Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Poll Questions

Today, we have 3 new pole questions out there (Well, to the left side of the page)
There has been more talk about states and local governments collecting sales tax for on-line purchases.  Apparently, one of the lead companies advocating the on-line tax is Wal-Mart because it is hurting their business.  Other big box stores are also in favor of the tax.  So, the poll question is if state and local governments should collect the tax.
With the new American Colony: Meet the Hutterites and Amish- Out of Order, the second poll question is if you have ever met an Amish or Hutterite individual?
Yesterday, the NCAA handed out a major punishment to Penn state University.  They received a $60 million fine, a 4 year bowl ban, loss of 20 scholarships a year, vacated several years of wins and loss of some TV revenue from the Big Ten. So, was the punishment too harsh, fair or too lenient?
As always, thanks for taking the polls.

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