Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More Disgusting/Biased Reporting From KTNV, Channel 13

When I started watching Channel 13 here in Las Vegas several years ago, they used to be middle of the road reporters who would just give you the news and if necessary, they gave both sides of an issue.
Lately, however, they are taking a more liberal bent towards the news and sometimes, like tonight, they go off the deep end in liberal bias.  From Channel 13:
Tonight, they report that the ACLU is looking for people to complain about the Metro police deportment.
From Channel 13: A group of civil rights advocates want to hear from people who feel they've been mistreated by Metro police.
 Mitchell Crooks was beaten by a cop for videotaping a burglary investigation across the street from his home near Desert Inn and Maryland Parkway. Erik Scott was shot and killed at a Costco in Summerlin. Both Caucasian men. Civil rights advocates say they're not Metro's usual suspects in officer-involved shootings, or accusations of excessive use of force.
"I can't say whether there's a conscious racial bias, but certainly the evidence reveals a disproportionate impact on minority populations, and that's just brought out by the data," Staci Pratt with the ACLU said.
Of course, the first two examples Channel 13 uses to prove abuse are white males.  Not exactly showing racial bias, are we, Channel 13.
And while the article doesn't say it, the ACLU went to a Hispanic meeting place and will next go to a meeting place for Blacks.  Gee, I wonder if they will prove racial bias at these two locations?
Also, in the video Channel 13 uses but not posted yet, they use a fatal Metro police shooting of Rafael Alonso Olivas and the video featured his crying and wailing mother.  Channel 13 used this case as a case of police brutality.  Well, let's look at this case from the Las Vegas Sun:
Police responded at 6:46 a.m. to the report of a domestic disturbance on Musical Lane near the intersection of Firestone Drive and Westcliff Drive. That location is southwest of the Buffalo Drive and Summerlin Parkway interchange.
Metro Police Capt. Patrick Neville said a woman reported she was having an argument with her son and that he was out of control.
Police arrived and found a man with a butcher knife walking southbound on Firestone Drive. Neville said the man approached officers after authorities made several commands for him to stop.
The officers then discharged non-lethal rounds at the man, striking him four times, in an attempt to get him to stop, but the man continued toward officers with the knife, Neville said.
"Officers feared for their lives," he said.
The three officers then fired multiple shots at the man, who was pronounced dead at University Medical Center. Neville said he didn't know how close the officers were to the man when they opened fire.
So, you have a guy, who is so out of control that his mother has to call 911 for the cops to handle her boy.  Then this thug, armed with knives refuses to drop the knives and the cops try 4 times to disarm him with non-lethal means (bean bag shot gun?).  Then the thugs starts running at the cops and the cops have no choice but to shoot him because the cops are scared for their safety.
And so, Channel 13 uses this example as a case for police brutality?  Seriously KTNV, this is police brutality?
Just another example of Channel 13 going off the deep end and ending up in a dung heap of  liberal media bias.

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