Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cool: Sky High Tornado

From the Denver Post: Meteorologists are investigating a tornado reported Saturday on Mount Evans that could be the second highest ever recorded in the country.
"It's not unheard of," said Bob Glancy, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. "But, we do get far more tornadoes on the plains so this is unusual. What makes it so interesting is that it's so high. Our preliminary looks tell us it's the second highest recorded."
Meteorologists said they believe the tornado touched down at about 11,900 feet above sea level, just before 3 p.m. Saturday.
The highest reported tornado, Glancy said, appears to be a 2004 tornado that touched down on California's Sequoia National Park over Rockwell Pass at more than 12,000 feet.
In 1987 another documented mountain tornado in Wyoming crossed the Continental Divide and has been estimated to have been near 10,000 feet.

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