Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More American Colony: Meet The Hutterite BS And Lies

National Geographic had a chance to present the Hutterites from King Colony accurately and still tell a good story but why do they need to feel they have to lie and mislead their audience about the Colony members.
Tonight's episode centered on college and Claudia being an Emergency Medical Technician, along with kids having their mini rodeo by reading sheep.
First, the believable part- the kids and the sheep riding- very common on farms.
Other than that for honesty.....
The Hutterites travel to the University of Great Falls to give a talk about Hutterites.  Great.  Then Claudia says she wants to apply to school there.  Great, how is she going to pay for the $9000+ tuition plus room and board?  UGF is a private, Catholic college.  And when did she take the ACT/SAT tests that is required to go to college??  Wesley said he participated and got a degree from U of Great Falls through on-line courses.  Well, they do offer degrees on-line, like psychology, paralegal, addiction studies etc: http://www.ugf.edu/Academics/DistanceLearning/tabid/81/Default.aspx#degrees  Not sure how that helps the Colony, and how did he pay for the classes?  Finally, why didn't he take classes at Montana State University-Northern Lewistown campus which is a lot closer that the U. of Great Falls.  http://msun.edu/lewistown/ 
But the biggest BS, and I take offense at is the story line of Claudia and the EMT story.  First it shows her taking an on-line EMT class.  While it is possible to take some EMT classes on-line, you still need to do practical work at an education site.  Then she goes to Central Montana Medical Center and says she is taking a class there.  There they have two EMT or paramedics in the room and they show her how to put in a small breathing tube and then let her insert the tube.  She had no clue whatsoever how to do it.  Then she calls herself an EMT as she is leaving.  There is no way she is an EMT in any way shape or form.  Even if she became an EMT, she could not use most of her advanced EMT skills like administering oxygen, inserting breathing tubes or other advanced skills because she would have to belong to an ambulance service, work in a hospital or be supervised by a doctor.
As a former EMT, I find this segment offensive because I know what kind of work you have to do to become an EMT.  Same with people who have taken EMT-I and Paramedics classes and became certified.
The thing is, Claudia and the producers did not have to lie.  All they had to say is that she is taking a first aid course and show her practicing CPR and everyone would have been happy.  But they decided to be dramatic and lie.
It just baffles me why National Geographic decided to make the Hutterites look like outcasts from the Jerry springer show.  Though, I would give them credit that there was very little, if any, swearing tonight.

Finally, isn't being a Hutterite/Christian mean that you don't lie and mislead people?


  1. of course they lie ..look at the episode where the kid sprayed cleaning fluid on wesleys jerky i felt that was staged and out of order..also the episode where the money boss buys a skid steer $50k a wheel loader $50k and a 4 wheeler $10k when he is crying "bad year" .sounds to me like nat geo or BOBCAT is fronting the money for that as payment for the episodes. I know the series "Gold Rush" got paid 46k per episode. I bet the elders got some payment to shut up also

    1. I've lived in Montana among the Hutterites for 2 decades. This, and most other "reality shows" are total National Geographic bullshit. These actors are not Hutterites. It's meant to discredit and exploit segments of Americans.