Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What To Do With The Anti-American Press Corp

Unless you have been living in Teletubbieland with Lala and Po, you know that the media and so-called reporters and journalists have horrible in their reporting for the past decade.  They basically ignored ex-president Obama's time in office and with President Trump, the press has decided that they will report anything about Trump, whether it is true or not.  Right now, the press is about as Anti-American as they are anti-Trump.  calling the media traitors/treasonous or American hating actually is being nice to the media.
The media are also racist, homophobic and perverted in more than 1 way.
So, what to with this loathsome bunch of treasonous bigots?  Here are my suggestions:
1. Teacher, doctors, nurses and others need to be licensed and know their profession.  The same should hold true for members of the media.
2.  The above mentioned professionals have to take classes as ongoing education. The media should be no different.  members should have to take continuing education classes, especially ethics classes so they continue to work as journalists.
3.  Libel and slander laws should be eased so the media can be sued more easily and by anybody, including celebrities and politicians.
4. Require newspapers, magazines and blogs be licensed every 2 years and they must show that they are ethical media outlets.
5. Media outlets can be shut down if it is proven that they intentionally slandered or liabled an innocent person.
6. Advertisers who advertise in the media can also be sued if they sponsor a journalist or writer who was successfully sued for slander or libel.
Freedom of the press has to have some limits, especially now,  when the media is acting so irresponsibly, especially towards conservatives.  Maybe if you hit them financially and professionals, maybe the media and so called journalists will start acting more professionally.  Otherwise, they can pay a price for their irresponsiblability.
Those in the media say they are professionals and so we need to treat them as professionals and hold them to very high standards.

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