Sunday, July 29, 2012

Who Are The Best Conditioned Athletes In The Olympics?

There are numerous well conditioned athletes in the 2012 and then there are some athletes who are tough and have to be in excellent shape.  The track and field athletes who compete in the decathlon are in great shape, but they don't have anyone jumping on their backs when they compete.  Same with swimmers.  The wrestlers are in good shape and they have people climbing on their backs.  Bu they only compete for 9 minutes or less in each match.  Marathoners have to be mentally and physically fit to run 26 miles and 385 yards but no one is attacking them as they run.
So, who do I think are the best athletes in the Olympic games?  It's the water polo athletes.  Water polo is played in a swimming pool that is deep enough so you cannot stand on the bottom- you either swim or tread water. and the pool area is about 40 yards long or so.  During the game, the players will dunk, push, hit, scratch and other things to the opposing player.  They also have to swim fast to get to the ball, which is the approximate size of a volleyball.  They then throw the ball into a goal that is defended by a goalie.  The only equipment the players have are helmets/swimming caps and skimpy swimming suits.  In the old days, the opponents used to try and strip the players of their swim suits to get give them an advantage.
Unlike real polo, they don't have water ride.They have to tread water and get few breaks.  Each quarter is 6 minutes long and there are 4 quarters in a game.
So, that is my nomination for the best overall athletes in the 2012 Summer Olympic games.  Who do you nominate?

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