Tuesday, April 29, 2014

ObamaVille: More Killings On Monday

Remember when Juarez, Mexico was the murder capitol of the world.  Well, guess what, Juarez is quiet and Obamaville/Chicago appears to have taken it's place.
From the Chicago Tribune:
A 14-year-old girl was killed and six other people wounded in shootings on the South, West and Northwest sides late Monday and early this morning, authorities said.
The girl, identified by family as Endia Martin, and another girl, age 16, were wounded in a shooting about 4:30 p.m. in the 900 block of West Garfield Boulevard, authorities said. Detectives were interviewing a person of interest in the shooting Monday night, police said.
In what was believed to be an unrelated incident, a third girl walked into St. Bernard Hospital and Healthcare Center this afternoon and said she was shot on the 6900 block of South Green Street, police said. The girl was walking in the area when someone started shooting and she was wounded.
Meanwhile, Obama found time to comment on some old rich bozo who is racist but says this about the killings in his hometown where he still owns a house protected by the Secret Service.

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