Saturday, May 27, 2017

It's Snowing In London Today

Yes, snowflakes live in London.
From the UK Independent:   Katie Hopkins is to leave LBC with immediate effect, the radio station has confirmed.
The announcement comes shortly after Hopkins said that a "final solution" was needed following the Manchester terror attack that killed 22.
The since-deleted post appeared to call for genocide, her use of "final solution" presumably referring to the Nazi genocide of millions of Jews in the Second World War...
Complaints were made to the Metropolitan Police about Hopkins' tweet, which she later said she stood by, but claimed the use of "final" was a typo, changing it to "true" in a new tweet....
A spokesman for the Met said on Tuesday: "We can confirm that a complaint has been received by the Metropolitan Police Service on Tuesday, 23 May in relation to a tweet published on the same day.
"As is routine, the allegation will be reviewed and assessed by specialist officers."
The UK just had a horrible tertorist attack in Manchester and the folks in Manchester were strong and resolute.
Meanwhile, in London, someone puts out a dumb tweet and people go running to the cops, like the cops don't have enough to do.
Pretty pathetic.

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