Monday, May 15, 2017

Tough Horse

A horse was struck by a cab near Columbus Circle on Monday May 15, 2017.
From the NY Daily News: A horse of unknown origin materialized in Midtown and got hit by a cab early Monday, a witness and video indicates.
The horse was struck on W. 58th St. near Columbus Circle at about 10 a.m., and got wedged under the taxi, according to witness Thomas Becker, 39, who took photos and video while he was on his way to work.
“This horse just got hit by a cab on 8th Ave in morning rush hour. I showed up as it was wedged underneath the taxi,” he wrote on Instagram.
“When is this going to stop?” he added. Ridiculous.”
"When is this going to stop?"  Does a horse being hit and stuck under a taxi happen every day in New York City?  Or Weekly?  or even monthly?
The horse probably did more damage to the cab than the cab did to the horse.

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