Thursday, July 26, 2012

Information On Hutterite Colonies In Central Montana

I found this web site on the different Hutterite Colonies in Central Montana, where the King Colony is located.  Each Colony wrote up a small piece about their colony, including the King Ranch, which is what the story of American Colony Meet the Hutterites comes from.
When you read it, it is obvious that it was written before the show was an idea.
Here is the web site:
It's an interesting read and it also has the King Colony address on it, in case you wanted to write them.


  1. What are the Hutterites doing now? What happened to Claudia & Wesley & Bertha???

  2. I looked them up on their web sites and they have pretty much have disappeared. Clauida still has a Facebook page, I believe, and it has been about a year since she wrote on it.