Saturday, July 28, 2012

City Of Los Angeles Kills More Business

Another day, another day that a government agency kills off more businesses.  This time, it is the Los Angeles city government and the businesses are pot markets.
From the LA Daily News: Undeterred by the threat of a referendum, Los Angeles city officials intend next week to start developing their plan to shut down more than 900 medical marijuana dispensaries across the city.
City Councilman Jose Huizar, author of the clinic ban passed by the City Council this week, said he also hopes to begin talking to state legislators about changing the law to help cities deal with the issues they face with medical marijuana.
"The state laws need to be tightened to control who can get a prescription and what diseases qualify for using marijuana," Huizar said.
Huizar's measure will ban all 782 dispensaries that have registered with the city, plus the roughly 200 others that city officials believe are operating without registration.
A meeting with officials from the City Attorney's Office and the Los Angeles Police Department is needed to develop an enforcement strategy, Huizar said.
"It's easy to pass legislation, but unless we enforce it, it's nothing," Huizar said, adding he was concerned there might be public confusion on the matter.
"This is a blanket ban on all dispensaries whether they were registered under the ICO (interim control ordinance) or not."
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has said he will sign the measure once it reaches his office.
Questions have been raised over how patients will be able to obtain the marijuana after the ban takes effect.
For the record, i never smoked pot and against the legalization of pot.
Instead of trying to work something out, the LA city council just decided to put all pot clinics out of business, making owners lose their business without compensation and their employees who will now go on unemployment compensation.
I am sure there were problems in the neighborhood where the clinics were located, but the city could have made rules to enforce existing laws.
Now, instead of going to your local pot clinic for their medical pot, now the patients will have to depend on their local drug pusher.

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