Friday, July 27, 2012

Chic Fill A Controversy No Big Deal In Las Vegas

There is big dumb controversy in the country about how the owner of Chic Fill A believes in traditional marriage of 1 man 1 woman.
Then a bunch of liberals, showing their tolerance, condemn the owner and some other stupid politicians try to get into the act by saying Chic A Fill A is not wanted in their cities.  Would they have the have the same tolerance if a conservative mayor didn't allow gay friendly stores like Starbucks in their cities?  Of course not, just proving how hypocritical they are.
Well, here in Las Vegas, we already about Chic Fill A and their intolerance.  They will not build a store in Vegas and probably Nevada because of Sin City nickname and it's reputation, real or imagined.  Do we cry about it?  Do we protest?  Of course not, we have better things to do.
So, to those who are worked up about what the owner of a company believes in, get over yourselves.  It's not a big deal and the company really doesn't care what you think.  They are not going to change their views just because you feel outraged.  If this issue was about money, which it is not, then maybe they would listen.  But this company loses tons of money by not opening on Sundays, so do you think they care if they lose a few dollars because of someones false outrage?  Of course not. 
Just get over it, there are more important things to get mad about. Like Madonna being booed in France.

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  1. Chick-fil-A's owner came right out publicly with his statements, and when you do that, people are going to respond positively or negatively. When Starbucks and Target came out in support of marriage equality, THEY were boycotted. Neither side is likely to make much of a dent. But I know people who would refuse to watch a program or movie with Jane Fonda in it. It hasn't hurt her career a bit.

    But I don't buy the "showing their tolerance" line. One need not "show tolerance" FOR intolerance. But as you say, there are no Chick-fil-As here in town, and I have honestly never eaten at one.