Thursday, July 26, 2012

Obama: Stricter Gun Control for Peasants

Well, that was quick.  The other day, right after the Colorado Theater tragedy, Obama said that he is not in favor of restricting gun ownership.
But to the Urban League, he sings a different tune: From the Chicago Tribune: President Obama vowed Wednesday night to “leave no stone unturned” in seeking ways to curb the growing challenge of violence in American cities, including reasonable restrictions on gun ownership.
The president offered his most extensive comments in some time on the issue of gun control in a speech to the National Urban League, which came at the end of a four-day trip that began in Colorado, where he met with victims of the movie theater shooting that claimed a dozen lives. After that meeting, he reflected on the lives affected by the shooting, but did not suggest a refreshed attempt to restrict gun ownership...

 Acknowledging sensitivity of the issue, he said he nonetheless believes that even gun owners would agree “that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of children.” He offered no specific proposals but referred to background checks to prevent criminals and fugitives from purchasing weapons, and preventing guns from getting into the hands of the mentally unbalanced. Previous efforts to do the same have been thwarted by political opposition and the reluctance of sympathetic elected officials to take on the National Rifle Assn., among the nation’s most potent lobbying forces,0,7824511.story
For disclosure: I am not a gun owner, my knowledge of guns is pretty limited and I have no interest in owning a gun.
First, the AK 47 reference is pretty stupid since the U.S. military does not use AK 47's.- it's a Russian made gun and the AK 47 for sale for the public is not the same that is used in the military.  For the public, it is sold as a semi automatic and for military, it is an automatic rifle.
Aside from Obama's stupidity on the AK 47, as liberal, he just doesn't understand crime.  The gun is not the criminal it is the person holding the gun or other weapon.  The criminal is going to get a gun illegally and then use it for illegal methods.  The only people hurt are the law abiding people.
Then, it is the culture of crime.  When you have gangs, drug dealers and other violent criminals, especially in the inner cities, you need to change the culture of these criminals.  How do you do it?  A lot of peer pressure, stop the no-snitching policy in the hood and have true leaders who actually care about the inner cities.
Obviously, Obama is one of the leaders who doesn't care about the crime in the inner cities along with poverty and other problems associated with crime.  Drugs problems?  Obama is/was a heavy pot smoker and doesn't think it was a big deal.  Poverty?  His policies have put more people into poverty than any other president.  Crime?  He never talks about except now.  Cares about the inner city?  Nope, he avoids the inner city like the plague. 
So, until we have true leadership, and the current administrators, from Obama, down to Eric Holder to Janet Napalitano are not leaders. They are excuse makers and that is not what we need to help solve the problems of crime.  Until they are eliminated from power in this next election, there will be no hope for the victims of crimes.

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