Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More Riots In Anaheim

From the Orange County Register: Police continued to battle "pockets of unrest" in downtown Anaheim late Tuesday night, hours after a large crowd attempting to get inside City Hall broke out into violent protest.About 20 minutes before Tuesday's 5 p.m. City Council meeting, a 200-strong crowd tried to get inside packed City Hall.
 They were rebuffed by police officers who cited fire standards and would not let anyone else into the crowded council chambers, where the council held its regular meeting and talked about what the crowd was upset about: two police shootings over the weekend.
A half-dozen officers blocked City Hall's entrance, while the crowd gathered around and hurled obscenities. As the crowd pressed closer, the officers with helmets and batons came out the front door and pushed the protesters back, angering them.
After several minutes, some protesters called for everyone to hit the street.
For the next five-hours-plus, the tug-of-war between protesters and police persisted.
The crowd marched along Anaheim Boulevard to Lincoln Avenue, going into the street and blocking traffic.
Some pounded traffic signs and pulled trash cans into the street, while others pulled back the cans. One man with a bullhorn shouted how the protest was to be peaceful. A boy spray-painted a utility box. Some protesters grabbed sand from flower beds and a traffic cone and threw them at officers.
They are angry about 2 police shootings that happened over the weekend.  One thug was shot after took shots at the cops.  In the other case: 
Earlier in the day, the Anaheim Police Association said that the Anaheim officer who fired a fatal shot at an unarmed man this weekend saw some kind of object in the man's waistband and feared it was a weapon.
The association's account, and a $50 million lawsuit filed by the man's mother, offered new details about the shooting that killed 25-year-old Manuel Angel Diaz. An attorney for Diaz's mother said he was shot in the back, then fell to his knees and was shot again in the head.
Police have described Diaz as a known gang member and said he fled on foot down a residential alleyway when officers approached him on Saturday afternoon. They have declined to speak in any more detail about what led to the shooting.
The next day, an Anaheim gang officer shot and killed another man, Joel Mathew Acevedo, 21, in an unrelated incident. Police also described Acevedo as a known gang member and said he opened fire on officers during a foot chase.
Anybody planning on going to Disneyland in the next few days may want to reconsider.

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