PVT:
Easter Sunday will remain etched in their memories for quite some time.
James Mead and wife Debbie Pillman with their children in tow were returning from an Easter Sunrise Service in Las Vegas when they noticed something amiss.
Heading westbound along the Highway 372, both spotted an elderly woman passed out along a sidewalk just after 10 a.m.
Pillman said it was then they witnessed the true bond of a dog with its owner.
“My husband looked and said ‘there’s someone on the side of the road there.’ We pulled into the middle lane and made a U-turn and at that time, the dog was watching us. He came out to the middle of the street and there was a lot of traffic. A couple of the drivers halfway stopped and others were just blowing their horns,” she said.
As her husband exited the vehicle the dog, identified as “Shadow,” a black lab, left his owner’s side, walked onto the highway and promptly sat down in the middle of the road as oncoming traffic continued to whiz by the scene.
“The cars just continued to go around him without realizing there was an elderly lady lying on the sidewalk.” Pillman said. “When my husband picked up his leash, the dog immediately ran directly back to the lady lying on the ground pulling my husband with him,” she said....
She also noted Shadow’s reaction while EMT’s were preparing the woman for transport to Desert View Hospital a few miles away.
The dog was literally shadowing his master.
“Mr. Boruchowitz suggested that it would be best if he was put in police protective custody to keep him safe. I didn’t want him to run off trying to look for her. He seemed grateful for the water. When they were putting her into the ambulance, this dog literally cried, barked and pawed at the ground. We tried to comfort him and I have never seen a dog understand better than this dog,” she said.
Shadow was eventually taken to the Nye County Animal Shelter courtesy of Animal Control Officer Susan Rhyhol....
Rhyhol confirmed Pillman’s statement about Shadow not wanting to be separated from his owner when paramedics were getting ready to transport the woman.
“As the medics were loading her into the ambulance, all that dog did was focus on her. He didn’t pay attention to anyone there except for her. Nobody else there was of interest to him,” she said.

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