Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Picture NBC Did Not Want You To See At Olympics

On Friday, at the Opening Ceremonies in London, NBC showed all the teams marching into the stadium and for the most part, they showed all the team members, except 1, the Saudi Arabia Olympic team.  NBC refused to show the  female team of Saudi Arabia.
The women were marching in back of the men and several paces back.  As you can also see, they were dressed up in black Muslim garb.
Saudi Arabia ought to be ashamed  in the way they treated the women and NBC ought to be ashamed for not showing the women and illustrate that Saudi Arabia still is still in the 10 century when it comes to women.  Hell, the Hutterite women in the Colonies look like strippers compared to these women.

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  1. Heaven forbid the public at large should learn that muslims still treat their women with disdain.

    Apparently the media thinks it's great that [the Saudis] even allowed the women to compete at all.