Sunday, July 29, 2012

Maybe Romeny Was Right

Last week,Mitt Romney mildly criticized the London Olympics saying that there may be some problems with security and some other small problems.
Well, it looks like Romney was right.  Only half of the the private security force that was requested were hired and now this: A mysterious woman in red has caused an international incident at the London Olympics.
Indian officials are mystified — and miffed — after an unknown young woman managed to march with the country's athletes and officials during the opening ceremony Friday night.
Games organizers on Sunday downplayed security concerns around the unscripted moment, saying the interloper was a ceremony cast member and had been screened before entering the Olympic Park.....
Images from Friday's ceremony showed a young woman in turquoise jeans and a red jacket marching alongside Indian flag bearer Sushil Kumar at the head of the delegation of 40 athletes in bright yellow and navy blue.
"We are totally dazed," Indian press atttache Harpal Singh Bedi said. "How can a person without any accreditation walk past?"
The you take into account all the empty seats, traffic problems and protests, it's quite possible Romney knew what he was talking about.

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