Monday, July 30, 2012

Here Story For Our Media In Las Vegas

From the Detroit Free Press:
We've all seen it.
A driver zips into a handicap parking space, bounces out of the car and runs inside the store, mall or theater.
Disabled? Yeah, right.
People mutter about it, maybe even offer a few choice words to the seemingly fine driver who's taking a parking space that a disabled person might desperately need.
There are some parking outlaws who do that. But there also are some situations that are not as they seem.
That's what the Free Press learned over several weeks of catching drivers parking in handicap spots. 
Reporters and a videographer set out across metro Detroit, visiting shopping malls, grocery stores, pharmacy parking lots and government buildings. The Free Press team waited for apparently able-bodied drivers to park in handicap spaces and then approached, with camera rolling. You can see our video report today at
In addition, the Free Press tracked down chronic violators, people with multiple tickets for parking in spots reserved for disabled people.
The results of our surveillance might surprise you.
Yes, we easily found able-bodied drivers parking in handicap spots. In front of Detroit city hall and juvenile court, we watched drivers park in spaces sectioned off with blue curbs and blue signs, then move their vehicles when we asked questions.|mostview
This would be a good story in Las Vegas as I have seen this happen many times in the Valley.
And if the media did this, they may even catch a politician or two, like what happened to Steven Horsford, who is running for Congress:

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