Monday, May 1, 2017

North Korea

I've been doing a lot of reading about North Korea, especially since the fat little murderer, Kim (I really am not a girl)
Jong-un has decided he really matters outside of North Korea.
Including in my reading by Jieun Baek "North Korean's Hidden Revolution".  In the book you learn that free markets have opened up all over North Korea and technology from Asia, Europe and the United States is slowly trickling in.  Cell phones, radios, DVD SET and flash drives are being smuggled into the country. Residents who live close to the borders of China and South Korea have the most access to technology.
So, what to do.
If North Korea does attack, then all bets are off and you bomb the North Korea Capitol of Pyongyang into the stone age.  Only the elite and party leaders in that city, so, everybody you hit would be part of the enemy.  You take people and infrastructure, especially communication lines.  You do this and you literally chop off the head of the snake and the rest dies.
If the fat boy, Kimmy, doesn't attack, then we should leave him alone to torture his citizens?  No, we have another Hitler in our midst, who long with his father daddy and fat grandpa, have murdered millions of their own citizens.
So, what to do?
First, and it helps if China does this as well, get the biggest loud speakers you can get and blast propaganda into the North.  It's been done before and the North just hates it to no end.
Then open up with as much communication as possible. The North Korean's, with the help of the Germans, set up jamming devices so little radio communicationskills actually get into the North. Take down the jamming devices and more people can hear about freedom.
North Korea has 1 radio station in most cities and that is controlled by the government and the radios the North Koreans get from the government only gets the 1 station and you can't change stations.  So, find a way to take out the 1 station and replace it with a station that is mostly run by North Korea defectors.

  1. So, just my 2 cents worth.  We are dealing with a Hitler thug and he and the North Korean elite and generals need to be taken out 1 way or another.

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